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Hearing and Seeing peeping tom by i heart lostboys

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Story Notes:
Thank u sooo much Chikaki for beta-ing this for me!
Author's Chapter Notes:
I love the lost boys! (I can't think of anything else to say)
The other night, I was calmly walking down the abandoned hallways of the cave, when at the very end, I started hearing quiet whispering.

“The only way you get to fuck anything is if I get a strip show. And no gloves." Hearing chains being clanked together, I followed the sound to a cracked doorway at the end of the hall. Inside, in the midst of three dozen flickering candles, Paul laid on his back, in the middle of the bed, stroking his hardening cock.
Following the direction of his turned head, I saw David slowly stripping his clothes off. Liking what I was imagining in my head, I reached down slowly to free my aching cock from the imprisonment it was in. Smirking when he heard Paul moan, David’s clothes started coming off a little faster.
Once undressed, he walked over to Paul, and coaxed a few fingers into Paul’s mouth. While Paul was sucking on David’s fingers, David kissed his way down Paul’s body, taking each caramel colored nipple into his mouth, sucking gently. David finally eased his fingers out of Paul’s mouth, and began to carefully prepare him. Paul bucked and squired underneath David’s touches, begging to be fucked. When David started to push through Paul’s entrance, Paul spoke.

“David, did you shut the door all the way? I don’t want anyone to accidentally walk in on us.” I ran down the hallway as quickly as I could, trying not to make any noise as I heard the door close behind me.
Chapter End Notes:
PM me if u think u know who the peeping tom is! I hope u like it! And so does Chikaki!
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