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New Possesions-Starting Over by i heart lostboys

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Story Notes:
I do not own The Lost Boys, just my imagination of them. Jasper is NOT from Twilght, I had this wrote before Twilight came out.
Author's Chapter Notes:
Laddie is a little older in this story, but it's only by a few years.
Bright sunny California.
Gay universe.
Jasper walked the quiet alleys, hoping no one would mug him again. The first time it happened, it left him sore, broke, and scared more than ever.
Kicked out of mom and dad's just because of his sexual orientation. When he came out to them, they kicked him out, leaving him only with his savings, clothes on his back, and a small bag of prized processions. It had only been a few days, but he already had lost more money than he had gained. Mugged, raped, money on food, it didn't matter who you were. As long as you had money, you weren't safe. The more perverted, ugly, men fucked him for money or food, the worse he was hurt.
California was suppose to be a place where it didn't matter who you were, you could fit in anywhere. You could find a person or two would take you in for a few days. Feed you, bathe you, just so you would look healthy. Not some alley bag.
Walking down a crowed boardway strip, in the darkest of night, Jasper saw a spikey, blond, hard-assed looking guy who could probably kill Jasper if he wanted to. Behind blondie, there was a slightly smaller man, who had curly brown hair, and strange bright blue colbalt eyes. Both were exteremly pale, as if they had never been in sunlight.
Japser blinked, and they were gone.
He saw the brown haired one, dodging the park lights, as if trying not to be seen. Jasper quickly followed him, hoping to catch up with the man, but by the time he did, the man climed onto blondie's motorcycle holding tight. Along with blondie, there were three other bikes.
One closest to blondy, had two other men on it. The driver, was also blond, but he seemed friendlier, with his wild blond hair. The one behind him had more of a Mexican colored skin, with long black hair, with his arms curled snuggly agaisnt the others hip.
The third bike held yet another blond, but he was curly haired, with flaming skulls covering his jacket. The boy behind him looked only 15 or 16, but yet, he looked so much like the second blond, but with dark highlights framing his head. He seemed way smaller, but he also was sickeningly pale. His hair was straighter, and a little shorter than the others.
The first blond looked through the crowd until his eyes rested on Jasper's. He winked, and then started his bike. When the first blond winked at Jasper, the younger one on the third bike followed the first's gaze. When he finally spotted Jasper, he smiled, and the first one looked back and said something which made the boy stop smilling. The first blond drove away, the other two following his lead, all driving over the speed-limit through the darkness.
Chapter End Notes:
More than likely, this will be a series. If you liked the first chapter, more will follow. If you didn't like it, try again with another chapter later on.
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