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Rainy Nights by Black Raven, Candice1796

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Story Notes:
This was originally an RP interaction that Candice and I turned into a fic. In some places the formatting or tenses may be off, that's because it wasn't meant for fic form.

Setting: Night time (I don't care when, LoL), under the pier, it's lightly raining outside, and the night air holds a slight late spring chill. Sand dollars and shells dot the dimly lit beach for as far as the eye can see due to the low tide.

Characters and Players: Paul (Candice1796), Dwayne (Black Raven)

Warnings: Homosexuality, Violence, Bloodplay, Vamp-sex, Oral, ..?
Notes: Yay! Stress relief! ... >.> Eerm... Yah. *clearly doesn't know what to put here*

Whee... ^-^
Dwayne leaned carelessly against a support beam at the edge of the pier and looked out over the beach. The rain lightly misted his skin when the wind blew right but other than that it was relatively dry under the shelter. He absently smoothed a hand down his chest, trying to get rid of the tickling feeling of the water beading down his skin. He had forgone his jacket that night. He had planned on flying to town, catching some straggler on the boardwalk and eating before heading straight back, but the beauty of the ocean had given him pause.

To his eyes the clouds and roiling waves were clearly visible. They melded near seamlessly at the horizon. Two equally dark forces waring. It was breath taking. The rain would probably turn into a full out storm by the end of the night. He hoped it did. He loved storms. He breathed in a deep breath and let out a pleased sigh, leaning his head back against the beam and enjoying the soothing patter of rain and the crash of waves.

Paul laughed to himself as he wandered under the pier, happily getting out of the worst of the light rain. He had already fed, he'd stumbled across some guy and his girlfriend getting it on on the beach. He had watched them from a short distance away for a while, letting them finish before killing them. He had kind of regretted killing the chick, but she had been freaking out too much by the time he got to her to do much else. But it had been fun.

He looked out toward the ocean, noticing the dark ominous gray-blue to the sky farther out. He fancied that he could see the colors of the clouds blending as he watched, but he knew that wasn't the case. He shook the few water droplets from his hair, not liking the feel of them. He shrugged and stretched, debating weather or not to head back to the cave now or later as he watched the rain.

Dwayne was broken from his slightly wistful musings by the sound of approaching footsteps. He turned his head and peered through the criss-cross of beams down the pier. He relax. It was Paul. He didn't know who or what he was expecting to be so tense about it. He gave a quiet laugh at himself. He turned and stepped in further, waiting for Paul to get closer.

"Hey, what's up man?"

He caught the faint waft of blood and lingering terror from Paul. He had fed already. His gums ached at the scent. He knew he should have taken that security guard earlier. He had just been too distracted looking for someone a bit more fun to satisfy other cravings with as well. Sadly the boardwalk had been nearly deserted when he had looked earlier. He eyed Paul and wondered if he had fed enough to spare some.

Paul startled slightly at the quiet sound of someone behind him, though immediately calming at Dwayne's voice. He turned and regarded his friend curiously.

"Huh? Oh, not much..." He grinned, absently fishing a cigarette and lighter from his pocket, lighting it and taking a drag off the cig as he pocketed the lighter.

"Just roaming about like normal..."

He exhaled slowly with a quiet laugh as he spoke, "Found a couple havin' some fun before the rain hit..."

He laughed, "Dinner and a show, it was wonderful." He was once again reminded that it could have been better, but he kept that to himself for now. He stepped a bit farther from the edge of the rain.

"You find anything interesting yet this evening?"

Dwayne smirked and paced around a beam to stand in front of Paul unobstructed. Sounded like his friend had at least gotten some entertainment tonight. Both his stomach and his balls twitched at the thought. He shook his head and eyed Paul with a strange gleam in his eyes, head cocked to the side and hair falling over one side of his face.

"No. Not yet."

He casually sauntered closer and propped his arm above his head on a beam as he leaned against it. He licked his bottom lip in an anticipatory gesture. He could smell the blood on Paul. He panted lightly and licked his lips again. He absently dug his slowly sharpening nails into the wood of the beam.

Paul smirked, stretching slightly as he watched Dwayne. He knew by now that his friend hadn't fed yet. He couldn't smell any fresh blood on him, and he knew very well what he himself smelled like at the moment. He reached up as he took a drag off the cigarette again, wiping some small droplets of sticky blood off on his jacket.

"What... You finally find something worth your attention aside from yourself?"

He grinned, his tone was light and playful as he watched Dwayne lean against a support beam. He watched him with slight anticipation. He knew what he himself would be thinking if one of the other boys stumbled across him. Especially smelling of blood, sex, and alcohol. He found himself paying a bit too much attention to Dwayne as he licked his lips, and he shifted from foot to foot, smirking slightly. He was still pretty worked up from watching the couple fuck on the beach, but he wasn't sure if he wanted Dwayne to know just how much so he was at the moment. It would depend on his friend's mood and what he wanted from him.

Dwayne chewed his bottom lip and dropped his relaxed pose as he pushed away from the beam. He stalked up to Paul and sniffed deeply, closing his eyes and groaning silently at scent of blood. He was so fucking hungry. He ignored Paul's question and leaned in, still dragging in slow deep breaths. His gums ached as his fangs dropped and he felt his eyes bleed over.

He licked lightly at the side of Paul's neck but hesitated just short of biting. He could smell an undertone to the blood, coming from Paul himself. He smirked mentally. That must have been one hell of a show the couple put on before becoming chow. He stomach rumbled though, distracting him. He rubbed his cheek against Paul's jaw and let out a ragged breath.


Paul tensed slightly, mostly out of curious anticipation more than anything else as Dwayne stalked toward him. He bit his own bottom lip and exhaled in a hiss when his friend leaned in close. He watched with fascination when he shifted. He knew very well what Dwayne wanted from him, and he had no qualms what so ever with giving it.

He arched against his friend at the feel of him licking his neck. Oh, god, that felt good... If only to feel it other places. He groaned quietly. "Have I ever told you no before? ... Go ahead...."

He then, hesitantly at first, brought his arms up, wrapping them around Dwayne to hold him close, tilting his head to the side to give him better access as he did.

"Just don't be surprised if I ask you for a favor afterward...." He chuckled quietly.

Dwayne huffed quietly and nibbled Paul's neck. His stomach gave a painful twist and he gasped quietly at it. He didn't think he had gone that long without feeding. Apparently he had a flawed grasp of time. He gave a quiet laugh at Paul's words. Yeah, he'd owe him a favor. Happily. As long as it wasn't too humiliating or dangerous. He cut the tangent off before it could happen. He wasted no time in letting his fangs sink deep into his friend's neck.

Blood spurted over his tongue and it was like the sweetest of wines. He couldn't get enough of it. He licked and sucked at the welling off blood, jaw clenching in an effort to stave off the instinctive urge to bite and tear to get a more immediate flow. He moaned low in his throat and shivered, leaning against Paul. He shivered again, this time with a different sort of pleasure as his body eagerly accepted the new blood into its system.

He forcefully pulled back, licking at the wounds to clear up the dribble of liquid that escaped. He purred and nuzzled the side of his friend's neck. He felt pleasantly buzzed off the combination of the human blood and Paul's own unique flavor.

Paul laughed loudly at his friends amused sound, the noise trailing off to a hiss of pain and pleasure when Dwayne bit into his neck. He tightened his arms around him, holding him tight as he let him drink. He bit his bottom lip sharply, his hands falling to rest on Dwayne's hips, digging his nail in at the sound of pleasure he had made.

He was starting to feel slightly dizzy, but not in a bad way yet, just the standard way his body did when he let one of the others drink from him. He actually liked the feeling. Double so with how he was feeling just then. It made him feel like a dizzy and content cat. He groaned quietly when Dwayne finally pulled back.

Paul murmured quietly in a pleased way, meaningless praise about how good he felt just then. He dug his nails into Dwayne's hips lightly, pulling him fully against him as he licked and nuzzled his neck. Paul purred loudly at it, not even bothering to stop himself as he ground his hips against his friend's. It all just felt so good, and he was too damn tense and wound up! He brought one hand up, lightly grabbing a handful of Dwayne's hair, tugging gently.

Dwayne moaned and lightly arched into the hands gripping his hips. He made a quiet sound at the feel of the hand in his hair. He purred quietly, still riding the high of the blood, and ground his hips into Paul's. He closed his eyes and leaned into the blonde, nuzzling his jaw with his nose and darting a tongue out to get a taste of Paul. He wrapped his arms around Paul's back and dug his still semi sharp nails into his shoulder blades.

He nipped at Paul's cheek lightly and swiped his tongue heavily across his cheek bone. He could not get enough of that flavor that was uniquely Paul. He grunted and dug his nails in even more. He panted lightly.

"What's the favor?"

Paul chuckled quietly as Dwayne arched into his touch while making pleased sounds. Damn if that wasn't some of just what he needed right then. He purred loudly at the pleasant friction when Dwayne responded, grinding their hips together. It felt pretty fuckin' good. He groaned quietly at the feeling of his friend's slightly sharp nails digging into his shoulders, combined with him nuzzling and licking his neck. He sighed, trailing his nails down along Dwayne's back lightly.


Huh? He pondered Dwayne's question with a slight grin, "Favor... Hmm, It can be what ever flavor favor you wish... Though If you don't at lest know by now what I more or less want, I'm going to be disappointed..."

He edged far enough back to trail his nails lightly across his friend's chest, dragging them across his nipples sharply, before snagging a hold of his belt loops and pulling him back against him fully, grinding hard against Dwayne's hip and hissing in pleasure at the friction it gave.

Dwayne chuckled and moaned, arching forward with a hiss when Paul raked his nails across his chest and nipples. He panted and shot him a dark, heated look. He didn't need to tell him what favor. He smirked and groaned when Paul dragged him back and ground their hips together. He buried his face against the side of Paul's neck and bit down hard, though being sure to keep his teeth blunt.

He rolled his hips up into Paul's and panted, licking and sucking at the spot on his neck. He trailed his hands down and gripped Paul's ass, pinching and kneading at the cheeks as he slowly nibbled his way up the blonde's neck to his ear. He gripped the lobe between his teeth and worried it, sucking and tracing it lightly with his tongue.

Paul smirked and hissed in pleasure when Dwayne bit down on his neck. He made a noise that even he wasn't sure if it was pleased or disappointed at the feeling of his friend biting him with teeth still dull, not the sharp points he had been expecting. He panted and made a loud desperate noise as Dwayne nibbled and licked along his neck while grinding against him. He groaned, leaning in to nip at Dwayne's shoulder when he felt his hands gripping his ass. Damn it felt good right then. He hissed when his friend bit and nipped at his ear. He reached back up with one hand, pinching one of Dwayne's nipples, twisting it slightly between his fingers as he bit down more firmly on his shoulder, letting his fangs sharpen ever so slightly, just enough for Dwayne to feel. Slowly his other hand trailed down, kneading his friend's hip, nails digging in a bit, he groaned.

"You know... There are more interesting places you could be licking..." He smirked, his words laced with lust.

Dwayne groaned quietly and let his eyes fall shut as Paul pinched and twisted a nipple. He bit down sharply on his lobe and let go, dragging heavy kisses up his neck, sucking and licking until he reached his mouth. He bit down on Paul's lip and let his teeth sharpen, bitting down harder as he sucked. He dug his fingers into Paul's hips and gave a breathy chuckle.

"I'll get to that in a minute."

He trailed his hands around to the front of Paul's pants and tugged the band, dragging their hips together and grinding as he worked the button free. He pushed his lips against Paul's and kissed him roughly, still slowly working the fastenings of his pants open.

Paul yelped when Dwayne bit his ear like that. It felt good, but he hadn't been expecting it. He growled quietly, the sound fading completely as Dwayne trailed kisses and licks up along his neck to capture his lips in a kiss. He growled again when his friend bit his lip. He just pressed the kiss harder, not minding when he drew his own blood on Dwayne's fangs, the few droplets adding a whole other level of flavor and enjoyment to the act.

"Good..." He panted, moaning quietly when Dwayne started working on unbuttoning his pants. He happily met his friend's kiss with intense passion and lust, nipping at his lips and purring. He was so hard it damn near was hurting in ways he didn't like. He shifted from foot to foot uncomfortably, yet trying not to fidget too much and make Dwayne take longer with what he was doing. He distracted himself, or tried to, by running his nails up and back along Dwayne's chest and sides.

Dwayne purred and lapped up the dots of blood on Paul's lips. He gave a frustrated grunt and jerked at the last two buttons. They refused to come undone with Paul's moving. The nails and fingers on his chest were distracting him too much. He grabbed the blonde's hips and walked him back until his back hit a beam. He pressed him back into it forcefully before dropping to his knees. He eyed the buttons and made quick work of them now that he had a better angle to work them.

He worked the pants down Paul's thighs and moaned at the sight of him. He took it in his hands and fisted it roughly, absently curious of what kinds of noises Paul would make. He leaned forward and nuzzled Paul's thigh a moment, breathing in the musky scent. He leaned back slightly and darted his tongue out and gave a long lazy lick over the head.

Paul made a frustrated sound as Dwayne fought with the buttons on his pants, but at the feel of his hands on his hips, he let himself be pushed back. He tensed a bit when his back hit one of the beams, followed by Dwayne pressing him back against it. He growled quietly even as he watched Dwayne drop to his knees in front of him. He groaned and tilted his head back, leaning fully against the support beam as he let Dwayne make quick work of the buttons.

Paul glanced lustfully down at Dwayne as he edged his pants down a bit. He hissed and groaned when his friend took his cock into his hands and fisted it roughly.

"Oh, god!"

He dig his nails into the support beam behind him, not wanting to disrupt Dwayne from what he was doing. He licked his lips, purring at the slight taste of blood as he watched him. When Dwayne nuzzled his thigh and then leaned in and licked the head of his cock, Paul arched his back, nails digging deeper into the beam behind him. He cursed loudly while panting, not at all sure of what he said. He fought not to squirm or grab his friend to try and urge him to do more.

"Oh, god... Please? ... Just... damn it..." The slow playful stuff was fun most times, but just then it was just driving him crazy.

Dwayne gave a low chuckle and continued licking at the head of Paul's dick slowly. He knew most likely Paul wasn't wanting slow fun right now, but he didn't feel like being agreeable. It was fun tormenting the blonde. He flexed and pumped his hand slightly in time with his licking. He smirked at Paul's babble.

He shifted uncomfortably on his knees and dropped a hand to start trying to unbutton his own pants. He was so hard it was near painful in the restricting jeans. He rubbed at his own painfully erect flesh lightly as he opened his lips and sucked the head into his mouth. He rolled his tongue over it several times while he sucked lightly before he relaxed his jaw and swallowed it to the hilt. He ran his tongue along the underside and swallowed.

Paul moaned loudly, digging his nails into the beam behind him in kneading motions as Dwayne licked at the head of his cock. It felt so good, but he wanted more. He carefully pulled his hands away from the beam, carding his finger through Dwayne's hair, occasionally pausing to just sit still as he fought the urge to just tighten his grip and thrust his hips forward. Only barely managing not to. And of course watching his friend work him was... Just. Not. Helping.

He groaned and cursed as he watched Dwayne undo his own pants and start working his own hard cock. He growled, one hand dropping to rest his fingertips against Dwayne's shoulder, digging his nail in as his friend licked and sucked at his cock, Paul bit his bottom lip firmly when Dwayne suddenly took the entire length of his cock into his mouth. He growled and cursed loudly for several moments, the words not making much sense, as he dug his hands into Dwayne's hair, holding tightly for a moment, and mentally praising the hot wet feeling of his friend's mouth on his cock, and if any of what he was thinking slipped past his lips, it was barely more than a whisper.

Dwayne groaned around the hard flesh as he pulled back slightly. He did not need to breath but it was still uncomfortable having a dick shoved half way down his throat. He felt Paul's hand tight in his hair and purred. He sucked and licked for a moment before pulling away completely and letting the head fall from his lips. He glanced up at Paul and laughed at some of the things he was whispering.

He gave his own dick one last squeeze before letting go. He didn't want to cum too soon. He stayed where he was on his knees while still looking up at his friend. He would let Paul have what fun he wanted tonight. He was in the mood to follow.

Paul made a strangled sound as Dwayne backed off, licking at the head of his cock before pulling off all together. He panted, falling silent as he met Dwayne's gaze, he was curious as to what he was thinking or wanting, but only distantly.

He slowly let himself drop down to his own knees, matching his friend's pose, but not taking his hands from his hair as he did. He wanted... something he wasn't sure Dwayne would be in a mood to give. He let one hand slip from his hair, trailing down across his chest and pinching one of Dwayne's nipples. He rolled it between his fingers before trailing lower, lightly scratching across his stomach, before taking his friend's cock in his hand, squeezing as he slowly stroked his length. He pressed his lips to Dwayne's in a rough kiss as he did. Not bothering to pull away as he let his other hand slip from Dwayne's hair, Paul distractedly searched his pockets for something.

Dwayne made an odd noise when Paul knelt down as well. He arched into his touch as the blonde pinched a nipple and scratched his way down his chest and stomach. He panted and watched with hooded eyes, curious about what Paul would do. He hissed and arched into the hand as it squeezed and rubbed his dick. He moaned and returned the kiss eagerly, nibbling and licking at any part of Paul's mouth he could get. He ground his hips forward, trying to urge Paul to do something.

He lamented the loss of the hand in his hair but shrugged it off. He brought his hands up and started absently scratching at Paul's chest and nipples. He let his nails sharpen slightly and ran it lightly across one nub until he saw a dot of red appear. He leaned forward and licked it up, paying no mind to the other vampire as he searched for something in his pockets.

Paul snickered against Dwayne's lips when he ground his hips forward, and he decided to reward his friend by fisting his cock roughly, squeezing just to the pleasure side of pain, but careful not to go too hard. After a moment he made an irritated noise and switched hands, to better search his other pockets.

Paul nipped at Dwayne's bottom lip, catching it between his teeth and biting only just hard enough for his slightly sharpened fangs to drawing the slightest bit of blood. When he felt Dwayne scratching at his chest he hissed and pulled back at the sharp pain across one of his nipples. He watched as Dwayne leaned forward and lapped up the dot of blood. Paul groaned but mentally made an aggravated sound as he couldn't find what he was looking for. He did however finally find a small packet of lube. He grinned wickedly as his hand closed around it, pulling it from his pocket, before moving his hands to Dwayne's shoulders, slowly letting go of his cock to do so, and shoving him back with a growl of pleasure. He wanted his friend sprawled out on the sand and looking completely disheveled and lustful. He also wanted to fuck him, but one thing at a time would do for now.

Dwayne made an odd noise and bucked into Paul's hand when he squeezed tightly. He relished the slight edge of pain. He lapped at his nipple one last time before pulling away. He blinked when Paul grinned and pulled something out of his pocket. He didn't get a chance to see as the blonde shoved him. He fell back in the sand with a grunt. He wiggled and arched his back slightly, getting his arms under him he pushed himself into a half reclining position. He gazed at Paul heatedly through a tangle of hair. He hoped what Paul had gotten from his pocket was what he thought it was. His hand itched to take ahold of his own dick again, but he suppressed it. He wanted to know what Paul was doing. He really hoped it was what he thought. He paused and shook some sand out of his hair. He better be careful though. He didn't think sand would go well with lube for a slick mix.

Paul grinned wickedly at his friend sprawled out before him. Dwayne always kept his appearance carefully maintained it seemed, or maybe it was just natural talent.... Either way, it was a rare treat to see him so rumpled, and Paul loved it. He purred his approval at the sight even as he leaned forward, brushing his lips lightly across Dwayne's before pulling back slightly.

He chuckled as he glanced at the sand under them, he would have to remember to be careful of it..... He pulled back just enough to strip himself of his jacket and his shirt that was tattered from earlier in the evening. He nearly dropped his jacket to the sand but then after a second thought better of it, smirking as he looked up from the sand to Dwayne.


His voice was quiet but full of lust, any other day he would have undressed his friend, but not this time. He wanted to watch. And he was keeping a hold of his jacket so as not to get too much sand on it. That way they could put that at least between them and the sand, because he was very sure that Dwayne wouldn't appreciate the rough texture in such a delicate place.... It could be interesting, but usually got painful pretty quick, and if too much sand was involved, not all the lube in the world would stop the sandpaper-like feeling. He held his jacket slightly toward Dwayne.

"And put this under you...."

He spared a seconds thought in regards to his jacket getting stained, but it had survived much worse, so he didn't actually care.

Dwayne watched hungrily as Paul stripped himself of his shirt and jacket. He gave a small shudder at the command and eagerly complied. He sat up and fumbled with the ties on his boots, kicking them off and flexing his clawed toes. He then struggled to his feet. It took him a moment to stand steadily without his boots on. He wasn't use to walking on his talons.

He wiggled slightly and shimmied his tight pants down his thighs. He had to crouch down slightly to work the cuffs over his feet but he managed. He glanced at Paul and smirked. Chivalrous of him. He appreciated not getting sand up his ass though. He took the jacket and spread it over the sand, bending slightly to smooth it over, giving Paul an unobstructed view of his ass in the process. He smirked.

Paul smirked and sat back on his heels as Dwayne removed his boots and then made his way unsteadily to his feet and stripped of his tight black pants. He made a pleased sound as he watched him spread the jacket across the sand and then smooth it down. Paul groaned at the sight, as his dick throbbed painfully. He lowered one hand and lightly stroked the length of it, only giving himself a little attention to keep it from getting too painful.

After a moment of that he stretched up slightly, wrapping his arms around Dwayne's waist and pulling him down into his lap, moaning and nipping at his shoulder.

Dwayne gave a surprised 'oof' when Paul grabbed him around the waist and pulled him into his lap. He groaned and arched back into Paul. He lightly ground his hips down and bit his lip to keep from making too embarrassing sounds. He wanted to feel Paul in him damn it. He growled and reached a hand back to fist Paul's hair as he tilted his head to the side, offering the blonde better access to his neck and shoulder.

Paul was more than happy to take the offer when Dwayne tilted his head to the side to give him better access. He bit and nipped at his shoulder, growling as he ground his hips up against his ass, momentarily just loving the feeling of his cock pressed against the crease of Dwayne's ass. Paul let his hand slip lower, one hand wrapping around his friend's cock and fisting it roughly. His other hand he brought back and up, absently fiddling with the packet of lube before pulling back from Dwayne and biting a corner of the packet cautiously between his teeth so he could tear it open one handed, carefully dripping some of the liquid onto his hand before setting it on the edge of his jacket.

He then trailed that hand down, once again biting down on Dwayne's shoulder, this time drawing blood easily with his fangs. He licked at the trails of blood, but mostly just let it gather and drip slowly down, occasionally licking at it. He mostly just wanted the sight and smell of his friend's blood as he pulled ever so slightly away from Dwayne, wanting enough space to get his hand between them and rub the slick liquid onto his dick. He stroked his length a few times, moaning at the feel of it before pulling Dwayne back against him, and rubbing himself against his friend's ass. He paused for a moment to try and consider, most other times he might at least try to slowly ready his partner. But, he wondered if maybe Dwayne would be ok with not. It always felt better that way....

He growled, thrusting firmly against the crease of Dwayne's ass. If nothing else he knew his friend could handle the pain. He adjusted slightly, moving one hand back down, still stroking Dwayne's cock with the other as he positioned himself carefully, pressing against the pucker of his friend's tight ass. He wanted nothing more than to just slam into him, but he forced himself still for a moment, waiting to see how Dwayne would react.

Dwayne groaned and hissed, letting his head fall back against Paul's shoulder when he started nipping and biting at his shoulder. He paid no attention to what Paul was doing, simply enjoying the mixed sensations as sharp teeth bit and drew blood. He moaned and couldn't help arching back into the blonde, loving the small bit of pain the bite caused. He shivered at the scent of his own blood, and the feel of Paul's tongue as he lapped some of it up.

He made a strangled sound and bucked his hips when Paul grabbed his dick and fisted it roughly. He hissed and let his eyes fall shut as he tried controlling himself. He went still at the feel of the hard, slick head pressing against his ass. He gave an odd moan and ground himself down into his friend. It would hurt without being prepared, but he was too impatient to care over much. He eagerly pressed his hips down when he felt the head of Paul's dick pressing against his pucker. He forced himself to relax as much as he could and thrust down in a controlled move, forcing the head past the ring of muscles. He winced and paused.

Paul lapped up a trickle of blood that was edging down across Dwayne's shoulder, smirking to himself at the noises he was making, though he was just as bad off, if not worse, it still amused him. He murmured quiet praise against Dwayne's shoulder when he pressed back against the questioning movement, but he wasn't at all prepared for it when Dwayne thrust himself down onto his cock. Paul let out a loud strangled cry, sharply digging the nails of one hand into Dwayne's hip. He panted raggedly, forcing himself to stay still for a moment.

After as long as he could bear to wait he sat still, waiting for the first bit of pain that he knew Dwayne would be feeling from that, to start to fade, he then once again bit down on his friend's shoulder, not quite drawing blood yet, and fisting his dick roughly the other hand. He then pulled Dwayne more firmly against him, thrusting his own hips up slightly, thrusting hard into Dwayne, burying himself to the hilt in his friend's hot tight ass, growling loudly and biting down hard on his shoulder as he did, not stopping the movements of his other hand as he rubbed and kneaded at his hip with his other hand. Lapping at the new bite he had left and whining quietly at the effort required to sit still after that, he wanted to shove Dwayne forward onto his hands and knees and just fuck him painfully, but he held back for now, not actually wanting to hurt his friend too much. Yet.

Dwayne panted with the effort of remaining still as he waited for his body to get use to the intrusion. He moaned very quietly and bit his lip at the nails digging into his hip. It felt so good. He let out a sharp cry when Paul pulled him back and thrust into him suddenly. He panted raggedly and fought his automatic reaction to strain away from the sudden discomfort and slight pain. The hand fisting his dick and the hard bites to his shoulders distracted him just enough to regain his breathing and force himself to relax.

He growled quietly and slowly flexed his hips against the hand massaging his dick, testing to see if he was ready to move. It was still uncomfortable, but he knew once things got going it would ease. The hand on his dick and hip helped as well. He slowly lifted himself up and let gravity work to push him back down hard. He grunted moaned as he did it again. He reached a hand back and tangled it in Paul's hair roughly, alternately tugging and petting it.

Paul made a pleased sound, the noise muffled against Dwayne's shoulder. His eyes fluttering closed in pleasure when he slowly started to move. In the position they were in, Paul growled at the fact he couldn't actually move too much, but he made the best of it, still arching his hips up as far as he could to meet the downward thrust of Dwayne's hips. He groaned loudly at the pleasure combined with Dwayne reaching back and tangling his fingers into his hair. The occasional pain from the slight tugging went mostly unnoticed.

Paul fought to thrust into Dwayne again, snarling in displeasure at the inability to do so like he wanted, wanting nothing more than to pull back, and slam back in hard and fast. He pulled his hand away from Dwayne's hip, reaching up to pull his friend's hand forcefully from his hair, wincing when a few individual strands got pulled out, but beyond caring. He wanted Dwayne on his hands and knees. He was pretty sure he said something along those lines, but beyond "Oh, fuck..." and "Please..." He was a little lost at what exactly he may have said as he tried to push Dwayne forward, also trying to move carefully so as to not have to pull apart to do so.

Dwayne moaned and thrust down as hard as he could. He loved the noises Paul was making. He felt the slight jerks up his hips and knew he was probably hating his lack of being able to move. He grunted and chuckled when he felt hands trying to urge him up. And when he heard the muddled words from his friend -he loved seeing him come undone like this- he complied, struggling with some difficulty to get his legs work right.

He gave a muffled growl when he found that he would not be able to get up on all fours with Paul's dick in him. Not without some serious contortionist skills. He whined quietly as he pushed himself up off of Paul. He felt disturbingly empty as he scrambled and got his knees under him. He fell to his hands and knees and shook hair out of his face as he turned and gazed at Paul, not being able to keep his impatience and need from showing. He was so hard it hurt. He whined quietly again and reached a hand down to rub at his erection. He growled and barked at Paul over his shoulder.

"Hurry up!"

Paul met Dwayne's thrust back, once again cursing over his inability to move much, and this time he was sure he said something about it. But when his friend squirmed, trying to comply to Paul's request for him to move, he quieted and made a pleased sound, kissing and nipping at his shoulder. At Dwayne's quiet growl Paul trailed his nails up across Dwayne's sides, digging them in slightly as he trailed them down, digging them in suddenly and sharply when his friend pushed himself up and off of him.

"Aah! What the fuck?!" He growled, biting his bottom lip at the sudden lack of the tight heat around his dick. He made a low quiet whine sound as he edged forward. He met Dwayne's heated gaze and smirked. Damn, he needed to teach him easier ways of going about things. It fuckin' hurt to do this sudden start and stop crap just to change positions. He crawled forward on his knees, making sure not to stir up the sand under him too much, pressing himself against Dwayne's back for a moment and leaning down to nip the back of his neck after brushing aside his hair.

He chuckled at the sound of Dwayne's voice even as he positioned himself behind him, this time just letting himself thrust into his friend's ass hard and fast like he wanted. He shuddered in pleasure at the feeling, growling low in his throat as he forced himself still, not quite wanting to cum just yet, but being rather close after that. God, he was so fucking hard. So fucking worked up it hurt so good. He reached around, grabbing his friend's hand and pulling it away from his dick, quickly replacing it with his own hand. He moaned loudly as he pulled back, very nearly pulling out completely before slamming back into the tight heat of Dwayne's ass, squeezing his dick and roughly working him as he did. Oh, this was definitely more like it! he brought his other hand up, running his fingers through Dwayne's hair gently before gathering up an handful and tugging back viciously, only barely not pulling any of it out as he pulled back and thrust into him as hard as he could.

Dwayne winced at the claws that dug into his side as he moved, but ignored them with a huff. He wasn't as use to changing positions as the blonde was. He moaned and panted when he felt Paul's heat against his back. He arched his neck and shivered, inviting Paul to bite harder. He let out a loud, slightly strangled moan as Paul pounded into him. He panted heavily and jerked his hips back eagerly.

He whined quietly when Paul moved his hand, but was rewarded when Paul's replaced his own. He bucked into it and made an odd sound. He wouldn't last long. He closed his eyes and leaned into the gentle hand in his hair. He snarled and winced when the hand grabbed his hair and wrenched it back hard. He had to arch his neck and torso to keep any hair from being pulled out or his neck from getting snapped. He made a strangled noise and bucked back into the rough thrusts.

His nails clawed and clenched at the jacket under him and he couldn't stop his eyes from bleeding over or his fangs from dropping. He bit through his lip. The taste of blood combined with the intense pleasure sent him into a frenzy. He howled and arched his back as far as he could without snapping his spine and bucked into Paul as hard as he could.

Paul growled, thrusting hard and fast into Dwayne even as he tightened his grip on his hair ever so slightly more. He leaned over and bit deeply into the side of Dwayne's neck, shifting fully into Vampire mode as he did, biting deep and fighting not to tear at the wound as he thrust hard and fast into him, still roughly working Dwayne's cock.

He was quite happily lost in the heat of the moment, biting and licking at Dwayne's neck, working him hard with his other hand, the fingers of his other hand tangled deeply in his friend's hair, not wanting to let go except for occasionally digging his nails into his back and shoulder, viciously drawing blood. He knew he was going to cum very soon, and at this point that's all he could think of, next to the smell and taste of Dwayne's blood as he pounded viciously into him. Distantly something told him they were both going to be very sore after this, but he couldn't bring himself to give a fuck.

He pulled away from Dwayne's neck ever so slightly, letting out a loud cry of his own as he let his hand slip from his friend's hair to wrap round him, adding just that much more strength to his movements as he thrust hard into him. He moaned and shuddered as he stayed for a second, buried to the hilt in Dwayne's ass, grinding his hips hard against him, intentionally angling his hips so that he ground hard against that spot deep inside him, wanting to see if he could make his friend drown out his own cries. He cursed loudly as he did, nonsense words intermittent with the occasional praise, pulling out only to slam back into him as he did, still roughly working his dick.

Dwayne winced and gasped in pleasure when Paul leaned forward and bit into his neck. He moaned and deliberately clenched down with the muscles in his backside. His eyes rolled as the blonde continued licking and sucking and biting the back and sides of his neck. He let out a strangled grunt when the hand on his dick squeezed and worked him even harder. He flexed his hips uncontrollably while making quiet needy sounds with each thrust and stroke.

He shouted and cursed loudly when Paul found his prostate, bucking back. Curses and nonsense words spilled out of his mouth as he fought to buck up and make Paul move. He needed him to move, needed to feel him fuck him through the ground. Words to that effect were shouted. He snarled and reached a hand back and clawed at any part of Paul he could reach, not bothering to hold back or try curbing his claws. He gritted his teeth and growled as heat pooled in his abdomen. He shuddered and cried out sharply, cursing vilely and praising the blonde in turns as he spasmed and spurted his cum over Paul's jacket.

Paul was nearly high on the sensations and sounds Dwayne was providing, beyond just how good it felt to fuck him. All Paul could focus on was making Dwayne make new and interesting loud noises. He snarled as he thrust hard into him, ecstatic with the pleasure and the nonsense that his friend kept babbling. It felt so fucking good! He lapped at the blood on Dwayne's back and shoulders, slowing only for a second when Dwayne clenched tightly around his cock, nearly painfully. He licked along one of the bites, firmly pressing his tongue to it, and occasionally pausing to nip or scrape his fangs across the tender flash, bringing forth still more droplets of blood.

He let out a loud cry, trailing off to cursing at the feel of Dwayne's claws biting into whatever skin he could reach, mostly tearing up Paul's thighs, hips, lower back and sides. He actually let out a feral snarl, when he felt Dwayne starting to cum around him, muscles tightening painfully, squeezing tight around his cock. He lowered his head, once more biting deeply, this time along the back of Dwayne's neck, his arm around his friend's hips tightening, nails digging deep into his hip, even as he fisted his dick roughly, carefully lessening the pressure so as not to hurt him to much in such a delicate place as he came, trying to help Dwayne get every last drop of pleasure from the act. He shuddered, his own balls tightening painfully. He pulled back and slammed hard and deep into Dwayne, drinking a little of his blood, but mostly letting it spill free. He had to fight not to jerk back and tear twin trails through Dwayne's skin as he tensed, pulling out one final time and slamming in roughly, cumming hard, shuddering and growling at the intensity, and only barely managing not to tear completely into Dwayne.

Dwayne grunted and moaned, enjoying the pain of Paul's bites and scratches as he waited for the blonde to finish. He road the waves of his orgasm as much as he could, enjoying the white bolts of pleasure each time his friend rubbed against his prostate. He wiggled with slight discomfort but ignored it as he continued scratching at Paul with his nails. He bucked up into his thrusts. He felt the moment Paul came, as his friend shuddered and slammed into him harder than before and paused. He closed his eyes and reveled in the feel of the warmth pooling inside him.

He opened his eyes and gave a low warning growl however when Paul kept his grip on his neck too long. He liked biting and the pain that came with it, but if his friend tore his neck up too much more he would loose a bit too much blood. He got his bearings and shifted carefully, wincing slightly when the movement pulled at a couple key places. He reached back and raked his claws down hard on what ever part of the blonde he could reach, trying to get his point across.

Paul shivered, reveling in the lingering pleasure, keeping the hold he had on the back of Dwayne's neck, lightly licking at the blood as he started to come down. He felt more than heard his friend's warning growl. He just wrapped both arms around his waist, trailing his fingertips lightly across what skin he could reach, not yet wanting to let go on either count. He ground his hips lightly against Dwayne's ass.

He yelped and cursed when Dwayne reached back and raked his claws across whatever he could reach, the pain brought him back to himself more fully and he carefully pulled back from Dwayne, shifting back to a more human appearance even as he did, and being mindful not to hurt Dwayne too much more in spite of the quiet growl he gave in response to the pain. He pulled his arms from around his friend's waist, quickly and roughly grabbing his hands and pinning them to his sides with his own.

"Stop it, that fuckin' hurts..."

His voice was a lazy growl. He leaned back in, lazily licking up some of the blood spattered across Dwayne's back, "Play nice, or I can't share anymore.... If you scratch me up too bad I'll have to probably hunt again just to heal fully while I sleep...."

He rubbed himself lightly against Dwayne's ass before pulling back and out of him with a groan, smoothing his hands down his friend's sides as he did. He sat back on his heels, carefully pulling his pants up but not bothering to button them before sprawling back into the sand on his ass, his back hitting the beam that had been behind him and causing him to hiss in pain before squirming to get comfortably.

Dwayne snarled and struggled slightly when Paul held his hands down. He stopped suddenly though and simply stayed as he was, panting heavily and waiting impatiently for Paul to let him up. Now that the high had gone down he could feel every little ache and pain that came with staying in such an awkward position for extended periods. He grunted.

"And if you keep biting my throat open I'll bleed out. I haven't fed yet, other than that little bit I got from you."

He pushed back against Paul when he rubbed against his ass and slowly and somewhat painfully lowered himself to lay across Paul's jacket and the sand. He stretched out carefully and purred quietly. He was in pain, but the good kind that came after a good fuck.

Paul made a thoughtful sound, trailing a fingertip across one of the scratches on his chest and licking the blood off before trailing it back across the small wound. He chuckled at Dwayne's words, watching him lay down comfortably on his now even more dirty jacket.

"Yah, well... Who's fault is that?"

His voice was a quiet sated sound, "You can have some more if you wanted..."

He actually would be fine if Dwayne took him up on the offer. After all, he already had two kills tonight, and normally that left him happily sated all that night and well into the one following. There would be little harm in sharing. And of all of them, he never minded much. Dwayne was probably next comfortable with it, but Paul truly enjoyed it. There was a very different kind of thrill that he got from sharing the blood of his kills with the other Boys. Either during the killing process or after.

"Hmm...." He sprawled lazily, eying how Dwayne was sprawled across his jacket appreciatively, leering contentedly at him. But after a moment he glanced around before remembering something. He cursed and let his head fall to rest back against the support beam with a quiet 'thump'.

"... I forgot to take my fucking smokes out of my pocket...."

Dwayne moaned quietly as he stretched some more, slowly working the kinks out of the muscles in his back and legs. He paused and glanced at Paul briefly before going back to what he was doing. He shrugged. He knew Paul didn't mind sharing blood with him or the others, but he always felt odd accepting it. It felt uncomfortably like stealing a kill. He rolled his shoulders and winced as it stretched the bite marks.

"I think I'll just go hunt. Maybe I can find a stray. Maybe I'll leave the body in the video store as a present to Max."

He hated the head vampire. He was always stepping in and ruining a lot of his and the other boys' fun. Most recently he had intruded on him and Marko under the pier. The bastard hadn't let Dwayne finish before he dragged them out and bitched at them about inappropriate conduct and misuse of public property. He tiredly buried his head in his crossed arms and let himself relax. He purred absently like a sated cat. He blinked a single eye open and grinned at Paul's comment, grinding his hips down deliberately, hearing the crinkle of cigarette paper getting smooshed.

Paul gave Dwayne an amused look and snorted. What was it about the other Boys that made them so uncomfortable about that kind of stuff? He shrugged, stretching and running his fingers through his hair, forcibly working a few of the tangles out. He snickered at Dwayne's mention of Max and the Video store.

"There is always that.... But, really, it's so much more fun to leave strange and interesting calling cards.... At least make it one of the less skilled hookers if 'yer gonna do that...." He laughed, remembering the one time he had replaced several of the family tapes with strange and unusual hardcore porn. That had been amusing as hell, and though he suspected everyone had known he'd done it, he also knew Max had never said a word about it and had thrown away the tapes. Which was how Paul got them back.

He eyed Dwayne with annoyance at the sound of him deliberately crushing the pack of cigarettes farther. He growled quietly.

"Dude, that's just not fuckin' cool... that was a brand new pack!"

Oh, that he had swiped off his kill, but that didn't count, it was still new! He huffed under hid breath, half-heartedly glaring at Dwayne. He was just glad that he didn't have any of his special smokes pre-rolled in his pockets. He had just picked up some more stuff though, and he always carried papers. But he wasn't worried about that getting crushed too much, and even if it did, it was securely packaged.

Dwayne laughed and buried his face in his arms with a sigh. He pondered for a moment. Hookers. He'd already done it a couple times before, but.... He laughed again, this time there was a slightly lecherous note to it. He'd never left one for Max after he'd used her. Maybe wait and screw her right there in the video store? Nah. Already did that with that one school-girl chick last Halloween. Maybe nail her to the ceiling over the family section? Now there was something he'd never done before. It would be interesting. And no one would discover her until after the store was already open in the morning.

He grinned. He liked that thought a lot. He would give himself a few more minutes to recover, then go find himself a cheap hooker. He made a soft content noise and turned his head on his arms so he could look at Paul. He snorted.

"Your own fault.... You didn't have any 'cigarettes' in there did you?"

He felt slightly worried. He shifted his hips and heard the paper crinkle some more. He hoped he hadn't smashed some of the good stuff. He mentally shrugged though. If he did he could just roll some new ones.

Paul smirked and shook his head, laughing without making much sound as he did. He then settled back, licking his fingertips and trailing them through the drying blood on his chest and sides, licking his fingers clean every so often. He paused at the very deviant sounding laugh coming from Dwayne, smirking at him even as he couldn't help but wonder what he was thinking.

He let his hands slowly drop to rest on his thighs, tracing his fingertips over the blood stains dotting the once white material as he thought absently about what to do with the rest of his night. He glanced back up with a slight grin at Dwayne's voice. He debated telling him that there had been some of his specially blended smokes in his pockets, but he decided against it with an amused snort. He made a quiet and amused negative sound, watching as Dwayne shifted slightly, accompanied by the crinkle of the pack of cigarettes.

"But stop squishing the cigs, or I'll take my jacket back.... They are probably already completely totaled...." He huffed, staring at his friend in amusement.

Dwayne snorted and rolled over onto his back, not bothered by the slight pulling on the scratches and bites there. He folded his arms about his head and stretched, arching his back slightly and wiggling to get comfortable. He could sleep contently right here if it weren't for the people during the day. He huffed quietly at Paul.

"You prolly stole them off a kill anyway. Just get more next time."

He unfolded one arm and ran a finger over the bites on his neck and shoulders. They had stopped bleeding and would most likely be fully healed come morning if he fed. He ran a finger through the tacky blood and licked it. He purred and sat up. He reached for his jeans and layed back to pull them up his legs. He decided not to bother with his boots though.

"You going back to the cave after this?"

Paul sat up a bit, slowly working on buttoning his pants and adjusting himself, watching Dwayne as he did. He scowled but laughed at him calling exactly where he'd snagged the cigarettes from. He pretended to look offended and kicked a little bit of sand toward him, not actually kicking it very much farther that just stirring it up a bit.

"But, still!" He sighed heavily, shaking his hair out of his face, and then running his fingers through his hair in an attempt to calm the frizzy rumpled look of it, though only really succeeding in making it look rumpled in different ways. He shrugged at Dwayne's question, glancing back up at him as he did.

"Probably, I was thinking of snagging some more cigs from the Boardwalk and maybe stopping by the liquor store or something.... But, yah...."

He leaned over, snagging his completely tattered shirt off the sand and shaking the sand off it before eying it critically. He made an irritated sound before dropping it back to the sand, deciding to leave it. He sighed, slightly annoyed as he realized that he would have to run his few errands shirtless and jacketless. He glanced at Dwayne again, momentarily jealous of his friend's confidence at walking around as such. He'd never been sure why, but he was never comfortable walking around with at least his mesh shirt or jacket. He had nothing at all to fear, but it still made him uncomfortable. He blamed too many years on the street, where that kind of thing would have gotten him killed before he could blink, he had a great body, but there were some thing you just didn't do when you had no one to watch your back. He shrugged uncomfortably, old habits died hard he mused. But he had nothing at all to fear anymore, and he had Dwayne, David, and Marko to back him up if he needed it. Not that he did, but it was a comforting thought.

Dwayne laughed and ignored the sand Paul stirred up with his kick. He eyed the blonde as he tried smoothing down his hair but shook his head with a small smirk as he only proceeded to make it look messier. He glanced at his boots briefly, debating. Finally he sighed and dragged them to him. He hated wearing shoes or boots, they cramped his talons. He pulled them on but didn't bother tying them.

He watched Paul pick up his shirt and discard it again. He sighed. His friend needed to get over his old fears. He knew how hard that could be though. It had taken him a long time to get over past events enough to sleep in the same room as the other boys. He shook his head and heaved himself to his feet. A good slaughter would do him some good. He didn't want to fall into a bad mood with such thoughts.

He walked to the edge of the pier and gazed out. The rain had gotten worse, just as he had predicted. He shook sand out of his hair and glanced back at the blonde for a moment. He stepped out into the rain and started wandering towards the stairs. He called over his shoulder.

"See you later!"

Paul slowly climbed to his feet, leaning against the beam he had been sitting with his back to as he did, forcing himself to think of things aside from his past as he did, and waiting for Dwayne to finish dressing and get off his jacket. He grimaced but laughed at the sight of it when Dwayne finally moved. Yah, there was no way in hell he could wear it until he figured out how to wash it... He stepped over and scooped it up, lightly shaking it free of what sand he could before shrugging and holding it at his side.

He grinned and glanced at Dwayne as he called over his shoulder to him, but Paul didn't bother responding, instead he slowly made his way over to the edge of the pier, staring out at the rain as he did, absently noting that he was going to be completely soaked before he made it back to the Boardwalk. Oh, well.... That would just help was the blood off his skin before he got there....

Plus, he knew the chick at the ice cream stand would probably literally fall all over herself. He chuckled. And hell, if he stood in the rain long enough, it might even wash his jacket as much as it would need to be cleaned. He snickered to himself at that thought. Or of course he could always empty the pockets and dunk the damn thing in the ocean. But the salt water made it itch. He knew because he'd done it once before.

With one last shrug he stepped out into the rain, just standing there under the heavy rain for a moment, enjoying the feel of the water raining down on his skin, soaking into his hair and remaining clothes, smiling slightly in the abstract pleasure that came with the light kiss of the rain. After a long moment he slowly made his way toward the Boardwalk, deciding to walk the long way back through the sand, to better enjoy the rain as he walked.
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