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The Abandoned Soul by ShatteredSister

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Story Notes:
Think I'm doing okay on this?
Author's Chapter Notes:
This a self “insertion. I did not write the description though. My friend did. Also, I do not own Lost Boys in any shape or forma and am making no profit from writing this.
Character 1: Ciara.[IMG][/IMG]

Character 2: Jean

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“Oh come on Ciara, think of this as a new adventure!” Oh, I have been hearing that for the past three weeks since we left Oregon. She just had to hang around the olive pit for a few weeks. My mom is such a teenager. Never goes by a plan.” Then how about you go it alone?” She laughed thinking it’s one of my jokes.” Because your young and should be happy about this. Not be an old stick in the mud.” At that I blew my curly black bangs out of my face.” Its not that mom. I just wish you would take the situation seriously. We were kicked out of a rental home mom three months before lease break. That’s not good on your credit. And what are we going to do about money” Jean sighed, why cant her daughter leave off of this?” I guess when we get to that I’ll figure it out.” Jean shrugged.” Mom, no, we need to figure this out now! God I feel as though I’m the mother in this relationship!” Ciara cried out in frustration when somebody cut her off.” GODDAMMIT!”

Jean decided to turn on the radio and switched to a hard rock station. But it felt as though a silence could not be cut in the SUV. After awhile the sign Welcome to Santa Carla came into view.” We’re here!” Cried out Jean. Taking a stop just to make sure they had everything tied down. After a of this and tightening the knot’s, Ciara took moment to look at her mother to see a difference in attitude. Her short baby fine gold hair with beige skin, she stood 5”4 with a slight frame to her and seemed stuck in the 70’s she never had. She was once much more wild then she is now and always glows with confidence. While she was opposite. Black,curly hair that went below her butt that’s always in a messy bun, and standing at 4”7 with bronze skin and a serious attitude, hiding behind her loose clothes. Ciara wasn’t fat or anything, she was actually really curvy and fitted in more with the melons then the apples. Her mother was a singer and dancer, while she write poems and read documentaries, they couldn’t be anymore different then the sun and moon.

” I’m sorry about earlier. I was just really stressed up about stuff.” Jean looked at her daughter, not surprised. But she new she was right earlier. It wasn’t fair that she had to worry about this while she played around, but she couldn’t help it. She had a kid young with a sexy Indian boy and he disappeared into thin air the next day. ’Dwayne.’ His name still rung in her body like the bells of Notre Dame at high noon. And she looks so much like him that it sometimes hurt to be around her. But her daughter could never understand that she should be proud of her body, not cover up. And in this weather, she won’t have a choice!” Mom! Come on!” Snapping out of her daze, she got back in the car with her daughter and shut the door.” This is really happening. We’re in Santa Carla.” Ciara bopped her head saying” Yep, we’re here. Now lets find a hotel.”” That won’t be necessary. I pulled a few strings and go us a house up in the woods.” Ciara gave her mom a incredulous look.” And how’d you do that?” I have a friend that owns a house up there and he doesn’t use it any more. Its fully furnished and has a basement that you can turn into your bedroom.” She had called her friend up two weeks ago to ask him if had any spare places he could give them. “ He agreed to pay the first two months but after that we make payments on everything.” Ciara was still shocked that her mom had actually thought ahead for once. And she even took into consideration of her disgruntle meant with sunlight! ”Cool.” Was all she said. Not good to get your hopes up.

“Ciara, you’ve changed so much from when you were a little girl. Hard to believe you’ve grown into a women. A strong independent women. I remember I’d always have to take my breaks in your principals office because you were either fighting or you were hiding beneath the bleachers. When we would get home you would run to your room and write your poems.” Ciara remembered just as well as her mother of those days.

*Ten years earlier*

"Mrs. Nelson, we’re afraid your daughter is acting up again the third time this week and it not even Thursday. Care to explain why we shouldn’t expel her for disruptions?” Jean had to take time off her lunch break to speak to her daughters principal.” First off it’s Ms. Nelson and damn straight yes!” She was twenty-two years old, strong and proud and believed her daughter had a right to do the things she did. But only if she was invoked to do it.” She has a hard time dealing with the other kids, not against the law is it. If I was her I wouldn’t either.”.

The principal gave her a look that said it was not the right response but she just shrugged it off.” No it is not. But it is the law to fight on a school playground.” At that Ciara spoke up ” Oh, so I can fight any where else, just not the Playground.” The principal started to get a little red in the face at that. ” You cant start a fight anywhere.” ” I didn’t start the fight. She did.” The principal turned away and walked toward his window.” Ma’m, either take her to work with you or she stays here for the rest of the day in my office. But today she cant go back into her classroom.” Jean and Ciara both glared at his back and turned to look at each other.” She can stay here. I need to get to work.” She picked up her bag and walked towards the door, pausing to give Ciara a kiss on her forehead.” You be bad now, you hear?” The principal sharply turned at that and glared rat her blonde head.” Oh and MS.Nelson. Ever think she might need a fatherly hand?” Jean turned around and retorted” Sorry, I don’t date whales.” Ciara laughed at that, thinking it was right on the mark.” Seya mom!”

But everything wasn’t alright. Her arms hurt from getting stomped on, her ribs felt as though the were dinner and her stomach felt as though it would upchuck. “ Miss Nelson, please lay down. We don’t want you to puke all over” Said the school nurse. She was a real nice lady that always tried her best to cheer her up and be her friend. When she got home that day her mom was dancing to AC/DC and doing her air guitar.” Hey hunny! Glad your back! Now let me see you.” Turning the rockbox down she motioned for her daughter to hop on the couch. When she lifted up her daughters black sweater her face went red. And then calmed to its original color. ”My little warrior. That’s what you are.” She said as she sobbed into her daughters hair.” I don’t care what others say about you. You are the best one out there and any man that manages to capture your heart is a very lucky man.” Still sobbing into her daughter's thick black curly hair, she picked her up and took her into her room to cuddle with her.


“Turn right here darlin’ and keep going straight until you hit the Emerson drives way. Then go take a left and forward a mile until you see a red pickup truck in the yard.” Following her mothers directions, she pulled into the yard that did have red pickup truck and checked out the house. It was a one story made out of logs and had a patio. She walked over to the side and found a cellar door that obviously led to her new bedroom. Going over to the door she was going to open it until” Cool huh?” Jumping a foot in the air she spun around glaring at her mother for doing that.” Haha, should see the look on your face!” She spun back around pulling the chain and breaking it to toss it aside, she opened the door to be welcomed by years of dust flying out. “Great. Just Great.” Rolling her eyes she walked down the steps to find a pure silver door with crosses all over it.’ What…? Why would somebody keep a silver door with crosses on it down here? And what would be the point?’ She looked around for a key and couldn’t find one.” Hey hunny. I found this key on the counter with a note that says it goes to the basement. Figured you’d need it.” Jean said walking down the flight of steps” Wow, that’s a workout. Wonder why he put it down a story in the grown.” She handed over the key, which was also made of silver and had small cross’s covering it.” So…. Open it! I wanna see the room too before you lock me out of it!” Rolling my eyes as my mother, how the hell she is I cant tell, I unlocked the strange door and opened it. Strangely, there was only a light trail of dust in the room and no cobwebs or spiders I found.” This is so cool! I wish I had a bedroom like this when I was your age!” Jean was bouncing off the walls looking at everything.” And look! A silver slay bed! How nice of Ernie to do that for you. Next time he calls you thank him you hear me?” Nodding my headshe finally left to unpack her stuff. Flopping on the bed I looked around the room and estimate from north to south I have thirty six paces, and from west to east I had twenty two paces to play with.” Alright, time to move everything in"

*Two Hours Later*

Finally! Done with unpacking I took my book that I am currently reading and went up to the house. Opening the screen shutter door to the kitchen I saw mom grabbing her purse.” Hey hun, I’m going to get some pizza. Wanna come keep me company?” Nodding my head I went to the bathroom to wash my face. Looking into the mirror was a bit of a shock, seeing as I haven’t looked in awhile.

My high cheek bones where a bit hollow from staying up all night driving. My full red cupid bow lips are a bit chapped making me grab some chap stick. My straight nose was still straight and medium sized and my eyes are still big and black with long full eyelashes. My heart short oval shaped face was a bit wrinkled from sleeping with it on my elbows, but that went away when I washed my face. Grabbing my jacket and zipping it up while my mother sighed at what I was doing.

” Ciara, you really should be proud of that body. When I was your age I would have killed for it. Show it off, not like your gonna have a choice around here anyway. The heat will drive those off you faster then a horse fly.” With that she grabbed the zipper and tugged it down.” Now no more of these layers” Pulling it off to reveal her daughters tight black wife beater shirt and baggy boy pants she tugged her outside and into the car.” Now lets go!”
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