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Danny's Return by Star of David

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Story Notes:
Four years has passed since Danny left Sam. Now she is returning to Santa Carla to a whole lot of changes.
Author's Chapter Notes:
Danny comes home.
*New York*

Mover's just finished grabbing the last of all the boxes and furniture and now Danny stood looking around the empty penthouse apartment. This had been her home for four years. She loved the place but it was now time to go back. She missed the sand, boardwalk and the people. One person flashed in her mind and brought a small smile to her lips. She was going home to Sam.

In the time she was away, she learned that she missed him greatly. Hell she missed them all. They had come so close to being her family that it tore her apart being away from them. Now with a final sigh, she grabbed her purse and firmly shut the door behind her.

Outside, people walked under the brightly lit lights of the darkened city. How she sometimes envied them. These mortals with no cares in the world. True she came here looking for Damian and never found him, but she sometimes wished not to care if the man was living or dead. Still she knew he had to be stopped, or he would destroy everything. Getting in the cab she told the driver to take her to the airport and as they pulled away she said a silent good-bye to what she considered her city.

*Santa Carla*

The night breeze didn't do much to kill the heat from the day. People still ran around with the swimsuits on, taking in the boardwalk at night. When the sound of motorcycles filled the street, people moved without hesitation. The Lost Boys had arrived at last.

Pulling up to their usual spot, the engines were cut and all moved to get off the massive machines. Seven of them stood and watched around them. Yes the family had grown slightly. As Sam looked at his friends and new family he thought of the changes they had gone through. Star and David had split up. Oh she was still in the gang, only now she was with Micheal. Yes his brother made the turn for their side. David and the other's along with Sam now watched the girl's walk by in they summer attire. Occasionally one or two would smile and who could blame them.Girl's were not a hard thing for the boys to get.

It was Paul who now pointed one out to Sam who merely shook his head. He tried several times to date other girl's, but it was pointless. His heart ached for one girl and she was never coming back. Danny filled his thoughts on a daily bases and he missed her so much. David knew of his heartache and didn't push the issue always telling Sam that the time would come and a girl would steal his mind. He tried to see David's logic and sometimes he did just not in this issue.

Now walking among the pack Sam felt happy and free. Sure he was older, but he still retained his boyish good looks, not to mention a kick-ass motorcycle that Paul got for him. Now it was time to party and live as they did everynight for the thrills.

*Two hours later*

The plane landed without a problem and Danny walked off. Going to grab her bags she left the airport behind and smiled as she saw her mustang sitting right where she left it so many years ago. The airport people really did a good job of taking care of it for her. Throwing her stuff in the trunk she got in nd turned the key. When it fired to life she left everything behind and made her way to Santa Carla. Danny was home.
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