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Stars Poem by Markosgirl4ever

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You think I'm a monster?
I'm not.
I never was.
What made me a vampire
that was a monster.
Cruelty was its fun.
Killing its sense of life.
But I'm different.
I didn't want
to become what I am.
I never wanted
to live forever.
But this way of life
is no real life.
It's only existing.
And I'm too weak...
too weak to stop existing...
I was young.
I was full of dreams,
of hopes...
And then there was
I fell...
into a dark whole...
Complete silence...
No one around...
No feeling left...
but sadness.
I long for my past...
So much time ago...
I long for the sun...
Maybe, one day...
I have the strength to see it again!
The last thing I see
before I stop existing!
Chapter End Notes:
I guess Star was never ment to be a lost girl. Please comment
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