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Only After Dark by Neverletrocknrolldie, BardotBelle

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Author's Chapter Notes:
Disclaimer- we do not own any of this except for the characters you do not reconize. We are not making any money from this.

I hope you’ve obeyed my wishes at the beginning of this note. This letter is only to be opened in case of emergencies, in case something happens to me. I know you have, you always were a good boy.

Vampires are of course immortal, but as you know there is a way to kill them. What you don’t know is that there is also a way to bring them back. If I or any of the others have passed on, I have written these instructions for such cases. I have hoped you would never have to read this, but of course if you are reading it now it must mean the worst has happened. I know you love your brothers, and so I know if you were the last one left, you would stop at nothing to bring them back. So these instructions will help make this possible.

You have to have the blood of the murderers and the weapons they used. You will need to turn a person for each lost one, but they must posses a certain quality that reminds you of that lost one. You will need a few drops of the blood of each newborn to bring back that family member.

The only way this will work is on a full moon on the anniversary of the family member’s deaths.

You must start a fire with the weapons; make sure the weapons are fully burned. Then pour the drops of blood of the murderers in. And lastly add the blood of the newborns.

I believe in you, David. Your brothers and I are counting on you. I hope to see you soon.

Your loving father,


David folded up the letter for the last time that night and tucked it into his trench coat pocket. The boardwalk was alive with action, the bright lights flashing and blinking and casting colorful shadows across the ground. There was laughter and talking, everything was as active as if it were morning. However Santa Carla was mostly about the nightlife, anyway.

Nothing seemed to have changed in this city, even though it was as if the whole world had fallen apart and changed before David’s very eyes. It seemed only yesterday rather than a week since his family was brutally murdered.

Murdered by Michael and a couple of kids.

David had thought Michael would come through, that he would be one of them. He seemed willing at first. What a mistake that was. Instead, Michael had betrayed them. Max had wanted Michael in the family too, so he could get to Lucy. Apparently, it had been Max’s mistake too.

Not only had Michael betrayed them, but also Star. The one he had grown to care so much for, before she became a traitor and sided with Michael. He had thought Star would have understood would have wanted this. Unfortunately, it became apparent that she did not, when she refused to make her first kill. And she brought Laddie down with her. The kid was fine with it until she convinced him otherwise. Dwayne cared so much for him too.

David couldn’t help but mentally flinch at the thought of them. His brothers. Paul, Marko, and Dwayne. How they had suffered because of such a treachery. David still did not understand why Michael would do this, would resent the idea of becoming one of them so much that he would go beyond to destroy them. It made no sense.

David had given Michael a gift. Immortality. It was a privilege, rather than a curse. And Michael had just thrown it away as if it were worthless. He had said that David had tried to make him a killer. Such a small sentence but such a large meaning. And also a minor sacrifice for something worth so much.

He and Star shared the same views. The perfect couple. Who knows where they were now? Probably far from here, in a different city to get away from the dark memories from their past in Santa Carla. Laddie probably went with them.

His mother, Lucy, his grandfather and his brother were still living in the same house, getting it fixed up from that night and the complete disaster it had bestowed on it. They had managed to convince everyone that it had been a massive break in. Of course, they weren’t going to say that it had been vampires.

David almost smirked to himself at the thought of it, despite all his bitter thoughts. Santa Carla’s murders had went down quite a bit in the last week. David had obviously fed, but without the others it was not as huge of a deal.

David remembered when he had awoken in the Emerson house, mounted on a set of antlers. The pain was unbelievable. The two places where the antlers had pierced was burning like icy fire, throbbing with pain. He was confused; he was supposed to be dead. Then he realized that he was not struck through the heart. It had missed narrowly, and he was still alive. He was dazed at first, unsure of what to do. One thing seemed to register perfectly however, to relieve himself of the antlers.

That had been the most painful experience David had gone through. It took a lot of strength, strength in which he did not have much of. Grinding his teeth, he had managed to pull himself off them. It took a moment for him to think of what had happened. Michael and Star and Laddie, those kids, Marko getting staked, flying towards the house, fighting Michael, losing Paul and Dwayne…

And then, the aching in his heart made him reconsider that Michael had missed. But he had, why else would David still be alive? The agony was from losing his family.

No one else was in the house; maybe they were in a different part of it or trying to figure out what to do next. If he left now, they would think he had disintegrated like the others. He was unsure of what to do next, but he knew Max was dead. They all were dead. He was alone. The last one left.

Ignoring the blood all over him, he went back to the cave. It was strange to be there alone. Everything was so quiet, empty. He slumped over into a chair and remained there for awhile, thinking. Trying to hold back the dull thud of pain. The places where he was physically hurt hardly seemed to matter.

Once he was healed, (besides those two scars) he realized that he’d need somewhere else to stay. They knew where the cave was.

David went to Max’s for awhile, staying there until he could get his head on straight. That’s when he had found the note. And that’s when the flame of hope began to burn in his chest.

He had to bring them back. It was the only way to bring things back to the way they were, and the only way to get revenge on them.

Getting the weapons in which killed the guys and Max would be fairly simple, getting the blood of the murderers would be trickier but not impossible. The only impossible part would be keeping himself from draining all the murderers’ blood instead of a few drops into the fire. The hardest part of all the instructions was to find four people who had a trait that reminded him of Max and the others. There surely was no comparison. But he would do it, he had to.

Now he was looking for those four people. David would find them, if he had to travel to the ends of the earth to find them. They were out there somewhere, he could feel it. And he would stop at nothing to turn them.

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