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Unknown Tales by Black Raven

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Story Notes:
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This story is dedicated to the unknown stalker-girl. If you don't know who I'm talking about then it just proves my point. In the movie, there is a mysterious girl that is in a few scenes on the boardwalk. She seems to be stalking (or looking for) someone, and is very intriguing. Hence I wrote her story.


Pip sighed and leaned back against the boardwalk railing. She was waiting for someone. She was bored out of her skull. The Lost Boys told her they would meet her outside the carousel at sun down, but they were hours late and it was nearly ten o'clock; nearing the time she needed to get home. Sometimes those guys were very annoying. Was a little punctuality that much to ask for? They seemed to think so. She glanced boredly around at the happy, fun-having people and scowled. They all looked too happy for her tastes. She was not normally a dower or mean person; just then she was.

What a way to kill a girl's mood. She had wanted to go on some rides after their meeting. But she knew she would get to at this rate. It was getting too late. The carousel ground to a halt and riders of various ages poured off. An idea popped to mind. Maybe she could ride one? Even just this one. It did not look like they would show up anyway. Even if they did, it would be their fault for being late. She pushed away from the railing and joined th queue. Some Surf Nazis in front of her jostled people a bit to up their place in line, but other than that it seemed like it would be a pretty boring ride. It was better than nothing though.

She handed her last handful of change to the operator and climbed on. She wandered aimlessly through the horses and benches until she found one on the side opposite the Surf Nazis. She did not need trouble with them again. She jumped up and straddled the horse as it was meant to be. However as they began moving she was unpleasantly reminded of the human condition that was motion sickness. She had forgotten. She made a rude noise that got her a few strange looks from surrounding riders and swung one leg back over the horse so she was sitting facing the center of the revolving ride. A few other people were already doing so, so she did not look out of place.

Several muttered protests alerted her to the presence of the Surf Nazis as they walked over and kicked a couple off of a near by bench. Luckily though one of them spotted her they left her alone. That was fine by her. She twitched and slipped off the horse with all intent of leaving. She stopped short however when she noticed a new presence on the carousel.

Pip watched, unimpressed as David wove his way through the carousel, trailed enthusiastically by the other three- she forgot their names. She opened her mouth to call out to them when she noticed where David's gaze was. He gave a small smile and nodded respectfully to Greg's girlfriend. Pip thought her name might be Shelly. She was impressed. She did not think that David could ever show respect to anyone. She had been wrong before. She watched carefully as Greg seemed to catch the look as well. He very obviously was not good at reading people since he took David's respectful nod to Shelly as an indication that David was attempting to steal her. Pip scoffed. Males. This would not end well. It would kill boredom through, and could give her the opportunity to tell the boys off for being so late for their 'appointment'.

She watched, unimpressed as the Lost Boys came closer and stepped up right in front of her, obviously not noticing her, and faced the Surf Nazis. She frowned unhappily. She was an unremarkable person who often went ignored or unnoticed but this was ridiculous. The boys knew her well enough on sight to be able to spot her. They were supposed to be meeting each other here for Pete's sake! It did not come as a surprise when Greg lunged at David. A trill of amusement crawled up her spine at the looks of pure surprise and startlement that crossed the boys' faces at that. They were too overconfident. She squeaked and winced in pain as the brunette Lost Boy stumbled back into her, very nearly crushing her where she was pinned between him and the horse behind her. A loud, disgruntled shout escaped her as the brunette shifted away and the blonde with the tuxedo jacket was shoved into her as well.

“Fucking stop squishing me!”

She scrambled back against the horse and attempted to pull herself up and out from the main line of fire. One of the Surf Nazis had other ideas. She cried out as someone grabbed her arm a bit too hard and yanked her forcefully out from behind the boys. It was the Surf Nazi that had spotted Pip earlier. She growled and gave him a death glare as she yanked herself out of his grip. She ignored his look of surprise at that. She was too busy trying to mentally eviscerate Greg for causing this mess. Oh sure, Pip knew she should be pissed off at David too, but Greg did not have to attack first. Never mind that the boys could easily wipe the floor with the Surf Nazis if they really tried. She had seen both groups brawl individually before and the 'Nazis had no chance. Now if only that guard would butt out.... Some things were too much to ask for. Though seeing David in that position was interesting, it did not help Pip.

The look David was giving Greg, and then his own boys was enough to make all the little hairs on the back of her neck stand on end. That could not be good. The fact that the guard had just effectively 'banned' the boys from the boardwalk was also not good for her. God damn it! She watched them troop off the carousel and inwardly screamed in frustration. She needed to talk to them! Despite her state of obvious pain the guard grouped her in with the Surf Nazis when he banned them as well. She had the brief thought of putting up a fuss -opened her mouth an everything- but she glanced around and frowned even more. It would do her no good to get arrested for disturbing the peace. Her inner mouth-to-brain filter was straining as she hopped off the carousel without a word. Nothing would be accomplished arguing with the simple Rent-A-Cop. The roar of motorcycles outside told her she was too late to catch up to the boys. The mother of all sighs escaped her.

“Great. Just fuckin' great.”

What else could go wrong? Footsteps behind her alerted her to a new presence. She turned slowly and eyed the group standing menacingly behind her. She sometimes wished she had an inner inner mouth-to-brain filter to keep her from thinking stupid things like that. And her mother always use to wonder how she got into certain situations. She kept jinxing herself. Her filter broke and she cursed Fate. Foully. Out loud.

“God damned donkey-dick sucking bitch!”

Of course, Fate really was a bitch. The Surf Nazis did not take well to being called 'dick sucking bitches'. Pip was almost afraid for her life, what with the looks she was getting, and the hands reaching for concealed weapons, and the butterfly knife already in one of their fists. Shelly seemed amused. Pip was so glad to please. She backed peddled and turned tail. There was no shame in fleeing to live another day. Lucky for Pip a shout from the guard stopped the 'Nazis from following her. Good to know Rent-A-Cops were useful for something after all. She however did not stop running until she had cleared the boardwalk completely and was well on her way towards home. Best alive and safe than dead and sorry. What could she say, it was her motto. Somehow the thought of being beaten and stabbed to death did little to appeal. She always did think her favorite animal should have been a crow, or fox, as opposed to a beaver. You never heard of foxes or crows being killed from sheer personal stupidity. Well, she had never heard of a beaver doing that either, but still.

She walked for twenty minutes before stopping and glancing around. She grimaced. Suburban hell. All the houses in this neighborhood were a pale blue, each two stories, each with an attached garage, and every single one of them had a white picket fence with neatly kept gardens. None of the houses deviated from each other in style and size as she made her way down the row. It always creeped her out walking through the area at night. Ever see the horror movie where a psycho serial killer lived in a house like that in an area like this? Yeah, Pip's mother also use to think she should lay off the horror movies. But still, it was creepy! A dog barked up the way and startled her. She cursed vilely at it, looking startled and a little freaked out. She did not want to be thinking of serial killers just now! Hell, the thought was made all the more terrifying by the serial killer the area had a couple years back, as well as the two supposed serial killers on the loose now.... Not to mention the high propensity for missing persons in the area.... She walked faster.

She was highly, surprisingly relieved when the familiar number on one of the houses came into view. She tried not to run as she walked up the short drive to the garage, though it was a near thing. The light outside the door was out, and there was no car as she opened the door and turned on the light. She shrugged. It was not unusual for her to be alone in the house for days at a time. It was just the way things were. She was use to it. She wandered into the main house and scrounged around in the stainless steel, upright freezer for some frozen meat. She wrinkled her nose at it but shrugged. It was the only thing there was in the house at the moment. It would have to do unless she wanted to starve. She sat it down on the island in the middle of the kitchen with a careless thump and went back over to poke through the refrigerator for some garnishes. Namely the beer someone had left on the lower shelf. She twisted the cap off with an annoyed grunt. She wished there were fresh meat in the fridge so she did not have to wait for it to unthaw. She was hungry damn it.

Chapter End Notes:
I messed with the real-world time line, so the serial killers in Santa Cruz were in Santa Carla in 1986.
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