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Sweet First by AquaAnimus

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Story Notes:

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended. 



Enjoy the smut!

Libby sets off to fill her bath. When she backs up to grab a towel, she hits someone behind her.  She knows instantly the hard chest belongs to him.  Only he could be so secretive, drifting in and out of her life like a mystifying dream.


David presses his lips and nose against her neck, moving up to nip at her earlobes. He slowly turns her around to face him as he removes the towel from her hands.  He leans in closer and gently plants kisses along her jaw line. He smells of tobacco, whiskey, leather, and something faintly metallic.


“David, what….” 


“Shhhhh,” whispers David cutting off her words with his mouth, kissing her deeply.  He gently slips his tongue into her mouth, as he deepens the kiss, exploring her. 


“David is going to take care of you,” he whispers huskily as he pulls her closer still. His lips find Libby’s neck once more, and he gently nibbles the tender skin.  Having her distracted, David takes that opportunity to slip his hands beneath her shirt.  Libby purrs softly as she feels his fingers trace her belly.  She places her hands on his neck and runs her fingers through his hair.  David pulls his hands back out.  “I don’t think you need this,” as he pulls Libby’s shirt off, revealing her full breasts.  “Mmmm…someone isn’t wearing a bra,” he sings to himself. 


Libby stands in complete shock as she feels her nipples harden as the cool air hits them.  David smirks as he rubs his thumbs over the sensitive nubs.  He has recently fed, and his fingers are so warm against her cool skin.  He arches an eyebrow and asks, “Feels good?”


Libby barely hears herself answer, “Yes.”   David flicks his tongue over his lips.  “It only gets better baby.”  He suddenly drops to his knees in front of her and kisses her stomach, and gently probing his tongue into her navel.  What should feel uncomfortable sends Libby’s senses reeling. She moans quietly as he runs his hands up her legs.  Her legs suddenly become weak and she starts to fall, only to be caught by David’s strong arms.  She feels herself growing wetter while jolts of electricity run through her sensitive nerve endings. 


David stands her up, allowing her to keep one hand on his shoulder for support.  He slowly starts to unbutton her jeans, never losing eye contact.  His vampire speed quickly pulls them off and tosses them to the side.  David growls lightly and his eyes flick amber as he stares at the red lacy panties Libby is wearing.  He rubs his hands up her legs slowly, starting first at her ankles, his fingers reach toward her inner thighs, but avoids touching where Libby desperately wants to be touched.


“David” Libby groans quietly.  Her clit throbs so hard, that it is almost painful.  She needs him to touch her…. David runs his hands down her back side, and leans in to kiss her inner thighs.


“Mmm... so soft,” he whispers.  David sensed from the moment he began to kiss her that she was a virgin.  He contemplated taking her hard enjoying the tightness of her innocent body, or delaying and torturing her until she screams for him.  He presses his palm fat on her belly, and drags his hand down, allowing his long fingers to gently run over the front of her panties, which are now soaking wet.


Libby answers with a moan as her knees buckle again.  David sweeps her off her feet, taking her to the bathtub.  He stands her up, and once again, lightning quick fingers remove her panties.  He gently sits her in the tub and kneels beside it.  He uses a washcloth to gently massage her skin.  David stands up and pulls off his own shirt in a flourish, revealing a muscle bound chest.  He holds out his hand.


“Give me your hand, Libby.”  Libby does as requested and gasps as he places it over his groin, allowing her to feel his hardness pressing against his jeans.  Libby feels slightly nervous, she has never done this before - what does he expect from her?


David asks, “Do you like that?”  Libby answers by starting to move her fingers across the hard swell in his jeans.  “Garrrrr,” David moans at her gentle caresses.  He takes her hand away.  Libby looks scared, as if she did something wrong.


“I am taking care of you, remember?”  David asks, his voice deeper than usual.  He drops to his knees again, once again taking up the washcloth bathing.


Libby loves the gentle caresses of the wash cloth, but she needs to be touched… She reaches up and grabs his hand again.


David smiles, “What’s this?”


Libby groans, “David please…” 


David’s eyes flash amber once again, “Put my hand where you want it.”


Libby panics… what should she do?   She wants him so much…


David watches her indecision and feels himself harden even more.  He is straining against his jeans, and it’s starting to hurt.  He is pleased with himself that he will be her first. 


“Libby,” he purrs, “Put my hand where you want me to touch you.” 


Libby looks down and whispers again, “Please...”


“No, you have to take my hand and put it where you want me to touch you.” David answers stubbornly.


Libby swallows hard, and quickly pulls his hand to rest in-between her thighs.  David smiles and instantly takes over, allowing his fingers to slide through the soft downy curls of her womanhood.


“Good girl,” he purrs as he rubs his fingers down her slit, but purposely avoiding the swollen nub that needed to be caressed.  He continued his ministrations, causing Libby’s hips to buck. She feels that she will explode if he doesn’t touch her.


Suddenly, his thumb presses hard on her swollen clit.  Libby orgasms immediately, throwing her head back as she screams.  David holds her up, watching her intently.


When she finally calms down, he leans forward and kisses her forehead.  “And that’s only a preview.” 


Libby looks at him, trying to catch her breath. If her heart would beat, it would be pounding right out of her chest.


“We need to get you out of the tub.”  He leans in and picks her up.  Libby, a bit disappointed as she wanted to see the water glisten on his skin, whispers “Why?”


“Because it’s washing away your natural lubricant.  You are going to need that,” David answers huskily,


David grabs a blanket and lays it down on the tile floor. Next he places a limp and naked Libby on the blanket.  He once again kneels by her, but this time pushes her legs up and her thighs apart.  David happily ducks down and begins to lick her sensitive folds gently.


Libby bucks her hips wildly, and moans “Oh My…David!!” 


David reaches up and holds her hips steady with his iron grip.  He then slips one finger inside her tight body, sliding it in and out slowly.  Libby answers with a groan.  Once he feels her body loosen, he slides one more finger inside, thrusting against her faster and deeper.  Libby is making high keening noises…eyes rolled back in her head. David allows his expert fingers to find the special spot inside, and gives it a nudge.  Libby comes almost instantly, her inner muscles squeezing his fingers.  David smiles, and pulls his fingers out of her numb body. He slips them in his mouth and licks them clean, greedily enjoying every last taste.


David leans into Libby, and takes one taught nipple in his mouth sucking gently.  Libby groans…”David, David David” she repeats over and over.  David allows his hot mouth to fasten on the other nipple, gently sucking, his eyes never leaving Libby’s face. Oh how he enjoys watching her squirm. 


Libby sits up, feeling a little bit more daring. She stares at the bulge in his pants. “David, I want to see you.”


David smiles as he happily obliges, his nimble fingers undoing his belt ever so slowly.  He pulls his jeans off, allowing his throbbing hard member to spring forehead, finally released from its confines.  Libby stares at his length... eyes widening…


David watches her stare at his cock, so he runs his fingers over himself, teasing her.  David kneels down and pushes her back onto the floor.  He leans into her, positioning himself at her entrance.  Libby suddenly freezes, tension invading her body.


“Libby what’s wrong?”


“David…I don’t... I never...”


“Shhh.” he silences her once again with a kiss. “I know what I am doing.”  David reaches down and wipes some of Libby’s silky excretions and rubs them over his throbbing member.


“David, I don’t think you will fit.”  Libby whispers fear evident in her voice.


“I will, you would be surprised on what I can do.”  He leans her back down, and positions himself at her entry once again.  He watches her eyes, mentally calming her as he gently began to push his way inside.  He stops halfway, realizing that he has hit her womanly barrier.  Libby is holding onto his shoulders, gasping, wondering why he stopped.  Libby is amazed and how big he feels, almost as if he would split her in two.


“Libby.”  Libby just closes her eyes, wishing he would keep going, but scared to let him continue.


“Libby look at me.”  David grasps her chin and makes her look at him.  “This is going to hurt, but it will go way, and I promise it will feel wonderful.”  Libby nods quickly.  “I am going to move all the way in now, ok?”


David, with one quick thrust breaks her barrier, now fully sheathed inside.  Libby’s eyes tear up at the sudden pain, causing tears to roll down her face.  David sniffs the air and can smell a few droplets of blood that escapes from Libby’s body.  This makes him grow harder, and for his eyes to spark amber again. David leans over and kisses away her tears, allowing her to get used to the invasion his body caused.  “Libby, I am going to move now, ok?”


Libby nods, but fears the worst, it hurts so badly. How can people enjoy doing this?  She wants him just to get up… she can’t believe how this is supposed to feel good. 


David slowly pulls himself out, and allows his body to enter once again ever so slowly.  Libby realizes the pain is gone, and what is left is wonderful pleasure, just like he said. He fills her completely, he is so hard, causing her to feel things she never knew would happen that far below.


“See, I told you.” David begins to pump faster, his arms holding his chest up off so he doesn’t crush her.  Libby wraps her hands around his neck murmuring incoherent things.  David’s pace begins to quicken, an ariel view would show his pale buttocks bouncing quickly against Libby’s body.  David leans down, fastening his mouth, sucking on her hard, sensitive nipples.  David’s own breathing quickens as he feels his orgasm building.  He mentally instructs himself to hold on, to allow her to go before him.


“Mmmmm….You feel so good.  I want you so bad, Libby.”


Libby whimpers, holding his neck tighter.


“Yea baby.  Come for me.”


Libby groans and tosses her head backwards.


David groans deeply, biting his lip, trying his best to hold on.  He forgot how great a virgin feels. So tight, so moldable to his manipulations.


David groans, “Mmmmmm, that’s it. Just like that.”  He reaches down and grabs one of her thighs pulling her closer to his thrusting body.  He moans at the extra contact.


Libby tries to smile in-between her gasps.  Suddenly she feels an intense pressure build inside her stomach, similar as to what she was feeling earlier, but this time much more intense.  Libby becomes frightened, not knowing what is happening.




“Its ok, just let it take you, don’t fight it.”  He thrusts become much more insistent as he tries his best to hold on.  “Come for me, baby.” he whispers huskily over her moans.


Hearing his words causes Libby’s body to explode in pleasure. She screams again as her body muscles once again clutch and release his hard member.  Stars begin to form, and nothing exists but the pleasure.  She feels she is floating...


David feeling her start to spasm lets himself go, groaning loudly as he releases his seed inside her body. With a moan, he collapses on his hands, landing on her body.  He whispers into her ear:


“Was it good?” 


Libby can only nod. In her mind she thinks, I’ve never known this could be so amazing.  David chuckles as he pulls himself out, lying next to her.  Sleep overtakes them both almost immediately.

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