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Sieze the Day by Kenji

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Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters but Phoenix, Kael and CJ. a few ideas were inspired by Vampires of the Masquerade, but other then that none of this stuff happened in real life. I don't own VtM ore the Lost Boys, but then again i'm just a fiction writer.

My life is pretty simple. My name is Phoenix, weird I know but its my middle name. If you get the chance to learn my real name then congrats. My history isn't special by any means. I grew up skating and surfing, I learned martial arts, I do free running with my brother. Growing up in Santa Monica on the "wrong side of the tracks", me, my brother Ryan, and my best friend CJ had to find something to do to keep out of trouble. My dad owned one of the two skateshops in the city, when Skip closed his skateshop, my dad got all the business and opened up another one here in Santa Carla. I find it hard to believe that this is what they call the murder capitol of the world. Seems just like home in a way, I dont know, but at the same time it was much different. I've been here for close to three months now and I havent made any friends. My dad says I need to open up more and I say that I don't need friends. The ocean is my master and speeding down the cracked pavements is my addiction. The melodic sounds of the guitar fills my mind like a cloud and feeling of flying from roof top to roof top is my euphoria. That's all that there really is to me. Vampires....yeah I know of them, CJ is a vampire and on many occasions he has offered to sire me, I never accepted. I was always told by people to stay off the boardwalk at night, most of the time I never had a reason to go there, but tonight I did. It was early morning, about an hour or so after midnight when I finally arrived at the boardwalk. It was quiet and I could see the dying embers of bonfires dotting the coast all the way to Hudsons Bluff. I kicked up my skateboard and smiled as I took a deep breath of the sea air. It was really chilly out and I could feel my cheeks starting to go numb. I zipped up my wetsuit and planted my surfboard in the sand. I rolled out a towel and sat down in the sand. I just sat there for a few moments while I just started to think. My mom died when I was little, I don't remember her much. My dad said she was like the sea, unpredictable and ever changing. My dad also says I'm the same way. I let out a sigh as I heard the sound of muffled foot prints. The sand muffled the foot steps but they were heavy, a mans foot steps.
"You know its not safe for someone like you to be out here alone."
I turned and gave a glance towards a guy who looked about a few years older then me. He had a shy smile on him and soft brown eyes that reminded me of CJ.
"I'm not worried."
I said as I stood up and finished zipping up my wetsuit.
"Surf Nazi?"
"Nope. Skater. Grunge rocker. Whatever."
I mumbled shrugging.
"Hey its your death."
The guy said turning around as he walked back up to the boardwalk. I heard the faint sound of a motorcycle before the silence enveloped me again. I could see the dawn start to creep up behind me in the mountains of california. I saw a group of guys pile out of a van as I picked up my board. It was a few of my dad's friends that he knew back in the day when there was both his shop and the Zephyer shop.
"Come on Phi, you know the rules, you gotta earn your right to surf the boardwalk. Go for the boneyard today, I'll get Aaron on parking detail."
"I know Jay."
I said as he ruffled my dirty blond hair. I dove into the water and started to clear away the pilings that were invisable underwater. Within about two hours my job was finished and I was allowed to surf in the line up before all of the tourists started to flock to the beach.
"What were you doing here so early?"
Jay questioned me in a fatherly manner when I was done surfing.
"Felt the beck and call of the ocean."
I said with a shrug. Jay shook his head and gave me a noogie.
"What did I tell you about being out that late at night? The real creeps come out then and you know it."
I shrugged his arm off and just sat down in the sand. Jay gave me a bit of a sideways look before paddeling off. My day was spent free running with my brother between hunting for jobs. It was hard to find one other then working in my dad's skateshop all day. around lunch time I went back to the shop and started to work. I stocked the shelves and made some repairs on some skateboards before night fell. I nodded at my dad before closing the shop up. The alley way between our building and the sandwich shop next door always creeped me out. I turned towards the staircase to head up to the apartment that we owned over the shop. I paused slightly before I felt a gentle brush of wind come through the alley way. I turned to see my friend CJ standing there with a smirk on his face.
"You know CJ the vampire crap is starting to get a bit old."
CJ let out a chuckle before he put an arm around my shoulder. It was because of him that I knew of the vampire culture and politics, the whole generation strength and the importance of a pack. CJ had offered to sire me many times before now but I didn't want to really have all of the politics on my mind.
"So why is a second gen like you skulking around in the dark?"
I asked. CJ's sire is the first vampire ever to be created by God. His sire took on a new fledgeling once every 100 years and CJ had the luck of being the one that was hand chosen by the first vampire, Cain.
"Because the dark is the best way to be unseen. Besides my master wanted me to check up on a pack that was residing here without the presence of a good sire to keep them out of trouble."
CJ said simpily with a shrug of his shoulders. CJ pulled me into a tight hug that he used to do back when we were in high school together. Even I would admit that CJ had a beauty about him that was almost in a scary vampiric sort of way. His face would be forever boyish at the age of 20, not showing any sign of age since his turning. His eyes reminded me of the guy I had met on the beach earlier, they were cool, calculating and worried. They could see that something deeper was there under the surface of my hard facade. I had been under stress from working with my dad and brother and just in general being in an unfamiliar surrounding despite it being close to a half a year since my dad and his friends migrated down this way. It was always tough migrating from beach to beach to follow the swells of the ocean.
"You aren't going to miss anything, you'll be better then before..."
He whispered into my ear with a slow breath out. I felt his clean shaven cheek against my temple as he gently kissed it.
"Together forever Phi."
"Only forever?"
I asked after his soft breath in my ear promised me forever.
"All eternity..."
I nodded as CJ revealed a long hunting knife that he kept on him at all times.
"You know it won't hurt..."
I gave another nod of confirmation before I felt his needle like fangs prick my skin and the energy leave my body almost instantly. With an upward slash of his knife and a spurt of his blood, he pressed the bleeding arm towards my mouth. It was almost as if I was drinking the tea that CJ used to make me when I was down or I got sick. When I got finished, CJ gently wiped the blood from my lips with a soft kiss.
"Now my little fledgeling, we must find The Lost Boys. Our Master has use for them."
"I have heard only stories, that's just about it....."
I started to say as we headed towards the boardwalk. CJ kept a tight grip on my hand as we threaded through the crowds in search of any signs of vampires. Our luck happend to come about a few hours after closing time. I spotted the same guy that had met me on the beach earlier that day before the sun even came up, the only problem was that he had friends. The long brown haired guy with the eyes like CJ stood there looking at me with a stare of disbelief.
"Well well well, what do we have here boys?"
The blond haired man with the crystal blue eyes asked with a cold hearted smirk.
"Looks like we have a little vampire who's lost his way and a delicious looking meal on legs."
I watched CJ's upper lip twitch with irritation. I could tell they had no regard for the vampire politics.
"I wouldn't say that around me but I'll make an exception in your case being you've live out here for so long."
CJ said clenching his jaw tightly.
"And just who might your sire be? Some stupid 10th generation whore bag?"
The leader said with a high cold laughter.
"My master and sire, Cain, just wished for me to extend the hand of companionship towards this pack."
"I doubt that you were sired by Cain, Boys let's fetch us up that sweet little entree for a snack. Dwayne, if you wouldn't mind?"
Dwayne turned out to be the long, dark haired vampire that I had come across.
a sharp voice said.
"I thought I taught you more respect towards a 2nd and 3rd generation vampire?"
the commanding voice said. An older vampire came out of the shadows with his tie all disheveled. He gave a sweeping bow before readjusting his tie.
"Your master's will is welcomed here. My name is Max, I have been in hiding for a while, leaving my boys unattended."
"There will be concequences, Max, and I'd do well to teach your boys a little more respect for Cain. Phoenix, I hate to do this to you but my master is calling me back, do me a favor and watch this pack. Max you are to take her into your pack and teach her the ropes. I will be checking in from time to time to make sure she is being treated well. If she isn't, your entire pack will pay for the mistreatment of my childe."
CJ's dark voice made even the leader of the vampire's pack shudder visibly. I could see the blue eyed vampire's eye twitch with irritation.
"Dwayne she's your problem."
CJ gave me a deep kiss before he vanished, walking against the wind in a very cliche super villian way.
"Come on you."
Dwayne said with a smile on his face, something genuine and true. I knew he reminded of CJ in more then one way.
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