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airplanes 2 by i heart lostboys

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Story Notes:
Italy is not the place for the boys!
Author's Chapter Notes:
Have fun!
at the airport in Italy

"Paul! Will you stop that!Marko, which way is the baggage claim? Paul-where did he go? Oh, God." Marko snickered as David looked around franticlly looking for Paul, who once again, was hiding.
"David, he's behind that big tree over there. I can see his big, fat, blond head." Dwayne told David, whio in turn, stalked over to the tree and pulled Paul out by his ear.
"What did I tell you about doing this?"
"Uh.... when?" Paul had the brand-new "When you were explaing that to me, I was busy checking someone out" look that pissed David off.
"Stay with me, do you understand?"
"Where's Marko? We need to get our luggage, and get outta here. Dwayne were's Marko?"
Dwayne shrugged, not really caring.
"Ok. I want you two to stay here, while I go look for Marko. OK?" Both nodded, drool seeping out of their mouths. "Stay. Both of you."
David looked around, finding Marko on the other side of the airport, flirting with some Latino girl, with the boys' luggage in his hands. Pulling Marko by the ear back to the spot where Paul and Dwayne where, David almost ripped Marko's ear off. Reaching the other side where he left the other two, the spot was empty. "Oh, God. This is not good."
Chapter End Notes:
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