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Vampires Everywhere, A Reunion by Cat Lady

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Story Notes:
I don't own anything, duh! I'm doing it for the Frogs and Sammy because their side deserves to be heard.
Author's Chapter Notes:
Here's a little side project that I'm working on while I finish off Little Fighter. Believe it or not I watched the Tribe again the other day and instead of throwing a spear at my television screen I had a brainstorm. Edgar Frog walked into my head and just gave me that deadpan scowl of his. Well, seeing how I can't say no to that look, I decided to do what he wanted me to. Taking the last two tiny scenes of the Tribe film, the ones between Edgar and Sam, I've decided to write up what went on from the moment Sam arrived at Edgar's doorstoop to the moment the two throw themselves at each other in a snarling fit of rage. I figure it's time for Edgar and Sam to have their fifteen seconds of glory and seeing how I've never written Sam before, I figure this is as good a time as any.
Ugh, finally. It was over.

For now anyways.

Edgar blinked hard as he fought back a heavy yawn that tickled the back of his throat. It was ten in the morning and he had been up for the past 42 hours. It always took a lot out of him when he had to prep and take out vampires on his own. But what could he do? As far was he was concerned this was his calling in life and he was just going to have to grin and bear it as best he could.

Yet things were not like they used to be. He was getting tired a lot quicker and his launcher was getting heavier all the time. God how he hated getting old.

Better old than immortal.” He thought grimly to himself as he turned on the tap and began to scrub off the vampire residue that had dried in a hard crust on the carbon fibre stake in his hands. The Woody Woodpecker heckler had been easy enough to eradicate but Edgar still didn’t take a chance with mere decapitation. Nah, nothing was as sure proof as the old stake to the heart routine.

Twisting his head sharply to the side, Edgar cracked a kink in his neck and let out a tired sigh. One glass of Frogjuice mixed with whatever instant coffee he had left in the trailer and then he was hitting the sack.

Edgar debated over the price range of the Emerson’s bill as he slowly began to scrub the caked on blood off of his face and neck. Should he charge them full price for his services or should he give them the family discount? They were exactly family but he knew their parents and their uncle. He could give them a bit of a break. After all, they had gone to the brink of damnation and spat in the devil’s face. He had to give them that.

Whap whap whap!

Edgar froze half hunched over the tiny sink as he opened his eyes and listened. It was broad daylight and he had enough crucifixes and vampire wards set up to keep dozens of vampires at bay so he instantly checked off vampire off his list of suspects. Who the hell would be coming around here at this time of the day? Or just coming around here period?

“Who is it?” Edgar barked as he rested his weight on his elbows and tilted his head to the side to get better hearing reception.

“Open up man. We gotta talk.” A muffled voice whined from the other side of the trailer’s paper thin metal door. Edgar swallowed hard as the familiarity of that voice struck home.

What the hell was he doing here?

“Whatever you have to say you can say through the door.” Edgar growled as he straightened up and shook the water off his hands. He didn’t bother grabbing a rag.

A heavy pause hung in the air for a moment as Edgar waited to see what his visitor would do now. He wasn’t going to invite him into his home; he wasn’t going to give the guy the time of day. As far was he was concerned Sam Emerson was no friend of his.

“You might not want to put those stakes away just yet man. …You got company on the way.” Sam sighed through the wire mesh screen that covered what used to be a small window. There was no point in trying to force his way in because the Frog would probably drive a stake through his heart for breaking and entering. Little did Sam realize how close to the mark that assumption was.

Edgar lowered his hands as his eyes quickly swept around the cramped quarters of his mobile home. There were garlands of garlic strung up on every wall, stakes, crosses and various different styles of crucifixes affixed to every surface. Missing posters and flyers wall-papered what little space there was left. All this and more was the result of his endless battle with the legions of the undead. But no matter how many he killed more just showed up in their place.

Growling softly to himself Edgar closed his eyes and squared his shoulders. Sam wouldn’t have taken the time to track him down and come always out to this shit-hole just to catch up for old time’s sake. If he was here, there was a damn good reason for it.

With his resolve etched onto his face, Edgar turned around and wrenched open the trailer door with enough force to send Sam staggering back. With his eyes narrowed into silts Edgar stuck his head out and fixed the Emerson with a look that could have scared the piss out of most people.

“What kind of company?” He growled darkly as he carefully eyed his old childhood friend over. He didn’t like what he saw.

“The kind we’ve been waiting for for over 20 years. That kind.” Sam said as he thrust his hands into the deep pockets of his heavy brown trench coat and glowered at the peddle strewn ground. He didn’t lift his head to meet Edgar’s gaze. It was if he didn’t want to.

Edgar arched an eyebrow as he kept his eyes trained on Sam. The guy looked about as white as a corpse and the faint tremors that shook his arms were more than enough of a giveaway. He was in a bad way. How bad, Edgar didn’t know. Did he want to find out? A voice inside him told him no, but he was going to anyways.

“You’re not invited in.” Edgar snorted as he slammed the trailer door in Sam’s face, leaving the guy to stand out there while he quickly rounded up his gear and added a few extra stakes to his vest. His instinct was telling him that something was off and that made him edgy. Edgy was never good with Edgar. He had the scars to prove it.

When Edgar opened the door once more and stepped out of the trailer he noticed that Sam hadn’t moved at all. The guy still had his head hanging and the pair of thick sunglasses he was wearing kept Edgar from reading his eyes. People say that the eyes are the windows to the soul and they were always the first thing to give you away.

“Take off the glasses.” Edgar commanded as he stopped right at the edge of the circle of salt that surrounded the ramshackle trailer he called home. He wasn’t going to take any chances. The sun was high in the sky but that didn’t mean Sam wasn’t a threat. There were other monsters besides vampires that could cause serious bodily harm.

Sam opened his mouth in order to protest but Edgar beat him to it.

“Do it now. Or else I’m out.” There was no chance of a debate. It was a yes or no deal.

Knowing that there was no point in avoiding the inevitable Sam sighed and gingerly removed the reinforced Ray bans. Without the protection of the thick lenses Sam squinted sharply and blinked hard. The sunlight seared into his skull and when he glanced over at Edgar he could only do so for a few seconds before it all became too much.

Edgar had seen enough. Sam’s eyes were still the same baby blue as they had always been, abet a little on the bloodshot side but that could be the result of a number of things. Alcohol, drug use, no sleep, the list went on and on. He wasn’t a zombie but he sure looked like one. Probably felt like one too.

“Get in the truck.” Edgar shouldered his way past Sam and didn’t glance over his shoulder to see if the guy was following him.

“Where we headed?” Sam asked after he had shuffled his way over to the beat-up old Ford pick-up truck and hoisted himself up into the cab. Edgar didn’t grace him with a response as he fired up the truck and pulled away from his home base in a shower of dirt and gravel. The two sat in an awkward silence as Edgar drove out of the heart of the town and over to an isolated cove that he was familiar with. It was the perfect place for a serious conversation such as this. There was no way they could be overheard among the screeching seagulls and crashing surf. There was no such thing as being too careful these days. Anyone could be listening.

“You’re going to tell me how you found me and where the hell you’ve been hiding all these years. In that order.” Edgar rolled down the window and rested his left arm on the door as he steered with his right. He kept his eyes on the road and his ears trained on his passenger. Sam had a hell of a lot of explaining to do.

“H’okay. Well,” Sam sighed as he nervously scratched his chin, “finding you wasn’t a problem. The internet makes it nearly impossible for anyone to really hide these days. Especially when your boards are being promoted on the surfing circuit. And that MySpace page? Real cute. Custom boards for a killer ride. If that wasn’t a dead-enough giveaway I don’t know what is.”

Edgar rolled his eyes as he made a right off of the main road and headed up a side-road that looked like it has seen better days.

“As for where I’ve been, well, you could say that I’ve been places. Over here over there, never staying in one spot for too long. You know better than I do how easy it is for them to find us.” Edgar gingerly rubbed the back of his neck and let out a tried sigh. He slouched in the seat and rested his knees up against the dashboard.

Edgar just shook his head. No wonder the guy looked like crap. He probably hadn’t slept properly in months. But his vague response didn’t sit well with Edgar. He wanted facts, cold hard facts, and Sam wasn’t giving him any. That there led to a number of different speculations but Edgar chose not to voice them right then. He’d find out what he needed to know soon enough.
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