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Secrets Revealed by Phoenix

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Author's Chapter Notes:
I put a lot of Marko, Paul, Caleb, and Gabriel in this one. It practically revolves around them. Dwayne is on his own with Selma, and David has committed the worst crime in the Pack. They have main parts, but it's mostly Marko, Paul, Caleb, and Gabriel. Paragraphs that are in little star marks *are flashbacks*.
Part 1

The sun slowly sank down behind the horizon. It’s roseate castings danced off the rock walls of the bluff. The ocean cast a million sparkles across the bluff like a giant disco ball, spinning above the rays of the sun.

Caleb sat at the opening of the shaft. Her thoughts trailed to the earlier events. Katherine had been stopped, but not before wounding Caleb very bad. That caused David to convince Caleb into joining the Pack. Of course Caleb loved her Pack, but she almost wished that wouldn’t have happened. She missed the warm rays of the sun, the hot sand beneath her feet, and just seeing the sun period.

Human’s don’t know how good they have it and often take normal things for granted, until they are taken from the day. Caleb missed watching the sunsets with her father, taking walks in the sun, and all the other things she couldn’t do anymore. She was now forever condemned to the nightlife.

“Hey,” a voice called out from above Caleb.

She looked up and saw Marko smiling down upon her. He looked so beautiful from the way he was hanging. His golden hair had gotten so long; it almost grazed Caleb sitting below him. Marko’s jacket was lying on the rock floor below him, piled up into a ball. His hazel eyes were filled with happiness. He dropped from the ceiling, gracefully landing on the rock floor. He reached for his boots, sitting next to Caleb. Marko slid his left one on, followed by his right.

“Hey,” Caleb replied, not looking at him.

“You’re up early,” Marko said, yawning. He stretched, reaching his arms above his head.

“Yeah, I guess,” Caleb mumbled.

“Excited about tonight? It’s the big night;” Marko gushed, jerking Caleb up. He wrapped her in a hug, dancing around the small cave. His excited laughter echoed throughout the small room.

“Alright you two, I’ve seen enough of that to last me a life time,” Paul called playfully, staring down at the two hugging figures beneath him.

“Yeah right! You’ll never get enough action;” Caleb called up to Paul, breaking away from Marko. She pushed him away roughly, hurrying under where Paul was hanging.

Paul dropped from the ceiling and landed before Caleb. She gave a wide smile, hugging the vampire before her. She slid her hands under his jacket, feeling the firm muscle underneath. Paul kissed her forehead loudly, making a wet noise as he did so. Caleb giggled at the gesture. Caleb tugged a piece of his white blonde hair playfully. Paul and she had become best friends since the night she was changed. It was his blood she fed on the nights she layed recovering from her wounds. Caleb confided in him, telling Paul all her deepest secrets and most intimate thoughts.

Marko looked upon his friend and lover with jealousy glowing in his hazel eyes. Marko could feel the anger tighten into a ball into his stomach. He watched as Paul tickled Caleb. She collapsed to the ground, balling up to protect her sides. He leaned down and tickled her some more, proving what she was doing couldn’t keep him from tickling her. As Paul’s fingers danced across Caleb’s body more, the more Marko grew angry.

Caleb’s laughter floated up to David. He opened his cerulean eyes, watching the scene below him. The irritated vampire sighed in frustration. If he didn’t know any better, David would swear Caleb and Paul were in love. Marko had better watch it, or Paul would steal Caleb away. It looked like Caleb wouldn’t put up much of a fight.

A whoosh of air stirred around those gathered on the floor. Paul looked over and saw his leader standing next to Marko. David was standing just far enough behind Marko to stay out of eye reach. The black clad leader shook his head slowly, warning Paul of what he was doing. David jerked his thumb toward Marko, slightly cocking his head to the left. Paul’s eyes drifted to Marko. Anger, jealousy, and a little bit of hate radiated from the vampire. Paul cleared his throat, picked Caleb up, and backed away. Caleb was confused and slightly disappointed Paul quit tickling her. Her gaze drifted over to Marko. He stood rigid and on edge, about ready to explode with his raging temper. A sheepish look crossed Caleb’s face as she moved to Marko.

His arm protectively landed on her waist, planting his hand on her right hip. He pulled her near, leaning down and kissing Caleb. The kiss was hard and rough, almost cutting Caleb’s lips from the pressure Marko was giving. He was letting her know she was his. Caleb’s hands went up to Marko’s chest. She returned the kiss, reminding him he had nothing to worry about.

When Caleb pulled away, her eyes flickered to Paul. For a moment, she thought she detected a little sadness in seeing her and Marko kissing. Caleb dismissed the thought and turned back to Marko. Amy entered from the shaft just then, smiling at David. She walked over to the gruff vampire, planting a wet kiss on his lips. David grabbed Amy hungrily and kissed her long and hard.

“David, everyone’s watching,” Amy protested, pulling away from David. He held onto her, pulling Amy closer to him.

“Let them watch,” David bluntly stated, looking down into Amy’s eyes.

Amy was the kind of girl who didn’t like PDA, or public display of affection. Her shyness is what attracted David to her. It puzzled everyone because David is so outspoken, blunt, and wild. Amy on the other hand was shy, withdrawn, and tame. It didn’t make sense, but they appeared to be happy...and that was all that mattered.

“So, are we ready to go? I’m hungry,” Dwayne grumbled, his presence made pointed by his loud voice.

Everyone turned to see him standing in the opening of the shaft. Dwayne had his arms crossed over his chest, lounging against the rock. He turned away and started out toward the cave entrance. His footsteps could be heard echoing back to the rest of the Pack.

David and Amy started the lead, Marko and Caleb following them, then Paul making the end. His hematite eyes watched Marko and Caleb sadly. Paul had never really loved in his life and it seemed when he did...the girl was always taken. His friend, brother, and Pack member took this one. Another law of the Pack was ‘Betray not your own’.

Paul had to be careful for if he slipped up; it could mean disastrous results for the Pack. The Pack had already had its share of tragedies, and Paul didn’t want to add to that pile.

Selma walked down the exit from the Big Dipper. So far she was having a blast in Santa Carla. Her blue eyes sparked with laughter. Her whole body swam, as if still on the swirling ride. Selma made her way, a little wobbly, down the Boardwalk. She hugged her jacket closer to her olive skin. So far, Selma had no problems in Santa Carla...not like she did back in Los Angeles.

Selma had just graduated from high school when she met Rudy. He was sweet, kind, sexy, caring, sensitive, and just plain great. There weren’t many Hispanic guys around her neighborhood, but it was nice to finally find one. Selma’s parents emigrated from El Salvador. They hoped a better life would be for Selma, but they went back...leaving her with her grandmother. It wasn’t long after she graduated that her grandmother, or Mama D she was called, died. That’s when Rudy showed up.

He seemed to make it all better. Rudy took care of Selma, making sure she always had clothes on her back and food in her stomach. Selma didn’t think it would come with a price. She knew Hispanic men had a history of beating their women, but she didn’t want to believe that...especially about someone as great as Rudy.

One day, Selma came home from work...only to find Rudy in bed with another woman. Selma freaked out and started to pack. Rudy told her that she would never leave, even though she desperately tried.

“You will never leave me, senora,” Rudy had shouted, gathering the confused woman’s clothes and shoving her out the door.

“Oh yeah, don’t believe that for one moment,” Selma retaliated, gathering her clothes and packing them into the only suitcase she had.

Rudy reached out and backhanded Selma, throwing her into the wall. That left her with a black eye, sprained wrist, and bruises all over her body. He beat her almost every night after that, until she couldn’t take it anymore. Selma left one night, leaving all her things except a few outfits. She snuck out while Rudy was gone. Selma never came home after that.

Now, Selma walked alone down the Boardwalk. She descended the stairs, stepping onto the soft beach sand. The salty breeze tousled her ebony hair. Tears welled up in her eyes as the memories of Mama D came flooding back to her.

Selma remembered the hot summer nights when Mama D would make homemade ice cream and eat it on the porch swing with Selma. They would count the stars and wish on every one. She remembered when they walked along the beach. Selma saw a dead fish washed up on the beach. She was just a baby then and didn’t understand what death was.

“What is wrong with it Mama D,” Selma asked? She reached up to her grandmother.

“It’s just gone to another place,” Mama D replied, picking up the small Selma.

“Will it swim again,” Selma asked innocently? She played with Mama D’s hair.

“Yes it will, if you believe in the magic. Do you believe in the magic Selma,” Mama D asked.

“Yeah,” Selma replied, watching the fish.

Just then, the tide came and washed it out to sea. Selma thought she could see it flip and dive down. When she looked out at the ocean now, Selma believed it.

“Yeah Mama D, I believe in the magic, Selma whispered and turned away from the ocean and walking back toward the Boardwalk lights. She heard noise and turned toward it. It came from the near darkness. It sounded like...motorbikes...coming her way at high speed.

Caleb held on tight to Marko’s waist as they tore across the beach. The Pack was eager to feed, or at least everyone but Amy. Amy still ate regular food and was the only one who could go out in the daylight. She served as the protector during the day.

Dwayne pulled up beside Marko and Caleb. He matched Marko’s speed, barely noticing his worried friend beside him. His dark eyes were trained ahead of him. As he drew closer to the ocean, he saw the silhouette of someone standing up ahead of him. From what it looked like, it was a girl. Her long ebony hair waved in the breeze. She looked straight into Dwayne’s eyes as he passed. The girl didn’t look away or anything.

“Marko, I’ll catch up with you all later,” Dwayne called, giving Marko a wave. Caleb sarcastically saluted, turning back to the front of Marko’s bike. She leaned her chest against his back.

Dwayne turned sharply to the right, the back wheel sending a spray of sand behind him. He raced toward the girl he had seen. Up ahead, she stood in the ocean...her back facing to Dwayne. He pulled his bike to a stop and hopped off. The girl turned to him as Dwayne made his way to her.

“Hey,” Dwayne called, carefully stepping up to the girl.

“Hey,” Selma whispered in reply, looking down at the ocean she was standing in.

The tide reached out to Dwayne, meeting his feet and splashing around them. He watched the girl before him. Dwayne could feel her pain, emanating from her every pore. The vampire closed in on the female. He put his hands on her shoulders.

“What’s wrong, senora,” Dwayne asked softly, trying to figure out what was the matter.

When those words landed on Selma’s ears, she cried out. Selma’s hands flew to her ears, wrapping in her hair and tugging. She sank to a squatting position in the ocean. The tears poured out now, dripping and mixing it’s own salty liquid with the ocean. With out a word, Selma scrambled up and ran. She left Dwayne standing there with his outstretched hand.

Caleb climbed off Marko’s bike and melted into the darkness. She stood and watched Paul pull up and park next to Marko’s bike. Caleb felt her breathing quicken to a rapid panting. She didn’t know why she was feeling this way, but she knew she liked it. Maybe it wasn’t Marko she wanted all along...maybe it was Paul. Caleb chewed on the thought, not noticing Marko walk up next to her. He didn’t catch her gaze, for Paul had already moved to a different spot.

“Hey, are you ready,” Marko asked, placing his hand on her bare shoulder.

“Uh...yeah,” Caleb muttered, swinging her attention to Marko. She watched the proud expression cross his face.

Marko’s long, blonde curls blew in the breeze. His hazel eyes filled with a happiness that couldn’t be described. Now Caleb felt ashamed for thinking about Paul like that. One single tear slipped from her eye as she bowed her head. Marko was looking at his leader and didn’t notice it at all.

David stepped up in front of Caleb. The black clad vampire placed one hand under her chin. He turned her head so she could look at him directly. David cocked his head slightly, making sure he had Caleb’s attention. Caleb watched David with sad green eyes.

“Now, let me explain this to you. We feed first, and then that,” David asked, firmly and softly at the same time.

“Yes, I got that,” Caleb whispered, smiling at the same time. No one but David could make something so simple be so gruff.

David released her chin and turned away. His black trench coat brushed against Caleb as he turned. She watched as the three male Pack members gathered in the darkness.

Suddenly, David’s hand shot out. It grabbed the nearest female. The girl was about 19 or so, with long red hair and blue eyes. David ripped into her throat hungrily.

Paul reached for the next female. Caleb didn’t get a good look at her, but had the feeling she was about 20 or so. As Paul tore into her, Caleb felt something in her body stir. She realized seeing Paul do this was a turn on. Caleb tried to hide the new explosion of emotion, but didn’t do so well. Amy caught the reaction on Caleb’s face. Caleb watched in interest as Paul kicked the girl against the wall. Blood slowly dripped down his chin, spilling onto his chest. Caleb had the sudden urge to run over and lick it off, but held it down with barely enough will.

Marko reached out and grabbed another passing female. This one wasn’t young or pretty like the others, but old and shriveled. As he tore into the lady’s throat, Caleb turned away. She couldn’t stand the sight of what Marko was doing, but loved the sight of how Paul did it. This confused the half vampire, but she pushed the though to the back of her mind as David turned toward her. Caleb watched as David approached her. His cerulean eyes fixed upon the girl. Caleb shrank back into the shadows, trying to unnerve the gaze David placed upon her. As he reached her, Caleb felt something in her stomach tighten. It was almost as if her veins were burning. They felt the dried and crumbling leaves.

“’s your turn,” David ordered, his voice dipping low. Slight trace amounts of blood were still visible on his face. David’s ivory teeth were covered in it as well.

Caleb nodded and turned away. Her breathing picked up as she scanned the crowd for her first kill. She spotted a male sitting alone on a bench. Caleb though a moment. If she did it the way David chose, would it make an impact on Paul? She decided to go her own way. Caleb made her way to the dark headed male sitting alone on the bench.

Caleb put sway into her walk, shaking her hips with each step. She looked down and watched the short-shorts she was wearing slightly sway. Caleb let herself pour out the pheromone that attracted male and females for mating. The boy’s head snapped up, swinging in Caleb’s direction. His eyes grew big as he watched Caleb approach him.

“Is this seat taken,” Caleb purred, reaching the boy. She leaned heavily on her left leg, thrusting her hip out. She placed her hands on her slender hips, emphasizing them. She flipped her fiery hair over her right shoulder. Her green eyes trained on the boy sitting before her.

“N-no, it isn’t all,” the boy stammered, scooting over and making room for Caleb. He licked his lips as he added the last piece of the reply.

Caleb giggled a little bit, coming out almost as a whisper. She sat down exaggeratedly, thrusting her butt out as she sat. The boy’s eyes hungrily landed on it. He licked his lips again thoroughly. He watched as Caleb crossed her legs toward him, lightly grazing his knee with her own.

The Pack watched in awe as she brought the whole new concept of ‘BODY LANGUAGE’ into light. Paul felt the sexual drive in him rise, as did Marko. Marko started to shift his weight back and forth, bouncing back and forth between each foot. He chewed on his right index nail. Watching from behind entranced hazel eyes, Marko felt his sexual urge go into overdrive.

“So, what’s a nice boy like you sitting her all alone for,” Caleb asked, her voice appearing sweet and interesting. Her pale fingers made their way up the boy’s bare arm.

“J-just waiting for...friends,” the boy replied, nervously watching Caleb’s fingers dance across his skin. His brown eyes followed them intently, not moving from its gaze.

“What’s your name? I’m Caleb,” she whispered, leaning in close to his ear. Her lips grazed his ear as she spoke. Her breasts pressed against his bare arm as she moved. Caleb made no intention of moving them. A shudder tore through the boys’ body.

“A-Adam,” the boy replied, his brown eyes growing wide. He then got it under control. “Adam Rodgers.”

“Well Adam Rodgers, tonight may be your lucky night. Want to come with me,” Caleb whispered, not moving from her perch close to his ear. She nibbled slightly on his earlobe.

“Oh, yeah,” Adam called, suddenly standing up.

He extended a hand to Caleb. When she stood, Caleb realized she was a whole foot shorter than he was. He had curly blonde hair that was cut short. He looked like Marko, but didn’t have the long train of hair down his back. He also didn’t have that look about him that just made you want to kiss him all Marko did. Adam thrust his hands into his pockets.

“So, where do you want to go,” Adam asked, side glancing at Caleb, heading across the Boardwalk. They passed the building that shadowed the Pack, hiding them well.

“To the top of the world,” Caleb whispered.

She gripped Adam’s shoulders and slammed him against the wall. Caleb stared down into the boy’s surprised eyes before kissing him long and hard. The kiss caught Adam off guard, for a while he didn’t know how to react. He warmed up to the kiss, his hands flying and wrapping themselves in her hair. Caleb made her way down to his neck. Adam moaned and pulled Caleb closer to his skin.

Caleb felt the itching in her teeth as the ivory fangs made themselves present. She felt them lengthening into the tearing daggers they were used for. They scraped lightly across Adam’s skin, sending a shudder tearing through him again. Caleb reared back and plunged her teeth into his neck. Adam cried out and clawed at Caleb. She held his thrashing arms down as she felt the life draining from him. The feeding vampire felt the mortal begin to go limp in his arms, slowly sinking into the brick wall. When she was finished, she let him drop to the ground.

“Stupid boys and their wet dreams,” Caleb growled, looking down at the corpse at her feet. She gave the lifeless corpse a sharp kick in the ribs. The body jumped in reply, the nerves still thrashing at the sudden shock of being drained of all your blood.

A sharp pain cut through her, sending Caleb crashing toward the ground. Marko rushed for Caleb, ready for what was coming next. He caught her before she hit the ground fully. The girl curled into a ball, scrunching up as much as she could. She balled her hands into fists, pressing them into the base of her stomach. This felt like period cramps, only much worse. Caleb raised her green eyes painfully to Marko.

“What is it Marko? It...hurts,” Caleb wailed, allowing one hand free to grip onto Marko’s new jacket.

“I know...I know. It’s your body dying. It will be over in a few moments,” Marko soothed, smoothing her fiery hair down.

Caleb let out a small sigh of relief, then went limp in his arms. Marko picked Caleb up, cradling the sleeping girl against his chest. Marko turned to David, facing him with a little concern. The black clad leader nodded at his friend.

“You know what to do...go,” David ordered, waving Marko off.

Marko nodded and turned, disappearing into the shadows. Paul watched as he disappeared, carrying the reborn Caleb gingerly in his arms. Anger raced through the vampire, with a little bit of jealousy and hate mixing with it. He secretly wanted to be the one to stay with Caleb, but didn’t fully admit it until now. Paul now realized he was truly in love, but there was nothing he could do about it. Paul turned away snarling, disappearing into the night.

Selma reached the dock that served as a bridge for passing tourists. Their heavy footsteps echoed off the sand from underneath. A sigh if relief escaped her. She rested her hands on one of the round support beams. Selma was out of breath from running from that guy on the beach. Selma’s eyes landed on the feet that supported her, and she didn’t like the sight. Her feet were rubbed raw from running so hard on the sand, the first layer of skin almost worn away. She put so much pressure on them that it was as if she really ran on sandpaper as each step hit. Selma rubbed her aching feet, sinking to the cold sand below her. The cool sand meant brief relief for her injured feet.

When the man said what he said, Selma bolted. What scared her was the way he said it. When he said ‘Senora’, Selma ran for her life. She didn’t get a good look at the guy, for it was too dark to really see anything. He could’ve been Rudy for all she knew, sneaking up on her and wanting to take her home again. Then aliens would abduct her, want to make her their queen, and live happily ever after.

“Yeah right Selma, you had no right to run from him on the beach like that! It wasn’t Rudy coming back to get you...he probably doesn’t even care! Quit being such a chicken-shit! It’s time for you to take a stand,” a voice in her head raged, shaking Selma from her trance.

She had to admit the voice had a point. Selma knew she could always count on her conscience, which was a very good thing. Selma decided to listen to her conscience this one time. She stood on her feet, brushing the sand that caked her butt and legs. Taking a deep breath, Selma started to step forward. She jumped back as Dwayne stepped out of the shadows again, startling her.

Marko gently layed Caleb on the shorn mattress that sat against the far wall of the room. This was the room that all new born vampires would wake up in. Paul nicknamed it the ‘New Born Room’. Each of the Pack members was brought her the night they were changed, like so many before them. Marko tingled as he remembered his first time coming here.

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