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One Girl Revolution by Carla

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Story Notes:
Disclaimer: None of the characters are mine.
Dedication: To the fans in all my fandoms, thank you for everything you've done. Written to celebrate 10 years of Carla fic - this is one part of a much larger story.
She’s the monster in the woman, the danger in the world.

Star walked in blind, and drank without thinking, and for awhile she hates. But blood calls to blood and the hunt is like a song, calling her from her bed, and the vampires are sirens, singing her to death.

Her fangs prick her gums; the motorcycles rumble, vibrate deep inside. Her skin is turned inside out, and the air makes her quiver. This flight through life is an extended orgasm; Star is laid open while she comes.

The world is changing all around her, and she is hungry still.
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