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Even Vampires have Fantasies by Star of David

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Story Notes:
um this is my first story like this. Let me know what ya think.
Dwayne watched her from the position he held on the railing. She had been coming to the boardwalk for the past two weeks and he watched her everytime she showed up. The other's teased him about it, but they just didn't see what he did. He could imagine running his finger's through her long red hair, and gazing into her sea green eyes. All he had been doing was fantasizing about her. He wanted her and he was going to have her tonight if it killed him. Moving away from the other's he followed her to a small apartment building and slowly moved to stand behind her as she unlocked the door.

"It's not safe out here at night."

She jumped at the sound of his voice and turned slowly to look up at the handsome face. She had seen him around, how could she ignore that long dark hair or those piercing dark eyes.

"I wasn't worried. I have seen you watching me."

"I could be a killer, rapist , anything."

"Your not. I would know if you were."

Smiling Dwayne leaned down that his mouth just brushed her ear. She smelled of jasmine.

"Let me in."

Nodding she finished with the door, and they went to her small apartment on the first floor. Opening the door, he took in her place. it was cramped with so much stuff, and yet it was clean and neat in appearance. Not waiting he grabbed her the minute she shut the door. Pinning her there his lips crushed her in a bruising kiss that left them both weak with desire.

When he kissed her it was like flames consumed her. Every part of her felt alive. He wouldn't let her finger's run in his hair however. Instead he trapped her hands above her head and moved to her neck, where he laid tiny kisses over her pulse point. Dwayne didn't want to kill her, he wanted to fuck her.

With his free hand he tore the top away from her body, exposing her breasts to the cool air coming in the open window. His tongue laced them both, and then he suckled one while his hand played with the other. Her groans of passion hurried him along as he made short work of the shorts she wore. Carrying her naked to the bed he layed her down and got rid of his own clothes. Moving on top of her, he growled as he claimed her lips, and moved his hand down to get her ready for him. When his finger's came back wet he grinned, and flipped her over.

She couldn't believe she was doing this. He was a complete stranger but she wanted him all the same, her hips moved back against him when he flipped her over and she felt him then push into her with such force that it took her breath away. She strained against the hand that held her own, and groaned in pleasure as his other helped work her into a frenzy.

Pumping in and out of her Dwayne nipped at her neck, and licked the tiny drops of blood away when they would come to the surface of her skin. She tasted good and felt even better as he continued to move inside of her, her sweat covered body giving him all the help he neexded to complete what he started. Even his fantasies weren't
this good. As her warm, wet body moved against him, he left his head fall back and his back arch as he reached his climax, his dead seed filling her up as it left him.

When she felt him stiffen, she moved faster, pushed her backside further against him. The deeper he was the more she felt her own climax rise to the surface. She knew when it was coming, fore she pushed back with such force his hand faltered, it soon found it's place once more and worked her over until she collapsed under him. Laying there on top of her, he listened to her shallow breathing until it slowed.

Getting up he dressed and looked down at her, a smile touching his lips. He wouldn't erase this from her mind. He would leave her remember everything he made her feel. Kissing her forehead lightly he left himself out and joined the other's for a night of feeding before the sun took over the sky for another day.
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