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Choose Your Family by queenbrooklyn67

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Author's Chapter Notes:
i do not own Lost boys, just Rose.

I was in the car sandwich between my brother and Nanook. Nanook was on my right near the window while Michael was on my left with his right arm around me and I was resting my head on his shoulder. I know if people looked at us right now they would think we were a couple or in incest but this is just how we were. Our stuff was in a trailer being pulled along and I and Michael's motorcycles were in the back. Sam was sitting next to mother up front with the window rolled down and looking outside. Mother was searching threw some radio stations to find a good song and so far, all the ones she pick were horrible.

"Oh how about this" Said mother picking one of the songs she liked.

"Umm...No" said Sam as if he was thinking about it before he answered. "Mom what's that smell?" said Sam smelling some of the air.

Mother inhaled some of the air and let out a good sign as if she liked the smell of it. "That's the ocean air." She said hitting Sam shoulder playfully.

"It smells like someone died." Said Sam with a hateful voice.

"Aw honey, Look guys I know the last year hasn't been easy but I really think you gonna like living in Santa Carla." Said Mother.

As she said that the back of the Welcome to Santa Carla sign said Murder Capital of the World. Isn't that perfect.

"Hey Sam I think you were right saying how it smelled like someone died." I said while smiling.

"YOU SEE, I told you." Said Sam turning towards mother. I always loved messing with Sam, he was to easy sometimes.

"No honey, your sister is just joking with you and being mean." She said looking back at me.

"I'm sorry Mother that I can take a joke and Sam can't" I said still smiling at them.

"Hey I so can take a joke." Said Sam looking back at me.

"Oh yeah. Well then Sam did you know that I saw you master baiting to one of your comics?" I said smirking to Sam. At that joke Michael laugh. It's the first sound he made since we left Phoenix.

"WHAT I DO NOT." Said Sam looking back at me.

"THAT IS IT WITH YOUR MOUTH ROSE." My mother said looking back at me. I just kept laughing along with Michael. Truth be told, I lost fear of both my parents long ago.

"Mother, I was only joking with Sam, you know that." I said smirking at her.

"Yes I know that but your language is not acceptable. And why do you call me mother? You always called me mom before." She said looking concerned.

"Its...nothing mother, just a force of habit." I said looking out my right window now. I always called her mother since fifteen. I don't know why I did honestly it was a force of habit, but I guess it was my way of showing her that we weren't friends, just that she was my mother and I was her daughter.

I decided to make some conversation with Michael since he's been strangely quiet the entire drive.

"What's wrong Mike? It's not like you to be quiet, especially if I'm making fun of Sammy." I ask Michael whispering so Mother or Sam wouldn't join.

"I kind of agree with Sam. I didn't want to move here either." He said whispering back to me.

"Hey look on the bright side, were away from father and who knows maybe there will be some fun stuff to do here. Plus will be out of the house every day so it doesn't matter. Lets try looking for jobs." I said to Michael trying to make him see the good in moving here.

"Yeah that's a good idea. Hey mom can be stop by before we see grandpa to look around the place for awhile." Said Michael so he can get there attention.

"Sure, let's stop by here." She said pointing to a boardwalk.

We got out of the car and decided to split up. Michael took his bike and I rode with him since I was almost out of gas. Sam took Nanook and went with Mother. We road and talk to every person that look like a manager and ask them for jobs but they said they didn't have anything that was legal. And I wasn't willing to take the chance of going back to juvie any time soon. We got back into the car without finding any work but we did manage to get some site seeing done and find out some cool stores to go too. When we finally got to grandfathers house I thought it was something out of an Indian book. We all got out of the car to see an old man lying down on the porch. I'm guessing that's our grandfather. This is an introduction I won't forget anytime soon.

"Dad, dad are you alright?" ask mother grouching down next to grandfather.

"Looks like he's dead." Said Michael. Here's the stupid Michael that shows up every now and then.

"No he's just a deep sleeper." Said Mother smiling down at grandfather

"Who the hell sleeps on the Porch?" I said looking at mother with a confused look.

"If he's dead, can we go back to Phoenix?" said Sam with a hopeful voice.

My mother just looked at him with an annoyed look. I was starting to get annoyed as well but I didn't show it.

"Playing dead, and from what I hear I'm doing a damn good job of it too." Said grandfather laughing.

"DAD, oh DAD." Said Mother hugging him. I could see Michael and Sam looking at each other. I just kept staring at them. Thinking they were both freaks at that moment. I just decided instead of watching them hug I would walk into the house and unpack my things. Also pick my room before they do. I decided to pick my room were I can walk onto the roof threw the window. I don't know why but I love doing that. After I unpack my things I saw Sam coming into my room with an annoyed look on his face. I wonder what he's going to bitch about now.

"Rose, Grandpa is so weird. He ordered a T.V. guide, yet doesn't have a T.V. who does that?" said Sam looking at me for an honest answer.

"Crazy old loners who like to greet people by pretending there dead" I said honestly to Sam. "Get out, I have to change." I said to Sam looking threw my clothes.

"Where you going? We just got here?" said Sam being nosy as usual.

"I want to go to the boardwalk. You and Mike can come if you want. But don't expect me to be with you all night. I want to try and look for a job, that's legal." I said still looking threw clothes.

"Alright, I'll ask him" he said walking out and closing the door behind him. As he left I decided I would wear a dark red Tang top with black tight jeans, black high tops and a black leather jacket. While I was deciding to do with my hair my mother came in and smiled at me.

"I love your hair. I wish I had black hair, instead of brown." She said still smiling at me.

"Umm thanks Mother. Is there something you want." I said looking at her with confusion on my face.

"Yes I heard you were going to look for a job and I was wondering if I could look for one with you." She said smiling with hope.

"Umm okay sure. But I do want to walk around on my own for a bit and meet some people if that's okay." I ask her. After I ask her that I had an even more shock look on my face. I never ask her to do anything?

"Yes I wouldn't mind that at all." She said smiling at me. Mother.....when did I start calling you that?

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