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An Easter Special by i heart lostboys

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Story Notes:
It's almost a week late, and I'm very sorry about it! No offense to my beta, who tried her hardest to help me get this story posted before Easter.
If you read the end notes after the story, it may clear some things up that were confusing.
Author's Chapter Notes:
Sorry this is almost a week late!
It was Sunday night, nice enough to have a midnight stroll or a nice make-out party on Easter night. But for five non-human beings having a small little party of their own, soon would turn into a night of "get him!". David had just finished his nightly list of things to do for the particular night. And on another list, it was "Things not to let the boys, particularly Paul, do".
Walking out to the main part of the cave, David soon realized nothing was going as planned. Paul was seated in Dwayne's lap making out with some kind of a chocolate bunny in his hands, Marko had the "it" over.
David couldn't figure out if Marko was fucking a woman, a man, or something in between. And David's own little precious angel was sitting in his chair, waiting for David to get his ass over here before he knocked "it" out of his way.
"Hi, my baby. Are the others ignoring you?"
"Stopping treating me like a fucking two year old, or no tight ass for you to fuck tonight.." Smirking, David gently picked his baby up, and started his little own make-out.
"What the hell is this? A gay making out scene?!" Hearing the loud shout, every one turned to Max, silently cursing him for ruining their loving. "I need you to pass out candy at the video store! Did you not get the text I sent you earlier?" Slowly shaking his head, David glared at Max for making his baby stop rubbing against him. "I need you tonight! I have a date with Lucy, and no one can run the store!"
"And why can't Andrew or Maria watch the store?" David asked, waiting to see what Max's response would be.
"I gave them the night off." Max answered.
"Dummy you." Max started to say something, but David was still glaring at Max, who finally left, leaving the boys in peace.

"Well now that Max is gone, and the mood is ruined, I have a surprise!" Blinking again, David turned to Dwayne, and asked, "Did you finally get Paul knocked up?" Marko, who was trying his hardest to keep a cigarette lit, choked on the fumes, and gave the side of David's head a long glare.
"Ew! No! Why would I want another little bratty kid to take care of? Laddie was bad enough!"
"Oh, so you're admitting to being pregnant?"
"No! That's not my surprise. Everyone close their eyes, and no peeking!" Dwayne shrugged, once again unaware of Paul's plans. Everyone obedient closed their eyes, eyebrows rising when Paul started putting something on their heads. "Okay open up, and feel!" On top of everyone's heads, there was a set of bunny ears, complete with little bunny treat bags by everyone's feet. "What? I thought everyone would like them!" Paul said noticing everyone's glare.
"Get him!" David roared, ripping off the bunny ears, and charging after Paul. This lasted all night until Paul ended up laying in his back with David straddling him, threatening no sex for a year, unless he knocked it off.
"Okay I will! I promise! Just don't hurt me!" Smirking, David stood up, and lead Michael to the back of his room, leaving Paul scared to death.
Later that night, moans and screams could be heard from David's room as all the boys, not including "it", got back at Paul for the plastic bunny ears.
Chapter End Notes:
"IT" is Marko's date The reason why I named him "it", is because no one can fiqure out it it's male,female, or something in between.
"Get Him" DOES NOT refer to sex. It simply refers to David telling the other boys to get revenge on Paul.
I hope that cleared some things for you, and if it didn't please PM ,or send me a meesgae asking me to explain it more.
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