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Wild Nights by ziggy, LeeLee

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Story Notes:
Disclaimer: Characters from The Lost Boys belong to WB Studios. Original characters belong to Ziggy and LeeLee.

This story contains many erotic situations, include same sex and group pairings. If you are underage or uncomfortable with this idea, DO NOT READ.
They came on roaring cycles, two devils from the midwest, with hard, glinting eyes, and too-easy smiles.

They came at night, always at night, when twilight was in its grave and the sun was chained behind the stars and the moon. They stopped in small towns, in dust-choked Nowherevilles, never staying long enough for anyone to get a good look at what they really were beneath the leather and the makeup, beneath the pale skin and empty eyes.

They left before the sun rose, always slipping away before dawn peeked over the horizon. They seldom gave their names, where they were from, where they were going. They were furious ghosts on the road, their motorcycle engines loud and angry and shattering the still of the night.

Their trail was always cold, no matter the number of corpses littering it. They were always suspected and never caught, like figments of the imagination, like willowy phantoms in the graveyard.

They were demons, hellgods, creating terror with a look, spreading doom throughout the mind with only a glance. Creatures of eternal darkness, they embraced the black loneliness of the moonless nights and hugged the dying stars close to their hearts.

For the longest time, they were alone, just the two of them. Two lost, angry, bitter souls, wandering the world, frightening the locals wherever they went.

They were vampires. And they were looking for the others.

* * *

They arrived in California in early June, when the nights were still cold and the days weren't scorching hot yet. They flew down the highways, past the big cities, past the small towns, past the sign announcing their arrival in Santa Carla.

The taller one craned her neck back.

"THE MURDER CAPITAL OF THE WORLD," she whispered. Her partner cocked her head to one side.

"We can stay here for a while then. Won't have to worry about drinking too much and having to run right away." Their voices were low, but their hearing was acute; they didn't need to shout to be heard.

The dazzling lights of the Boardwalk, the smells of cotton candy and hotdogs and the salty water of the ocean, the waves of heat and emotions all reached the two women while they were still far away from it all. They were forced to slow down the closer they came; the throngs of people were thick; the selection was large.

The shorter one smiled, her teeth flashing brightly, her purple lips a stark contrast against her pale skin. They found a spot by an all-night video store to park their bikes and dismounted together.

The taller one nudged her partner. "Look, 'Lena," she said, pointing to a row of four motorcycles.

"Biker gangs?" Selena hazarded, pulling her sunglasses off and tucking them on top of her head.

The taller one, a brunnette, shook her head. "Not here. There's too many park cops wandering around to let that happen."

"Yes, but look at all the punk kids walking around with their blue hair and tattooed bodies. A biker gang wouldn't get kicked out of a place like this, Lee," Selena said reproachfully, raking her fingers through her dark blonde hair, combing the wind out of it.

Lee didn't take offense at her friend's tone. She was used to 'Lena's personality, and knew that they were both more than a bit cranky from hunger. After checking her lipstick in a sidemirror of her motorcycle, she stashed it in her bag and the two women began to walk down the boardwalk.

They were vampires. They were looking for the others. And their senses foggy with their hunger, they didn't sense the four pairs of eyes following their every move.
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