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Held By Silver, Trapped by Love by Star of David

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Author's Chapter Notes:
Lexi Gone.
Candlelight is what greeted Lexi when she opened her swollen eyes. Yep Micheal's boys did one over on her, if they didn't they knew they would have been dead on the spot. Now as it was she was where she figured she would be. Looking around she knew she couldn't get far, the silver chains around her wrist, along with the silver collar was keeping her pretty much immobile at the moment. No micheal wasn't stupid, and it showed on the smug look he wore as he all but pranced into the room. She wanted to wipe the grin off his face, and knew she couldn't. Damn him and his men for doing this. Watching him closely as he kneeled before her and took a fist full of her hair into his hand, she felt her head being pulled roughly back, his dark eyes staring into her's.

"Welcome home Lexi."

Her insides trembled at the implications of that tiny statement. This wasn't home. Not anymore. She wanted to be back in Santa Carla with her girl's and David. That was home to her, and Micheal read each thought as if he was the one thinking them. The backhand he gave her sent her sprawling as far as the chains and collar would allow. Her growl of anger only made him laugh.

"See that is what I adore about you. Even in silver you fight me. Your spirit won't let you just lay down and grovel for my mercy. It is also the reason I am not going to kill you as you deserve. No instead i am going to kill that bastard vampire mate of yours David. Yes i know who he is. I am going to tear his insides out and make you watch as he sufferes every minute of it."

Lexi was by this time so consumed by anger that she leapt and was brought up short by her trappings. Seeing her insolence Micheal punished her more. Oh he knew the marks would heal..slowly but the would heal. He didn't want to ruin her perfection just yet. Going to her he softly ran a hand down her bleeding face and whe she spit at him she laughed.

"You are a fighter. It will be so good to break you."

"Burn in hell asshole."

"Your lover first, and then you if you don't behave."

She watched as he got up and moved to the door. When he turned to look back his eyes took on their reddish glow.

"Your mine. He can't change that."

When he left she slumped into the middle of the floor and hung her head. This was the worst punishment a wolf could get. She couldn't move and the helpless feeling didn't sit well with her. With each breatrh and movement she felt the silver burn and cut into her flesh. Closing her eyes she curled up on the floor and left the iage of David's face fill her mind and comfort her now that she needed it.

*The Cave*

David was livid. How they managed to take Lexi like they did was beyond him. She wasn't that far from him before the abduction. Noone spoke as they watched him move around the cave, his predatory grace, belying the rage he felt consuming him. His animal cried for vengence and it's mate. Now he understood what Max had been saying about a bonding. There was no peace, no salvation. It was the very thing that could and would possibly drive him over the edge until he got her back.

Dwayne watched as David slowly lost any sense of reason he had left. Half of his friend was missing and the silent vampire hated the thoughts of what David would become if she wasn't brought back.

"David you need a level head here. Going insane is not going to help you or her for that matter."

"He's right David. If I know Micheal, he has her chained up, in the lower levels of the mansion. She won't be easy to get to, because he probably has her watched, but it's not impossible." Selena spoke from the couch she sat on.

Hearing what they were saying was not making this an easier. David saw red, and he could taste Micheal's blood running down his throat. He wanted the man dead by his own hands and it was going to happen.

"I want her back and safe. She does not belong to him anymore. As her mate, I have no choice. I will either kill or be killed it's that simple."

Noone liked the way he spoke with such deadly calm. The three remaining girl's huddled close to the other boys as the lead vampire stalked from the room to go back to his private room's. Sitting down he stared at the bed he shared with Lexi not so many nights ago and tried to reach her. He felt she was alive but something was blocking her mind from his and it pissed him off.


In the throne room, Micheal watched as his vampires fed. He had already eaten and now his thoughts turned back to his prisoner. Yes that was what she was, and until David was dead that's how she would stay. Sighing he rose up and left the bloody mess behind. Going outside he glanced at the sky and grinned in a weeks time it would be the moon cycle. All his wolves would feel the pull and urge to mate, and without her mate present, Lexi would mate with the first man she saw. Micheal felt the lust rise in him at the mere thought of her giving herself to him willingly. So much so that he forbid any of the other's to go near her. Females took meals to her and collected her empty plates, and that's how it would stay util the cycle was over.

*Outside the Cave*

Selena, Layla, and Kayla looked up at the same sky and all shuddered. They to knew it was going to be time for the cycle and all feared for their friend. She had to be with her mate. He was the only one who could keep her wolf at bay during the mating. Any other man would be foolish to try. She would rip them apart and then be on the loose until either she found where she belonged or the cycle ended.

"Will she be alright until we can get to her?"

Looking at layla, Selena didn't have an answer.

"I hope so, for everyone's sake..I hope so."
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