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The Darkness Comes For You Series 1: Longing by Princess Destiny

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Author's Chapter Notes:
What List: Star_and_Michael_and_David

One Hour Challenge’s #39 and #63:
“You’re MINE. And no one and NOTHING is going to come between us”
“I thought I’d killed you and it was sending me mad with regret and longing”
Warning: This Series will deal with the idea of a Male/Male/Female relationship. If you’re too young or offended by this material, close this document right now! Even if you’re a fan of my writing, I don’t want you to read this if it’s against your inclination. :)
Author’s Notes: Wow, umm...I’m not sure what to say here. This is my very first threesome Fanfic and I honestly had no idea what would come out when I started, because it’s not a ‘Pairing’ I’m comfortable in writing yet. *Blush* I’m used to doing Male/Female romances...Well, I tried my best! This will NOT be turning into an NC-17 rated Fanfic, as I’m not at that level of writing yet and aren’t comfortable with writing it. It’s also my first three-way romance and with M/M no less, so I’m not used to writing THAT either.
Please be kind, since this is my very first attempt at a ‘Lost Boys’ Fanfic. I have to say I was always fascinated with David and I thought he and Star would be good for each other, but I also thought she and Michael went well...was I the only one who thought the way David looked at Michael wasn’t very brotherly on occasion? *Sweat drop* Ah well, he WAS a vampire. Maybe he had a thing for a beautiful mortal and all that? You know, there just aren’t enough S/M, S/D Fanfics about! But THESE three. Wow. Lets hope this OHC works out. Sorry for those who are offended by M/M/F pairings :) This just HAD to come out! A big thanks to Michiru le Fay, who submitted our very first D/S and S/M/D Fanfics to the Archives and inspired me to
write this Series.
A few lines of this is from the Movie, but they had to be used for continuity...
Enjoy the Fanfic!


He couldn’t do it...Michael had his hands gripped firmly in David’s jacket and David had done the same for Michael’s T-shirt. The were floating motionless above the lounge room in the darkness, blood red eyes watching each other. Watching...

“Join us, Michael” David murmured again, eyes searching that of the young-man’s. Would he? David was so unsure. But Michael was a beautiful mortal and he was an addiction. Star had failed to kill him...her first kill. But that suited David fine now. He had hoped that Star would not kill what David had unconsciously claimed as his own. Beautiful mortal Michael, still so full of humanity, despite the blood of a killer flowing through his veins.

“I’m not like you!” Michael hissed out, voice filled with fury, bloodlust and longing. Yes, longing. He did not want...did not WANT to kill David. No...

“You ARE like me! Admit it. Free yourself” David said, shaking Michael until the other boy’s head shook on his shoulders. Michael’s head rolled and then his gleaming red eyes focused on David’s face almost passively. “You can feel my blood moving through you” David went on tentatively, unsure what Michael was thinking. It was so hard to tell from his eyes. So many emotions flittered through his blood-gaze.

“I can” Michael whispered, licking his lips.

David’s eyes followed the movement, almost mesmerized. “So beautiful, Michael” he said huskily, reaching up to brush a dark lock of hair from Michael’s bloody forehead.

Michael’s eyes widened and he involuntarily floated backwards. But since his hands were still gripped in David’s jacket, he took the vampire with him.

The vampire’s red eyes cleared abruptly, returning to their normal gray and filled with panic. “Michael!” he said, gripping Michael’s shirt more firmly and hauling the boy to him. His arms came about Michael firmly, face staring over his head.

“What?” Michael said, dazed at the proximity to David. God! He’d never been this close, but now that he was, the vampire’s mere presence was like some drug. He felt like he was wading through water. Intoxicating. His teeth tingled as he eyed the smooth white skin near his mouth. A little closer and he could sink his teeth in. But, would it be to kill David or...something else? Longing filled him. Almost unbearably.

“You almost ended our fight for us right there” David murmured into his ear, breath stirring his dark hair.

Michael stirred and broke away from David, turning. His dark eyes widened, bloodlust fading as he saw how close they were to the antlers. So close. Michael had almost speared himself through the heart when he had floated backwards in shock. David had saved him. His eyes closed in shock, anger, relief and more.

“They’re dead” David’s voice was suddenly filled with unbearable loss and fury.

“What?” Michael whirled back to face the vampire, abruptly aware that he had turned his back on his enemy. David’s face was twisted in rage and despair.

“Dwayne and Paul” David said names harshly, eyes blazing a deadly blood-red as they rested on Michael’s face. “Dead” he hissed, arm swinging blindingly fast. It smashed into Michael’s chest, hurtling him backwards.

Michael felt the pain as David’s backhand crashed into his ribs and broke several. He flew backwards, expecting any moment to feel to agony of being impaled by any of the razor-sharp antlers lining the walls of the room. He suddenly met the wall. HARD. His head smashed into the plaster and cracked it. Agony exploded through his chest, but not from being impaled. He spat out blood and looked down, vision blurring. Nothing. Nothing was sticking out from his chest. David had hit him into a wall, not an antler. Not death. Icy fingers wrapped about his chin and lifted his head back, a body pinning his agonizingly to the wall, a chest hard against his broken bones.

“This isn’t FINISHED. MICHAEL” David hissed, eyes meeting his. He bared his teeth and Michael bared his weakly in response. But the fight had gone out of him.

This was it...death. David was infuriated beyond measure by the death of the other three. His brothers. His eternal companions. And now there was to be no more conversation. Only darkness.

“Michael!” Stars voice called out from somewhere close. Upstairs.

“Star” Michael croaked, gasping around his broken ribs. “Goodbye Star” he said, eyes going back to David’s with a last glimmer of defiance in the dark depths. “Get it over with. I’ll see you in hell”

“Don’t be so quick to die, Michael” David said his name mockingly. “This is far from over” he promised.

“MICHAEL!” Star called from the top of the stairs, eyes wide and horrified as she saw David pinning Michael to the wall, blood all over them from wounds.

“Star! Get away!” Michael yelled at her, ignoring the ripping pain in his lungs. He coughed up some more blood.

“No! David!” Star pleaded, running down the stairs.

“Stop!” David commanded her, voice sibilant like a snake’s. He smiled cruelly when Star halted abruptly half-way down, eyes wide on his. “My betrayers” he murmured, eyes going slowly from one to the other. His hand tightened about Michael’s chin and he leaned in until their forehead’s touched. His red eyes stared intently into Michael’s pained, defiant ones. “This isn’t OVER” he repeated his words of earlier. “MINE” he hissed possessively into Michael’s face.

Michael was stunned when he felt lips kiss his blood-flecked one’s hard-and then he was falling. He hit the ground and darkness rolled in. He kept his eyes open long enough to look up at Star, to see if David would harm her, but unable to help if the vampire did. David vanished and then reappeared before the frightened Star. He grabbed her arms viciously and yanked her close, kissing her hard as he had Michael. “MINE” he said again, turning to cast Michael a last look, speaking to them both in a harsh, possessive voice. “You’re MINE. And no one and NOTHING is going to come between us”

Then he was gone.

Michael and Star exchanged a look, stunned. And then she was running down the stars to him, eyes filling with tears. She fell to her knees beside his bleeding form, hands fluttering helplessly over his ribs. “Oh, Michael!”

“Star! Michael!” Sammy yelled from upstairs.

Sammy, the Frogg brothers and Laddy came pelting down the stairs.

“Michael!” Sammy shouted again.

“No. Hide me. I can’t let them see me like this” Michael groaned, trying to raise his heavy body. He felt like death.

“Michael?” Sam said, coming closer. He could see as Michael hid in the shadows, Star crouching between them.

“Sammy, get AWAY!” Michael roared at him, the vampire coming out full force. His nature was to protect his wounded body and he might hurt Sammy. His brother. No! “Star, keep him away!” he shouted, turning his head and burying it in her skirt. His fingers wound into the material and he breathed in her warmth scent, feeling as her fingers dug into his hair tenderly in a soothing manner.

“What’s wrong? The head-Vamp is dead!” Edgar said.

“No, he’s right. I don’t feel any different” Star looked very afraid, her dark eyes wide in the near-dark.

“Then, there’s one more” The boys all looked to each other in apprehension. What had they missed?

“Star, were there any more Lost Boys?” Alan demanded of her.

“No” Star shook her head. She felt sadness rush over her. They were dead. Paul, Marco, Dwayne. Only David was left. David...they couldn’t tell them! Her eyes went down to Michael’s head, fingers tightening in panic.

Michael turned his head up towards hers, eyes blood-red and hungry. But he had sensed her and had met her gaze accordingly. They stared silently for a long moment, while the others held a hurried conversation a few meters away. He could hear their heartbeats.

Finally, Michael nodded. They would say David was dead. He was not sure WHY they had agreed on something so irrational and dangerous. But something was driving them both. He just hoped it wasn’t David’s BLOOD inside them that was controlling them. As far as he knew, the vampires didn’t have that power.

Just then, they all heard the sound of a key being pushed into the front door lock.

“That’s one thing in Santa Carla that I never could stomach. All the damn vampires” Grandpa’s words echoed about the kitchen, stunning them all. They could only watch as the fridge closed, plunging them into darkness.

“Well” Their mom said, trying to sound rational and calm as always. “We might as well start cleaning this place up. It’s going to take a while”

Sammy and Michael both groaned in disbelief.

“Hey, mom I was just a vampire!” Michael protested, backing away from his insane Mother. There was a click and a torch was suddenly shinning in his face. He could see his Mother’s shape behind it.

“I-umm...just saved the world! Yeah!” Sammy whined at her, rubbing smudge off of his face. Boy, when a Vamp went, it sure went! He turned to Michael eagerly. “So bro, how did you ice David?”

Michael felt a pain in his chest, coming from other than his broken ribs. He wasn’t going to tell them just yet that he ought to be in the hospital. He needed to be around them all for a while, to know that they were safe. Safe and not dead.

Star entered the kitchen hesitantly. She didn’t know the old man or Michael’s Mother. Laddy came in behind her, holding onto her skirts. “Michael?” she said softly.

Michael looked at her, exhaustion written all over his features. “It’s over, Star” he told her, sagging.

“There’ll always be more” Grandpa told them all wisely, stumping from the kitchen with his beer.

Their eyes all widened.

“No kidding! MORE?!” Sammy yelped. “I thought we got them all!”

“He was generalizing, Sammy” His Mom told him patiently. “He meant in the world, not necessarily here”

“Oh! Whew!”

Michael and Star slowly walked towards each other, Laddy still hanging off her skirt. Their eyes met and they grasped each other’s hands tightly. There would always be more...because David was free out there. He had escaped and THEY had covered for him. But they just didn’t know WHY. They were no longer half-Vampires, but still they covered for David. Perhaps they would never know why.

“Come on” Michael murmured, wrapping an arm about her waist and leading her outside. They sat on the grass, Laddy at their feet and stared up at the stars. The night seemed so innocent now. But only they knew that danger was still out there. Maybe watching them. They wouldn’t be able to sense David anymore. He would be hunting them and they would never know unless he let them.

“You should be in hospital, Michael” Star chided lovingly, reaching up to stroke the hair from Michael’s face. His eyes widened as he abruptly remembered David doing the same.

Star frowned at him, seeing his expression. A mixture of fear and longing. She knew it well. A sigh escaped her, knowing that they were both thinking of the same person. “His touch is...” she searched for a word.

“...enticing” Michael finished for her, a strange expression in his eyes.

“Yes” she said, smiling at him with the same expression mirrored in her eyes. “Enticing” They were silent for a long moment and then she spoke again, this time in fear. “Michael...” Star’s dark eyes were wide, filled with both a longing and terror. “What David said; do you think he meant it?” What she really meant was ‘Will he be back for US?’

Michael looked at her for a long moment, then turned to stare up at the night sky. “Yes” he licked his lips with an unconscious movement, tasting where David’s lips had been half an hour before. The Master Vampire was dead and Star and Michael were no longer half-vampires, but they could both still feel David somewhere inside them. “YES” he repeated, feeling a thrill of both fear and anticipation. David was the only remaining vampire in Santa Carlos. And he had stacked a claim. Both on the land and Michael and Star. He’d be back. After all, he’d promised it wasn’t over. And David was a man of his word.

The End

Whew! *Fans self* Where did THAT come from? I’m just amazed with myself! This came out MUCH easier than I thought it would. I honestly have NO idea where this will go, but I hope you all enjoy it! Even if it’s not my usual sort of Fanfic. *Sheepish look* I’m not sure when the Sequel will be out, but this will probably be a Series of 4 or 5 Fanfics.

If ANYONE likes these three and have considered writing a Fanfic for D/S, M/S or S/M/D, the PLEASE let me know and I’ll give you the URL for their Lists. No one has ever written a Fanfic on the Lists and I love this Movie. I want to see it written about! So do it!

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