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The Bleeding by savagefox

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Author's Chapter Notes:
(I own nothing but the originals that I bring into the story. Any cannon's are the property of the creator's of The Lost Boy's . No copyright infregement intended . There is no profit being made to me by creating this story
The scenery was beautiful at sunset. She'd almost forgotten, how the
ray's of the reddened sun seemed to fight with the waves that gently
rolled over the pacific and to the shore where she stood. Her long
blond hair being tangled into itself by the wind wish reminded her of
so soft fingers that used to dance in its soft ribbon and silk curls.

Almost seemed to forget so much, and yet at once it all seemed to
return to her. Blue eyes watching as the sun, looses the battle and
it's ray's descend into it seemed the abyss as it alone faded beneath
the horizon it appeared of the water.

"I love you" Whispering into her ears, although if it be known, it
was just the wind wish still gently let those little tiny fingers
play through the ribbons of the curls in her hair. Though, if she
leaned back from the shore she could almost feel his arms wrapping
around her slender waist. She could feel his cold breath on her neck.
Feel his even colder lips sweep across her sensitive ticklish areas
to her lips, the kiss was never cold it was the most intense and warm
part of his body. When he kissed her. The cold no longer filled him.
No longer scattered over her own body all they felt was warmth.

Still, as her blue eyes slowly open, the memory his presence is
shaken from her.

"Princess' A voice whispers from behind her. "There is no support
that he survived the attack'

Nodding a little, she turns to the voice from behind her don't need
support' Slowly her hand moves to her heart. "I know David is
alive. " She sighs meeting the eyes of the long haired black male in
front of her. Saddened a bit."However, I'm not so sure of the
others. " Looking down. " I didn't fight my way back from hell to
come back to a ghost. "

"Where shall we begin?" The dark haired male refuses to let his pain
at her words of the other's so sure that her love had survived, and
yet the fate of his brother seemed to be very dark.

" Where it ended" she mutters. Bringing a chained bracelet covered
hand to her face to push her hair back. ' The cave, we will go from
there. I'm not looking for what has been found, what has not been
found" She adds"Is the key to finding the answers we need. And in the
end to find David and his pack." Or at least putting them all to

"Go" She mutters. Not needing to see him leave to know that indeed
he was already gone. Closing her eyes as again she felt the tickling
of the whispering wind in her hair.

YOU LITTLE SHIT" oh, that was tame for what he'd been called. In
the two years, that he had been according to Star and Michael lucky
enough to come home. the now twelve year old Laddie had been beat,
burned with and stabbed.

"When I get my hands on you" The angry malel voice yells. "Not "
Laddie mutters, his hair longer, his eyes darker and colder. NOt the
innocence that Star had fallen in love with and sworn to protect.
Those times were gone. That ten year old boy, had died with his

Home, Laddie your going home' Star's words sickened him more each
time they replayed theirselves in his little mind. Hed' been so
scared, and in shock when he'd ran down those stairs and into her
arms calling her name. His world had imploded on itself that night.
From going to trusting Star, to having a home and loving brothers to
a nightmare from hell that at this time had not ended.

Home, yeah.. home. Granted he'd missed his mother. He'd only hoped
that when he was brought back she would still be there. But she
wasn't, the cancer had finaly claimed her fully, and once again his
home was with his sorry excuse for a father. "LADDIE" He growls
banging on the door" Open this door you little shit! I told you to
clean up the mess you made." Laddie cocks his head to the side,
curious dark eyes seem to stare a hole right through the door. HOw
had he made that mess? He put out the fire he supposed. Walked in the
kitchen as the sparks flew from the unattened bacon left in the pan.
And in reality, he had no clue why he had bothered to use the flour
and put out the grease fire. The old man had been drunk and passed
out. He could have died, noone would have thought twice about how or
why. Another drunk bites the dust. But then again, as he cinches up
his duffle bag he'd be in state care right now, instead of heading
out on his own.

The open window, blew the old curtains out and away from the window,
the duffle bag being thrown to the ground as Laddie himself climbs on
the window seal looking down. The old house wasn't much, a shack in
itself it seemed, however that drop was not one to be taken lightly.
Still the sound of the door splintering as it fianly started to give
in from the constant banging, had the wind claiming him as the boy
jumped. The landing wasn't as hard as it seemed, though the agonizing
pain that shot up his ankle indicated he did not land the way he'd
hoped. Little time for self pitty or pain, grabbing his bag he begins
to move as fast as he can. Forcing if anything the pain in his body
to fuel the movement. Free... now.. he was truley free . Star had
been so wrong. Freedom wasn't from the darkness or the night, in a
since perhaps it was from life. He only hoped the boy's were at
peace. But somehow he knew that was impossible. They'd been betrayed
just as he had. He'd never forgive her. For him, not only were his
brother's and mother and innocents dead.. so was Star.
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