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Memories of The Fallen Leader by ShatteredSister

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Story Notes:
I do not own Lost Boys. I do however own Glass, Tallon,Fang, and Diamond.
Author's Chapter Notes:
I do not own Lost Boys. Just the OC's that I create
It is amazing, how quickly things turn around. How people can change in a blink of an eye. But I'm suppose to see these things, feel the monster beneath the surface of he skin. Maybe I got too cocky, to in love, to want to see the monster beneath HIS skin.

Maybe if I had, my girls wouldn't be dead, we would be out in the sun playing like we always do. Fang, Tallon, Diamond, all dead because of me. I can never live like this alone. I could barely stand it before, now I'm afraid I will go mad. But now I am and its what I deserve. I deserve to be lonely for what happened. For being like all those girls, the ones I swore I would never be. Just falling for a hot body and pretty face.

Now not just I am paying for it, but so are they.All because of my stupid heart and libido. I'll never see Fangs eyes glow when we find some awesome surfboards to "borrow" , never hear Tallons laughter when Fang is being chased out of the kitchen for trying to put in cajun powder in the soup, never be held by Diamond when I have nightmares of the night.

It's all gone and I am just now realizing I can never really have it back. People never go night surfing so no go on that. We don't need to eat solids, so no more of those night's, and I'll be crying for a different reason.

Your probably asking how this happened, aren't you? But for me to explain, I would have to go back to the beginning of my story. It all started in the summer of 1951.....
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