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Find A Key by PythonPrincess

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Story Notes:
This is a Happy Birthday story for Theresa, who finds Dwayne's key on the beach one night. Here is what follows!

And, By The Way...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
Dwayne polishes off the last of the mort he just killed and tosses the dismembered body into the surf. As his feeding frenzy fades, his pulse begins to slow, but his eyes are still wild, and he is still flush with excitement. Blood covers his chest, face and hands. An erection strains the front of his jeans, causing him discomfort. Without a moment’s hesitation, Dwayne strips out of his sneakers and his pants, discarding them on the beach. His necklace gets tossed next. Then, he wades out into the surf, enjoying the feel of the cold waves lapping against his flushed skin.

For awhile, he enjoys the solitude of the dark water, swimming until the blood is cleansed from his body. Then, he paddles ashore and stretches out on the sand, letting the cool breeze play over his naked body. It feels like the gentle caress of a lover’s fingers, and he has the perfect lover in mind. She lays in wait at the cave for him, and he can just picture her red hair splayed out on the pillow beside him. His hand traces a pattern down his muscular chest to his throbbing manhood, and his fingers circle it. With a soft groan, he begins to pleasure himself; his eyes closed and a look of sheer bliss and peace on his face.

Dwayne thinks he’s alone. But at this inopportune interlude, Theresa has come to this very same stretch of beach to check on the progress of some carrots she left for the sea lions the night before. She’s wondering if they could possibly eat anything besides fish. What a boring diet that must be. Besides, they are so fat, how could they possibly get that way by just eating fish?

She smells blood. Someone has just made a kill. The scent is enough to distract her from her errand and lure her to the circle of a bonfire where Dwayne ransacked a Surf Nazi’s party. From her vantage point, she can see Dwayne’s prone figure, stretched out on the sand.

Theresa brings a hand up to her lips and stifles a giggle. Oh, lord, if she makes a sound, Tonto will hear it. Then, he’ll fly over here, ass naked, with his tribal knife and cut her hair! She tries to avert her eyes. What would her best friend think if she knew that she was out here watching her husband beat his biscuit?

She’d laugh, that’s what. Theresa knows it. In fact, Theresa knows she’ll have to tell Victoria everything she sees down to the last gory detail. It’s not like Victoria doesn’t have a well rounded education of her and David’s sex life. She hears what goes on with frequent regularity and sees David parade around the cave in the buff just as often. Hell, Victoria could probably write a damn book about it if she was so inclined. Theresa finds herself peeping one brown eye and then another through her interlocked fingers.

Dwayne is working his tool like a master. Another soft groan escapes from his throat, barely audible over the rush of the waves. Theresa clamps down on her tongue to keep from giggling aloud again. Her face flames anew. What would David think if he knew what she was seeing? Oh, there’s another thought altogether. He’d shit and she knows it. He’ll read her mind when she comes back from her errand...or at least try to.

Theresa drops her head on her knees to try to block out the vision of what Dwayne is up to. She’ll have to stay put until he leaves and hope he doesn’t see her hiding behind the pile of smoldering fire logs. Until that time, she’ll try to concentrate on the occasional popping noises that erupt from the dying bonfire. There’s a half empty bottle of 151 lying nearby, and she grabs it, and wipes the sand off the lip of the bottle before taking a healthy swig. As she guzzles it, she envisions the sea lions at the wharf. They wanted nothing to do with her carrots the night before. Maybe they’ve changed their minds? If not, what else can she tempt them with, pickles?

Her mind keeps shifting back to forbidden territory. If that was David laying there on the beach (and God only knows, David would NEVER spank his frank. That’s what she’s for, after all), but suppose he got desperate enough to. He’d never be that quiet about it. He’d wiggle around in the sand growling and groaning like two tom cats in a fight. The thought of it is enough to nearly make her spit a stream of 151 through her tightly squeezed lips while she tries vainly to hold back another laugh. Yet, another thought presses into her mind. Too damn bad it’s not David stretched out naked on the beach. What she wouldn’t pay to see that! Just maybe she could get him drunk some night and convince him to try it. Or…maybe she could finally let him teach her to play that stupid poker game he’s been wanting to teach her. Then, some time when he loses, she could make him ante up. A secret smile crosses her face. Yeeeaaahhh…

While she has her mind on dirty things, Dwayne has his on some rather pressing matters as well. Theresa is jerked back to the present when she hears him groan out his release. Her cheeks flame scarlet and she rocks back and forth in her hiding place, squeezing her eyes shut and willing herself not to bust up laughing. Once she calms herself, she watches silently while he gets to his feet, stretches slowly, and brushes the sand from his body. What a show! Then, he quickly dresses, puts his necklace back on, and carelessly slings his jacket over his shoulder. Finally, he takes flight, leaving her alone on the beach and undiscovered. Theresa heaves a deep sigh of relief. She won’t be getting a haircut. Now, she just has to keep what she’s seen secret from David!

The bottle of 151 is history. Theresa tosses it in the remains of the bonfire and makes her way out of her hiding place with weaving steps. Just before she turns to take flight towards the pier, something shiny in the sand catches her eye. It can’t be a seashell, because shells aren’t shiny. Maybee it’s a coin or a ring! She bends down and snatches it up and is surprised to find that it’s a key. To be precise, it’s the key that belongs on Dwayne’s necklace. She’d know that key anywhere!

“Uh, oh, Tonto forgot you!” Theresa slurs, as if the key could talk back. She knows that Dwayne will be quite pissed if he discovers his key missing from his necklace, too. What if he should return to the beach and find her where he’d been moments ago, holding it?

“Oh, nuh-uh!” she giggles. But the haircutting she’d be getting isn’t funny in the least. Her original mission is now quite forgotten. What had she come out here for in the first place? But she knows what she must do now.

Her mind is filled with drunken purpose as she takes to the air, clutching the lost key in her hand. When she arrives at the cave, however, she doesn’t find Dwayne there. Instead, she finds David, pacing and smoking.

“Where the hell have you been?” he demands.

“Umm, I was on the beach,” she stammers.

“I thought we were supposed to hunt together tonight,” David says, “I’ve been waiting here all evening for you!”

Theresa’s mind is suddenly blank. She can’t allow herself to remember any of what she saw out there on the beach. A drifting thought of ‘sea lions’ finds its way to the surface of her confusion, and she grins.

“I wanted to see the sea lions!” she exclaims.

David rolls his eyes.

“Are you still convinced you’re turning them vegetarian?” he asks in a patronizing tone.

Theresa nods and giggles, relieved to have an explanation for her whereabouts.

“Looks like you’ve already fed. Did you knock down a couple of wino’s?”

“Something like that,” she responds faintly.

“You were supposed to wait for me,” David says, fastening a icy gaze on Theresa, “Now you owe me.”

Theresa tries to straighten up, but she wobbles on her stilettos.

“What do I owe you?” she asks.

“That’s…what do I owe you Sire,” he corrects her.

“Oh, okay…”

“No, say it.” David orders.

“What do I owe you Sire?” Theresa mimics.

David smirks at her, and his eyes take on a predatory gleam.

“That’s more like it. Now, come here, Childe,” he says.

Theresa takes slightly wobbling, mincing steps towards David until she stands directly in front of him. She reaches over and places the key on the bedside table.

“What is that?” David asks as he takes a seat on the edge of the bed.

“I found it. I think it’s Tonto’s. Looks like his. If it is, he’ll be looking for it. I found it on the beach,” she answers honestly.

David’s eyes sweep over it for a moment, and then return to Theresa, who is standing patiently. He reaches his gloved hands out and caresses the insides of her thighs beneath her short skirt. Then, his hands find their way up to her bare buttocks, and he squeezes them lightly.

“Mmm, nice. Take it all off,” he orders, removing his hands. His eyes remain fastened on her.

Theresa feels a chill course up and down her spine as her hands move to pull off her top. Next she slides out of her lacy, black bra. Her breasts spring forth from their constraints, and her nipples are already hardened from the feeling of the cool air upon them. David’s stare intensifies as he takes in her form.

“Now your skirt,” he says in husky tones.

As Theresa reaches around to unzip her skirt, the ends of her hair brush against her erect nipples. David watches in silence. The skirt slides down Theresa’s legs and into a crumple on the floor, which she neatly steps out of. For a few moments, Theresa feels a little exalted, as her head is well above David’s while she is standing and he is sitting. She reaches out to stroke his hair, but David pushes her hands away.

“Did I tell you to touch me?” he reprimands.

Theresa draws her hands back and drops them to her sides, suddenly feeling chastened. David’s hands hover over the fly of his jeans. He is enjoying his feeling of empowerment while Theresa stands completely naked before him. With another well timed smirk, he finally closes his fingers over his fly and starts to unfasten his jeans. Theresa strains to see what his moving hands are hiding.

“On your knees, Childe,” he commands.

Theresa begins to respond and lower herself, but David stops her.

“You forgot something,” he says.

“What?” she asks; her voice barely above a whisper.

“When I give you a command, you say ‘Yes Sire’.”

Theresa bites back a giggle.

“Yes, Sire,” she answers as she is finally allowed to move into compliance.

“Only touch me with your mouth. I want to feel your sweet lips on my cock,” he orders. His manhood stands fully erect before Theresa’s lustful gaze. Already, the tip is glazed with the dampness of his desire. She licks her lips and begins to move forward, but then stops herself for a moment.

“Yes, Sire,” she murmurs. David lets out a light chuckle of satisfaction.

Theresa places her palms on either side of David’s thighs to balance herself. Then, she lowers her mouth onto his throbbing shaft, allowing herself to suck lightly at the moisture on the tip of his cock. David’s throaty chuckle quickly becomes a moan of passion as Theresa’s tongue sweeps over his engorged head.

“Oh, you suck your Sire good,” he tells her, “Suck Sire harder!”

Theresa lifts her head for just a moment. With a teasing grin on her lips, she whispers: “Yes, Sire.” Then, she lowers herself again to resume her tongue tease on the painfully swollen head of his rod. David’s hips begin to jerk involuntarily, and Theresa feels his smooth tip brush against the roof of her mouth as his gloved hands find her hair. His fingers slip in and around her light red tresses as he eases her head lower.

“Ah, yes. Harder, baby, harder,” he pants as he jerks his hips convulsively.

Theresa is unable to lift her head to respond with Yes, Sire. As she moves her head up and down on his hard shaft, she is rewarded with another taste of his passion. Her body quivers in delight and anticipation.

Suddenly, David jerks her head up by her hair. Theresa is forced to gaze into his eyes, which are shifting back and forth from brilliant blue to blazing amber.

“Good Childe,” he pants.

Theresa is still crouched before David, but he pulls her into a standing position. He lies back on the mattress and urges her to climb up. She straddles his waist, but he urges her further up.

“Give yourself to me. I need to feed,” he orders her.

Theresa feels her sluggish pulse jump. She knows what he wants.

“Yes, Sire,” she responds, moving herself into position to where her legs straddle his head. David’s hands snake out to grab each of her outer thighs. Roughly, he pulls her down to where her clit brushes against the stubble of his upper lip.

Theresa moans as her hips instinctively move in small, quick circles. David’s tongue parts the delicate folds of skin that conceal the center of her passion from him. Then, his mouth opens to take her into himself. His tongue massages her clit in quick movements, causing her to buck and groan out. David’s hands move up along her thighs and around to her gyrating buttocks. He squeezes them as he pulls her down closer to his hungrily working mouth.

The world is spinning around Theresa, and she balances her weight by placing her hands on the headboard above David’s head. Then, she closes her eyes and allows herself nothing but the pleasure of feeling David’s tongue and lips exciting her most sensitive areas. Her passion grows in intensity to match David’s hungry appetites, and she feels herself about to be rapidly overcome by a climax.

“David! My Sire! I need to feel you inside me!” she pants, hanging her head limply between her arms.

She hears a groan from below, and to answer her pleading, David inserts his fingers deep inside of her, working in and out while he continues to massage her clit with his tongue. The fire building in her belly flares and explodes, and Theresa wiggles atop him, crying out in passion as she comes. Just before the last of her orgasm throbs away, she feels David’s sharp fangs puncture her inner thigh. A whole new shiver runs up her spine and into her belly as she feels her Sire feed from her.

When he’s finished feeding, David guides Theresa back down to the mattress. She lies next to him, feeling the after glow of a powerful orgasm warming her blood. But David’s need is still throbbing from the opening of his jeans. He doesn’t allow her much rest.

“On your hands and knees, Childe,” he orders her.

“Yes, Sire,” Theresa whispers breathily. Slowly she rises to follow his orders, allowing David an unobstructed view of her white, rounded buttocks. David groans in anticipation. He climbs down off the bed to where he stands behind Theresa’s waiting body. For awhile, he watches her wiggle as she waits for his passionate thrusts.

“Now you know what it’s like to wait around, don’t you?” he questions.

Theresa moans in frustration, trying to back herself into his exposed tool. David moves back to prevent their flesh from connecting.

“Answer me,” he orders.

“Yes, Sire!” Theresa pants.

“Don’t keep me waiting like that. I don’t like that.”

“Yes, Sire,” Theresa moans, desperately trying to back into him again.

David watches her move with glinting eyes. He would like to torture her a bit longer, but his desire is nearly beyond his control. Finally, without warning, he plunges his rock hard cock deep inside of her. He shudders as her warmth surrounds him and wills himself not to come right there. Theresa pushes against his pelvis, grinding herself against him and urging him on. David positions his hands to cradle her hips so that he can control and restrict her wild movements. Then, while Theresa protests against his commandeering grip, David thrusts hard, hammering her with his desire. The mattress shakes with the power of his pumping, and friction builds up inside of Theresa’s inner core. Instinctively, she clamps down hard around David’s grinding, thrusting cock.

“Oh, make Sire come!” David commands, driving himself harder and deeper yet. Theresa’s struggles against his restraining hands only excite him more. Before she can answer ‘Yes Sire’, David groans loudly.

“Sire’s coming! Oh, God, Sire’s coming baby!”

David’s announcement is followed by a flooding rush of his hot seed. Theresa feels it spurt inside, and soon, her own body is swallowed in new spasms of passion. She clenches hard around his cock as she comes, forcing the last of his load from him.

David shudders and collapses onto Theresa, bringing her down to the mattress with them. They lie together, heaving as the last of their passion ebbs from their body.

Neither of them are aware that Dwayne returned to the cave. He is flaming pissed, as he realizes his key is missing. His senses are also loaded with new knowledge. When he returned to the place where he had removed his necklace, he picked up the scent of another pack member in the immediate area. His delicate sense of smell immediately told him it was Theresa. Now, he has lost his key, and he is only too aware of what he was doing out there on the beach. His dark, broody eyes are aflame as he searches around the cave for both the Crackchilde and his key. Soon, his instincts lead him to the bed, where David and Theresa are resting; spent from their exertions.

Before David can react, Dwayne grabs him by his mullet and pulls him from Theresa’s reclined form. Theresa, laying on her stomach, is unable to see what has disturbed her repose until she raises up in surprise and turns her head to the side.

“Where the fuck is it?” Dwayne demands, pacing angrily in front of the bed.

“Where the fuck is what? Get the hell out of here!” David snarls.

“Not without my key!” Dwayne roars.

“Oh, for God’s sake, it’s on the fucking table. Get it and get out!”

Dwayne locates the key where David told him it would be. He snatches it up and glares an angry hole through Theresa.

“What the fuck were you doing out on the beach?” he demands. His cheeks are flamed nearly as scarlet as his eyes.

“I-I went to go see the sea lions…on my way, I found that,” she replies.

Dwayne tests her reaction, but is unable to draw any further conclusions.

“Y-you didn’t see anything else, did you?” he asks, clumsily hooking the key back onto his necklace.

Theresa shakes her head vigorously.

“Nope. Just the key,” she replies.

Dwayne gives a dismissive nod and backs quietly away from the bed. David turns to Theresa and gazes at her quizzically.

“What does he think you saw?” he asks.

Theresa shrugs; keeping the smile that wants to sneak out craftily contained.

“Oh, I don’t know. Probably nothing,” she replies wickedly.

David plops down on the bed beside Theresa and pulls her into his arms. Then, he lights a smoke. Theresa nestles into her Sire, relieved that her secret is safe.
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