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Cry Little Sister by Star of David

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Story Notes:
The boys are seperated in this story set in our time. David is now Leader since max is no longer around. He controls the West such as California and surrounding area's, Dwayne is on the East Coast based in New york, Marco the Great Lakes Area's, and Paul has The south, Florida is where he now calls home. Each is the master of his own territory, but all report to David. Follow what happenes when each boy takes on New girl's and their interesting lifestyles. (Not really use to writing stories like this. It is my first. I hope you all like it. If not just let me know and I'll get rid of it.)
Author's Chapter Notes:
I don't really know what to say about this first

Backgrounds and first meeting.
The day was smoldering and it didn't stop once the sun went down. As David rose from the bed he hid from the rest of his mansion in the hollywood hills he sighed and lit a cigarette. He still was not use to the fact that the boys were in different parts of the country, but he knew it was for the best. He wanted to branch out and when the time was right the pack old and new would come together. Now it was just a bother. Going above to the upper floors he wallked around the new dwelling he called home and smirked. The housekeeper was the only other in the house and she was so far at least the only one David trusted. His food and drink were waiting as normal when he sat at the table.

"Mr. Worthington. You have three letter's, and two phone messages sir."

Placing the papers in front of him she left to tidy up the kitchen before retiring for the night. David merely skimmed them and once done with the food he put the dishes out in the kitchen then went to the garage. Getting behind the wheel of his new corvette, he grinned as he spun the tires and flew down the hills going to work.

He had to thank Max for hording all that money. David used his cut to buy an old building in the business district. He built himself up to be the leading art dealer in town and his reputation was a good one among the rich and famous who were afraid they were being ripped off by owning fack paintings. It was David's job to determine if they were real or not. Parking in the underground garage he took the elevator up to his office and sat down. The Hired help was gone for the night and David set to work on a painting he had been going over carefully for about two weeks now.

*The Club Vampire*

Music blared and the club was set in a rather obnoxious glow. Bobby sat with her head in hand at the bar watching it all. It was the same everynight for the past four years of her life. Vampire wanna-be's all prancing around acting rather stupid. Yet Caleb controlled it all. He was the reason she was here. She had met him when she was sixteen and stupid herself. He had spoke of vampir's and their ways of immortal love. Bobby was hooked from the start. So much so that her father one of the richest men in LA disowned her for hooking up with the likes of such a group. Now here she sat and watched as two females writhed on the floor half naked. Their hands moving restlessly over each other. One was the mistress, the other her willing blood slave. That's what Bobby was to Caleb. His personal blood slave. Oh she didn't sleep with him, she held tight to her innocence, still she wasn't sure how much longer her bedroom door would hold from his insistant banging everynight.

Caleb watched her from across the room. His possession , at least that's what he thought of her as. He knew men wanted Bobby and he would dangle her in front of them as a torment. Smiling he rose as two of his boys told him the paintings were loaded. Taking her arm he pulled her from the stool she occupied.

"Let's go, the boys are ready."

Not having a choice Bobby followed. Caleb had been paranoid for weeks about these paintings hopefully this man they were going to see would be able to put his mind at rest. Once in the car she sat by the window and watched the town scream past them as they headed to the building only open at night for such a request. It didn't take all but twenty minutes to reach the Worthington building and Bobby was speechless at it's size. It was certainly the biggest building there. Getting out of the car, she walked inside with Caleb her heels clicking on the marble floor, as she looked at all the paintings hanging to be admired.

Upstairs David heard the heels before the bell was hit. Pushing the uv lamp aside he rose and walked casually down the stairs. Three men and a female waited for his arrival. He almost chuckled at the shocked faces as they took him in. His blonde hair no longer long, but cut short, still held the spicky effect on top, A black tee-shirt, black jeans and biker boots completed his new look. The female watched him closely much to her companions annoyance and David actually smiled.

"Can I help you?"

"Yes we're looking for Mr. Worthington. A lady said he would be here tonight."

"Well you found him. What can I help you with?"

Bobby now smiled and folded her arms over her chest. This man was not what she was expecting. He was young, good-looking. Not the image she conjured. He was far from an old man with a balding hairline. When he caught her starig his eyes met her's and she felt her breath catch in her chest. Caleb to noticed and released her.

"Go look at something."

"I was."

It was said so low, and yet David heard her and grinned. As she moved away, the two men came forward and produced the paintings they held. David focused on them and then to the man in question.

"Their nice."

"But what are they worth. You see I personally oversaw them being done. They are dated sixteenth century."

Amused, David now took in the man's clothes. Typical pretty boy vampire clothes. So he was playing at being a vampire. It was truely to much for David to restrain himself. So he looked over the paintings.

"Sixteenth century you say. Well I can tell you they are not the real deal."

At a loss for words, Caleb turned red in the face and his hands balled into fists. Still he calmed himself mentally and smiled.

"Well they must have been switched. I do however have more at my club I would like you to look at. Some I just bought."

Bobby came back by this point and listened with interest. She could tell Caleb was making an ass out of himself and not for the first time either. David keeping the female's stance in check, smiled.

"I don't see where that would be a problem. I can be at your place in an hour."

"Perfect. Bobby can show you the pieces and help you in any way she can. She knows all you'll need to know."

Nodding David now looked back at the woman.

"Till than."

Nodding Bobby wrote the check for two thousand dollars and held it out. The price was what was given and when David took the check, he allowed his finger's to brush her's just slightly and watched her jump at the contact made. When she smiled, her companion grabbed her and all but drug her from the building. David watched as they got into the limo and left. He had a feeling he was in for a very interesting evening.

Back at the club once more, Bobby went upstairs and showered before David showed up. Standing in front of her mirror, she left her hair hang down, the balck silk dress just kissed the floor, and showed her back off nicely all the way down to the tribal tattoo on her lower back. Pacing she wanted to kill Caleb for picking her clothes. She didn't have a modest thing in her closet, except for the stuff she had hidden. No dress code in the club was next to nothing, and Caleb enforced that more than anything. How she wished just once he would handle stuff himself. When Joe knocked and told her David had arrived she nodded and followed him down to the vip lounge. Opening the door, she smiled as David rose and looked her over from head to two. He wasn't afraid that she would yell at his forwardness and enjoyed the sight she made.

"Follow me please. The gallery is upstairs."

Nodding David watched her walk. She was in no hurry and the tattoo on her back caused him to grin. When they reached the top she turned on lights and then opened two hugh wooden door's.

"This is it. Everything Caleb wants you to see is in here."

Nodding David wandered around and shook his head. Either the man was a complete idiot or he just didn't know art. When he turned to Bobby she was staring at a painting that David knew.

"Very enchanting."

HIs voice so close to her ear caused her to jump and she laughed lightly at her own silliness.

"Yes it is."

"I was talking about you."

Turning dark eyes to him, Bobby didn't know if he was playing or serious. His eyes watched her every reaction and she had to shut her own eyes to banish the images he caused to invade her mind.

"Um so um see anything worth value?"

"Yes I believe i do."

"I was talking about the art."

Chuckling David stepped back.

"Yes the art. Well we will have to go over each piece one by one. It's the only way to be sure."

Nodding Bobby watched him move around the room until he picked the one he wanted to study first. She had a feeling similar to his earlier. This was going to be a very interesting night.
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