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I Need you. by Markoschick

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Story Notes:
It is my first smut fic It may not be the best but I hope you like it
Author's Chapter Notes:
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I was in my room, picking a loose string that was on my shirt. I sniffed as a few tears rolled down my pale cheeks. "Did he really hate me? "NO-NO-NO!" I yelled throwing an old lighter across my room. It smashed when it hit the cave wall.

I froze when I heard a knock at the door. The second I open it my heart skipped. There he was Marko, looking at me with desperation in his blue-green eyes, hands tucked into his pockets.

"What do you want?" I snapped

“I need to be with you,” he said wiping away a tear as it rolled down my cheek.

"But, y-you hate me," I replied, as I let him hold my hands tangling his fingers with mine.

"Who said I hate you?" He questioned, pulling me closer to him,

"No one did."

"Then why think that?" He asked nodding

"Well, you haven't been talking to me, and you have been avoiding me."

"I needed time to think things out."

I looked at him with my baby blue eyes, as he kissed my forehead.

"I love you always have, and always will," His lust filled voice was full of desperation.

He immediately spun me around slamming my body against the door. He takes one glance into my big blue eyes and presses his lips down upon mine. His tongue is greedy in my mouth and tasting him again makes my underwear wet with my pleasure.

Finally, he pulls his head back as we both gasp for breath, but he immediately dives in again with a intensity that makes my toes curl. His lips engulf my neck and they are not gentle in their exploration. He bites and kisses my skin as if he has been starving for my taste, and my knees become weak under the weight of his solid body pressed upon mine, and these unfamiliar sensations pulsing through me.

His hands creep up under my shirt, his fingertips tracing my spine, as his lips travel down my neck and follow the plunging neckline of my shirt. I can feel my nipples harden under my bra, already prepared for his warm mouth to tease them with indescribable ecstasy. He continues downward, slightly lifting my shirt to lick along the top of my jeans.

These sensations are unbearable and I quickly run my fingers through his blond curly hair, grasping his head lightly, which I pull up to meet mine. I kiss him with just has much as he kissed me, but he has other things in mind and lifts my shirt, which is removed with ease. He moves straight to unlatching my red satin bra, to reveal my breasts that are more than painfully eager for his attention. And attention, he gives.

He grasps them in his hands, gently biting and licking each one to his satisfaction. I am moving restlessly against the door, wanting him more than he could ever fucking imagine. I want desperately to feel his naked body against mine and I remove his shirt and pull him closer to me. His skin is pale and cold *Well duh he is undead!*. His lips that are crawling along my shoulder make me shiver.

My eyes are closed, trying to take in every feeling that I can, and I feel his hands reach down the back of my jeans, grabbing my ass and lifting me up slightly.

He whispers, “Feel what you do to me Keegan,” and I feel it through my jeans.

I grasp him hard in my hand and I feel him let out a breath with a chuckle behind it, as he knows I just did exactly what he told me to do. He undoes the button of my jeans, staring intently into my big blue eyes, and in a quick motion that feel’s like forever, he pulls everything to the floor, never breaking his feverish gaze. I easily step out of them and kick them to the side.

He is kneeling, his hands resting on the outside of my thighs. He is running his now sharp nails up and down my legs, causing me to resort to shallow breaths, because I can’t handle the pleasure his simple touch gives me. He slowly slides his hands upwards, and pulls down my matching red underwear. His fingers easily enter me and my back arches like a bow from the door as he tongue fucks me. I have to grasp his curly hair in order to remain balanced. He continues to move them in and out, rolling his thumb on my clit firmly as his lips travel from my womanhood, and up my body, coming to a rest on my own lips.

Face to face, I know what needs to happen and without hesitation my hands are undoing his chaps and jeans, more swiftly than he undid mine. He eagerly kicks off his boots as I help him out of the last pieces of unwanted clothing. Our bodies are pressed up against each other, foreheads together, his hand creeps between my long lean legs, pushing one leg away from the other.

He grasps my waist once more, Pushing my hips against the door. He bends down and thrusts upwards, entering me, filling me, stretching me almost painfully, and I cry out, unable to control it. He places his hands behind me and lifts me up, pinning me against the door once again. My arms are wrapped around his neck, and my legs are wrapped around his solid waist as he pulses inside me, and all I can think about is how badly I love him. I have him and I still desire him. All I repeat in my head is “fuck me,” and the words slip from my mouth with out my knowing it, until it was too late.

He stops.

He slowly, gently sets me back down to the floor and I look at him, slightly puzzled. But he has this familiar naughty little grin on his adorable face and he grabs my hips to spins me around facing the door.

I have to press my hands on the door to catch myself. I peer at him over my shoulder as he entwines his fingers in mine, kissing my open mouth, and then he slams our hands up higher on the door. He enters me again brushing a spot inside me that creates sparks through my body, thrusting harder than before, stopping only to mention how badly he fucking loves me. I cannot get enough of the stretching feeling I get when he's inside of me. It was like a drug that I don't wan't to quit.

But I feel one of his hands release from mine, his knuckles regaining their color, and he slowly, almost sweetly slides his fingers up the back of my neck, into my dirty blond hair, where he grabs the locks, jerking my head gently to the side, revealing my neck, which he fully takes into his mouth, sinking his fang’s in, creating fire works behind my eyes that rocket through my body.

This pain and pleasure all mix together and I cannot hold on much longer. I feel him tense up , and he goes so fast that I think my hips and butt are gonna be bruised in the morning, and fill's my insides with his warmth. With the pace he was going at and the sudden rush of his warmth made my body elite with lightning from my orgasm. He slows downs, catching his breath, but not wanting to stop. I feel myself squeezing him as I release, milking him for every last drop.

He collapses on my back, wrapping his arms around me and I slowly bring my arms down from the door and turn to face him, we kiss, "I Love you, I hope you understand that." I smiled into his blue-green eyes. "Yes, and I love you too," I said, as he picked my up, and set me on the bed laying down next to me. He pulled the covers over our naked bodies, pulling me close to his chest where I nuzzled his neck lovingly, before sleep slowly claimed the both of us.
Chapter End Notes:
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