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Santa Carla... Where The Vampires Roam by Ghostteller

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She pulled her duffel from the back of the car, and looked up at the house her parents had moved her to.

It wasn't so bad, but she'd rather be in L.A. instead of here.

Her parents had said L.A. had gotten too violent to raise a teenagers.

She smirked at their old comment, because when they had entered this city on the back of the sign that said, " Welcome To Santa Carla." she had seen spray painted on the back ," Murder Capital Of The World." in red letters outlined in black.

" What do you think, darling?" Her father said, behind her. She shrugged. " I think I may be able to get used to it." She muttered, pushing a curl away from her face. " It's not L.A. though, huh?" He said. She shook her head.

He clasped a hand on her shoulder.

" It'll take time, but you'll get used to it here, and won't miss your old friends as much." He whispered, in her ear, and then he kissed her cheek.

She knew he was right, but she hated to say that out loud.

She remembered when they told her they were moving she threatened to run away or kill herself.

She had just caused drama they didn't need.

She didn't see how anyone cool could be in this shit poke town, but she figured she'd find someone maybe.

She walked into the house, and without looking around headed upstairs to claim a bedroom before her little brother could take a good one.

She threw her stuff into the second biggest room, and jerked open the curtains to let the light in.

It was dusty, but overall a very rad room.

She had her own bathroom, and a giant walk in closet.

" Awesome..." She said.

Her mom popped her head in.

" Tonight we'll go out to the boardwalk, okay?" She said. "Okay, Mom." She said.

She looked in the mirror.

She was Victoria Anne Walters, and she was going to make it.
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