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Moonlight Love by Star of David

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Story Notes:
Picking up where The Magic of Two left off. David wants to bring Nikki into the family, Dwayne get's to know Lisa better, and Paul and Marco are enjoying being back.
Author's Chapter Notes:
Nikki and David try to get closer.
The room was spacious as was the rest of the cave, but David picked this one for his own for a very special reason. It was hidden so well that you almost had to trip over it before you found it. Now he sat in the chair, as candles flickered and cast a perfect glow over the woman taking up his bed.

Her dark hair lay across his pillows, while dark lashes rested against her cheeks. She looked good taking up some of his space, he didn't want her to wake yet, merely enjoying the sight of her. It amazed him that only a few short hours ago she had made his family complete once again. The boys loved being back and were now out probably terrorizing everyone they could.

Why he wasn't with them was simple. The girl haunted him. Since he first seen her, she played on his mind. Even in sleep her eyes and laughter taunted him. Even now watching her, his mind played over the night he loved her so carefully on the bank of her little lake. He didn't notice at first her eyes open and watch him just as fully as he watched her.

"Did it work?"

Pushing his thoughts of her aside, David smiled and leaned forward. Her voice was soft like velvet and he enjoyed it.

"Yes it worked. They are out now rejoining this little town."

Nodding, Nikki sat up and worked a sore muscle from her back. Swinging her legs over the side of the bed, her eyes took in the room and she was silently amazed at how beautiful it was. She did have a problem when she went to stand and was glad that David caught her before she hit the floor. Apparently her legs were not working yet. Held in his arms she looked into his eyes and found herself drowning once again.

David smiled as he looked down at her. The way she fit against him, he would have given anything to bet that she was made for him, and him alone. As before her pulse quickened and her heart pounded in her chest. She enjoyed his touch and his nearness, yet still held apart of herself back. Not really sure if she could truely trust him enough to give him even the tiniest amount of love. Bending his head, his lips touched her's in a very light manner.

Nikki knew she should say something or at least go, so he could join his boys, yet when she was being held by him, and looked at she just wanted to stay right where he put her. When his lips touched her's she groaned lightly and couldn't stop her lips from moving under his. Being bold, she left the tip of her tongue run over his bottom lip, and when she was allowed entrance she felt herself being pulled closer.

In hi mind David knew he should stop this. It wasn't how he wanted thing's to go with her. He knew he had to move slowly, not just rush into this, still she was warm and inviting. The taste of her, the way her tongue played over his and her scent all drove him crazy. When he would have moved her back to his waiting bed, loud, happy voices reached them from the main room of the cave. Growling he ended their kiss and rested his forehead against her's.

"Their back."

Taking her hand, he led her out of the room and into the main part where his boys waited for him. Paul, Marco and Dwayne all watched as David and Nikki joined them. What shocked them was how he held the girl close to him, as if he was afraid she would disappear if he didn't.

"How was your night?"

Nodding they smiled and moved about the room. It was Paul who spoke first.

"So do we get to know who the sweetie is or are you gonna hide her forever?"

Chuckling David placed Nikki in front of him and held her from behind.

"Nikki you already know Dwayne. The blonde in the muti-colored jacket is Marco, and the one leaning against the fountain is Paul. Boys this is Nikki."

Giving a small wave, Nikki smiled. In return she got hugh smiles back and even a hug from Paul who was clearly going back to his outgoing ways with women.

"Pleasure sweetie. Hope you stick around."

Not sure what he meant, Nikki looked back at David and only got a msile in return.

"Oh she will be. I can assure all of you."

David's mind was set, he would get her, keep her, lover her. She would be his before the week was out. Still he knew he had to get her home. Her friend would wonder and that wouldn't be good for anyone. Taking her hand he nodded once to the boys and then walked Nikki outside.

The moon was high above them, casting the bluff in a trancelike glow. Nikki had never seen anything like it in all her time here. She fell in love with the whole place and wanted to come back every chance she got. When David placed her on the passenger side of her car and then got in behind the wheel, she leaned her head back and shut her eyes. She felt if this was a dream she didn't want to wake up ever.

David started the car and pulled out with a kick of dust. Glancing at the woman next to him, he reached out a carressed her cheek. A smile lit his face, when he tilted her face against his hand and sighed.

He stayed that way, stroking her cheek for the ride back to her house. When they arrived and he parked the car, Lisa came out to greet them. Nikki opened her eyes and blinked when the door was opened for her and a black gloved hand took her's.

Stepping out he pulled her close and kissed her before giving a small wave to Lisa and walking off into the shadows. There he stopped and watched the girl run a hand through her dark hair and exchange small words with her friend. When she had gone inside, he took to the air. He was going to feed, and then talk to his boys about bringing a new member into the family, two if he had to.
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