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The Magic of Two by Star of David

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Story Notes:
I use to have an old rpg that resembles this story. It was fun to place the boys in a situation where everything is different from what they knew and now rely on two females to help them make it.
Author's Chapter Notes:
The girl's do their spell after a long day and meet the boys.
The sun was just startig to set when Nikki tossed the sponge she was using to the side. Wiping the sweat from her forehead she just made it into the hallway when she heard a familiar and calming voice from downstairs.

"Honey I'm home."

Her friend and roommate Lisa was back from work and shopping. Grinning she all but ran down the stairs and grabbed the bag with all the goodies in it. Going to the kitchen she pulled out a bag of cheetoes. and started munching.

"How was your day dear?"

Lisa grinned as she put the food away. nikki could always make her smile and the joke was never old.

"Well the boss was a perverted creep again and the customers were horrible.Ya know I don't think I will ever understand goth kids. Why would you worship something that isn't real."

Shrugging Nikki didn't know why. Still she wasn't going to judge a group that obviously believed in that stuff.

"Had another vision again. Worse than before. This time I heard the poor guy screaming as he tried to get out of the tub."

Lisa shook her head. She didn't know how Nikki put up with these visions. Maybe it was time to find out who these people were that died in the house. Not saying anything she merely bade Nikki to follow and got the candles they would need. Forming a circle it would keep whoever showed up inside until they were let out. Saying the required chant they stood back as the flames danced from an invisible wind and a mist covered the floor. Soon two men stood before them, neither looking happy to be there.

David couldn't believe his luck. He was back in this damn house again. Well where was Micheal, they would finish this dance and he would move on. Seeing Dwayne looking just as uneasy, he glanced around and finally noticed the two women standing a few feet away. Smirking he made to move and found he couldn't.

"What the hell."

Nikki had to grin. She loved when they couldn't move.

"Ahh bad mood."

David wasn't in the mood for kidding.

"Who are you?"

Nikki would have told him, but something in the way he looked at her robbed her of speech. It was Lisa who answered.

"I'm Lisa and this is Nikki. Who are you?"

"David and Dwayne. So now we go against two Emerson women. Shouldn't be too difficult."

Not liking this Nikki moved right to the circle and left the anger pour out of her. She hated attitude unless it was her own.

"We don't know anyone by the name Emerson and I think we could certainly take you two. After all we can move you can't."

David liked this one called Nikki she had something he so wanted to conquer. Letting his eyes travel over her shapely legs, he moved up and could appriciate the rest of her as well.

"Let us out and we'll see."

Knowing Nikki like she did, Lisa grabbed her by the arm before she could do just that.

"Look we didn't call you back to fight. We just want you to leave Nikki alone."

"The one from the tub isn't here, and yeah now I do want to fight."

Exasperated, Lisa didn't know who the worst was the man or Nikki.

"We'll let you out but no fighting."

Blowing out the candles Lisa picked them up and put them away, when she turned around she realized Nikki never stepped back and was now in the arms of the blonde. Nikki could have kicked herself, as she looked into David's eyes she felt like her breath was being taken from her and all she wanted to do was kiss him until she couldn't think right. With what little conviction she had she closed her eyes and drew in small amounts of air.

"Let me go."

Smiling David leaned close and left his lips travel up her neck to her ear.

"Why you like it here."

He knew she did. He could feel the instant lust that leapt into her as soon as he touched her. Yet she was fighting him and that intrigued him. Her flesh tasted of ocean air as he licked the spot over her vein before releasing her.

Stumbling back, Lisa caught her frined before she could fall. She had never seen Nikki taken in like that and had to wonder what was going on between the two. She only turned her back for a second.

Glancing at the way the man called Daivd watched her friend it was plian he wanted her, but just how much did her friend want him.

"What are you?"

"A vampire."

David said it so calm that Lisa almost groaned. Great she thought just what they needed.

"What are you and your friend?"


Chuckling David now decided he really wanted to stay and by the looks of it so did Dwayne. He wanted the witch and he was going to have her before sun-up. When they walked to the kitchen David and Dwayne followed, both watching the sway of their hosts hips.

In the kitchen it was Nikki who now spoke as she jumped onto the counter.

"Ok who are these Emerson people and why do you want them so bad."

Going to her, David wanted to push her. Bracing his handds on either side of her, his face was only inches from her's. If he wanted to he could have kissed her like she wanted him to only moments before.

"They are the people who killed us, but thanks to you and your friend, we're back and the fun is just going to start."

He was to close God he was incredible to look at. Swallowing thickly, Nikki could only nodd as a reply. She would have leaned into him, yet lisa once again came to her rescue.

"Ok stop playing with her. She can't take much more."

"That's the point." Was the silky reply.

KNowing she wouldn't tell him no, Nikki pushed away from him and got off the counter in a hurry. Grabbing a six pack and her cigarettes she left the kitchen and went to her den. Shutting the sliding door she cranked up her music and took a long drink. Somehow she knew she was going to be in trouble the minute she heard the door open. Turnig she watched him walk toward her and couldn't move. His smile was so sexy, god where was Lisa.

"Your friend is talking to Dwayne. I wanted to talk to you."

Lowering the bottle Nikki gulped.

"I highly doubt that."

It wasn't long before she was in his arms and he was kissing her. She didn't even care when the bottle slipped from her hand and crashed to the floor. Wrapping her arms around him, she kissed him back. It was then her fate was sealed.
Chapter End Notes:
Well this was just the beginning. I do hope whoever reads it likes it. If you do drop me a line.
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