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the Fallen by ShatteredSister

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Story Notes:
Right now in the first chapters, I'm just giving you a preview of my girls so that you can see them . If your an aspie you might know I mean. Also this is my first story ever so please play nice with my corpse. (P.S.: The boys aren't going to happen until like after Diamond is in the pack.)
Author's Chapter Notes:
First of the Fallen Glass, this one I'm gonna use allot in other stories, the rest are too hellish for my sanity. TALLON, PUT THE PORNO DOWN DANGIT! See what I mean? I don't own the lost boys*pouting in corner.*
Kiara"Glass": Leader,Wise,Compassionate but knows what needs to be done at the time,very careful about other people, loves AC/DC,Bon Jovi,Heather Dale.
Age 16 at age of turning. Rides a 1987 Triumph Rocket. Fell in love with Dwayne, but he betrayed her when he turned her. He and his friends "pretended" to care about them while they were up in Oregon, and one night they acccidently turned them, thinking they were gone from the earth. This new pack called themselves "The Fallen" before they were vampires.
Hair: Original:Black
Now:Emerald green at bangs,Rest lilac. Hair length: 46"( about four feet) Very Curly like Stars except not fuzzy Feet in height: 4 ft. 9 in. (ya I know she's short ,but I decided to make her my height.)( and yes I am done growing*sobbing in the corner.*)
Skin color:100% albino"Moonlight" Eyes: Black with gold and amber at edges
Waist:16 in.
Hip Around: 24 in.( giving her an hour glass figure.)
Leg Length: 34 in.
Sound of Voice: Very smooth, Slightly Low Naturally(Like one of those sex phone people that we pay to talk to.) Has A Scottish ,Texan Twang to it.
Race: German,Kauhuk,Scottish,Egyptian,British.
Personality:Vengeful,Quirky,Comedian,Contemplative,Wise,Compassionate,Quick-thinker,Leader of the pack. Very and stubborn on the outside but in all honesty still has deep wounds on her heart from Dwayne. Slight possibility that she is still in love with him. Loves the colors brown,purple, gray, and blue.
Family Status:Orphan ,Has a brother figure that she hasn't seen since she was little. Hardly remembers him,but does remember calling him "Paulie"
Person who killed her: Dwayne

Today's the day my life changed. For better or worse I still do not know. All I know is the site I saw changed me. The site that I am seeing terrifies me to the bone, because that will be my fate. You see, today's my big brother sixteenth birthday. One would think it would be joyous, but at the orphanage it's feared. Because adult's don't want teenagers. They wan't children and babies. But apparantly I'm the exception to that rule. It's a very stupid reason in my opinion. Right now their shoving him out on the street ,like he's last weeks garbage. Even from here Ican feel their contempt for Paul. Sure ,he played alot of pranks, but he's fun and he has some awesome ideas for that stuff. Why would they just throw him out like that? I'll also admit that I want him to stay here because he's the only one who talks to me here.

I look over to see that their gone. Bastards just left him there. Right now he's just sitting their. I wonder why? Normally he would be cussing and hitting them for doing that to him. I know I would . He's just sitting their now until they close the gate. They put the gate their a few years ago so that the kid's couldn't run away from here. Can you blame them. Here, I feel as though my wings are clipped, and I can never leave to start my own path. When I enter the halls I just feel a chipping at my core. Like somethings falling apart and I don't ant it to fall apart. I look up when I hear movement. 'Is he even going to say goodbey?' When he got on his bike I could feel hot tears going down my face. I couldn't control it. My sunlight's gone away. Now all I can see now is dark clouds.

Paul POV

I really don't want to stay here. One, because I can't play my music . Two, I have to wear these button up shirts that make my skin itch. I can't jump around or do oyter shit like that here either. The only reason I stayed for so long is for her. My little moonlight. I swear if she weren't here I would've left a long time ago. I wonder if she'll end up like me. That would be okay I guess. Maybe we'll met up someday. But I doubt it, I mean it's a big world and only a small chance of us meeting again.

I admit the big thing is the husbands creep me out. They get this weird look in their eye when their wives look away.I think that's why the wives hate Glass. Really makes you wonder why . Not . Glass has these big black eyes that shock you when you look into them.

There also cool because they have gold and amber playing the edge of her iris which really trap you. Her skin is really pale. Sorta reminders me of snow in moonlight. Even out in the sun. I'ts just she's so tiny.

I mean, she's six year's old and she's as tall as four year why do they hate her for that?Alana's is just as pretty as Glass. Alana's with her short ,straight blond hair. With her blue eyes and tanned skin ,ya I can see why they would pick her.Perfect sun child, someone they can proudly state that she went to prom, and might even take down the isle. But there both pretty, and I'll place all my money on Glass that she will look like a moonlight goddess walking the earth by age thirteen . They are a different type of pretty but WHY her. Glass is just as pretty. And besides Alana's is 14.In four years gonna leave for college. Shouldn't they want YOUNG kids?

I really don't want to leave Glass behind, but I have to. 'Should I look back?' No I shouldn't ,I really can't take that kicked puppy look ofhers, wrenches my heart out. I took a good look around to see where I can go, saw my Triumph on the street. I paused for a moment the situation kicking in. I was leaving. But, were should I go? 'California. I can go their.' At least their I can do what I want when I want. Plus if I stay here I'll have to join the army, or worse, Navy. With California on my mind I was off. Good bey, My Moonlight Glass.

**************Later******************Glass POV*************

In all my life I've never been so alone as I do right now. It's like being in a field fild with sunlight that never end's, only to be thrust into a deep well that never ends. And I've been their before. Except this time, theirs no Fairy-tale prince to save me. He left. My sunlight left me, and now all I can do is fall.

I stand in front of the bathroom mirror that leads to my room. Trying to see what others don't, but all I see is perfection. I see black spiral curls that fall to my elbows. My skin is as pale as snow in moonlight. My black eyes didn't help either. The only actual color on my body is the amber and gold that played at the edge of the iris, and my small in width red cupid bow lips that are full for my age, framed by black halfoom eyebrows and a heart shaped face. I'm very short for my age, while most six year old girls are 3'5 ,I'm 2'9 which really sucks man. I keep being mistaken for a four year old. Real ego booster their, NOT.

My usual clothing is a AC/DC t-shirt with jeans that were a dark blue color. My boots are what really pissed the nuns off. When they saw my black kiddy army boots one of them actually fainted. Couldn't stop laughing that day, cause, HELLO,fainting nun. Sock knocking that is.
'Now what am I going to do? Stay here until I'm sixteen?' No that is not an option the moment I can ,I'm getting out of this soul crushing hell and it's puppet's. But until then I will study as much as I can. Realastate, Math , Science, Herbology, Hell even home economics, but I'm not staying here.
Chapter End Notes:
By hip around I mean the perimeter of her hips. Again be nice when you review. This my FIRST story, so please, if everything is abit strange, it's because I'm making my own story base, so it'll be different . I'm going to stetch this out for another chapter ,because theres just a certain direction that I want this to go and I feel this is the way to do it. Also, Whoever draws real life, can you please draw Glass and the girls out? I suck at drwaing anything but scenery. If you can,THANKYOU! REVIEW!
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