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Broken Home by wickedpurrz

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Author's Chapter Notes:
ok i think i know what the hell i'm doing now, i hope. lol ty to everyone who gave me the much appreciated feedback, it helped =] i seriously love you guys!
David strode past Max's gate, flicking his lit cigarette into one of the potted plants on the porch. Thorn growled at him and he growled back. Once they got that over with the dog padded over to him leaning on his thigh, sighing loudly. He ran his gloved fingers over his ears, stroking lightly.

“Yeah, I miss her, too, furball.”

They both went inside then, making their way to the living room and their waiting master. He sat on the couch, picking up his usual drink and thunking his booted feet onto the coffee table. Max frowned down at his feet, glaring until David dropped them back to the carpet.

“How are the others?”

“Boys are fine as always. Laddie's fine except for the occasional vomiting but Dwayne's blood helps a lot and his next run of marrow is tonight.”

“And Star?”

“Still hasn't killed. It's getting harder for her though, I can feel it.”

“Hmm, I say you should get it over with but I do respect that you are her Sire, not I. I have something I want you to do for me, David. I've met someone who interested me. It's been a long time since that's happened.”

He smirked. “Short hair, smelled like Ivory soap and sugar cookies? Not bad for the mommy type. What do you want me to do? Lend you Laddie for a night or something?”

“Funny. She has children herself, sons. One is seventeen, the other is fourteen. I want you to get to know the oldest, Michael. Bring him into the family.”

David set his glass back on the table hard. “You expect me to bring in some random shit hole because you want to nail his mother?”

“Language, David. My intentions with Lucy are more then sexual, I assure you. If her sons are firmly in the fold then she will follow like the protective mother she is. Boys need their mother.”

Ice crept across his face, chilling his eyes and hardening his jaw. “Yeah, mine was a great asset as a fledge. You want this woman then take her, Max. Don't bring her family into shit for your desires.”

Max went still. “Are you refusing me, David?”

He got to his feet, expression kept firm. “I am. I'm not fucking with my family on your whims.”

He turned to leave only to be slammed into the wall closest to the door. He tried to shove away the clawed hands gripping his coat with no luck. His Grandsire had three hundred years on him and it gave him more strength then David was capable of on his best night. He forced his body to relax as the fangs pierced the side of his neck, knowing if he struggled it would only injure him more. Bleeding out was not on his list of activities for the night.

“Defiance gets you nowhere, Childe. Now, will you behave?”

His reluctant nod got him released, feet set back on the floor. David had always seen the glaring differences between the so called discipline he and his boys received and anything his mother had gotten or even Poe after trying to kill him. The double standards of the vampire hierarchy did not work in his favor and likely never would as long as Max was Head. He shoved that thought down deep, back into the dark place it had come from. Head Vampires didn't exactly resign, they were killed. The consumption of their blood transferring the power. David wasn't willing to kill the only other person in his life who had known and loved his mother before the madness took her away.

“How am I supposed to find this kid?”

“Lucy showed me a picture of him while we were talking. You have my permission to view the memory.”

David entered Max's mind, ignoring the temptation to erase this Lucy from it, flicking through his most recent memories. He got to the night of the beach concert, the night he'd gone to annoy Max from the lack of anything better to do. From there he zeroed in on being handed a wallet with a picture of two teenagers. They were both smiling, arms around each other giving bunny ears. The youngest obviously spent too much time watching Mtv but the older one with the dark curly hair he recognized.

“I've seen him. He was following Star with the other one. Had the hots for her, I think.”

“Then maybe she could be of some use after all. Encourage her to venture in his direction then bring him in. Show him the benefits of having brothers who can understand being seventeen.”

“I haven't been seventeen for over a hundred years, Max.”

Max brushed aside the fact, voice still rumbling out dominance and power. “Turned young, stay young. It works in mind as well as body. I don't care how you decide to do this, David, just do it or you will regret it.”

He said nothing, nodding his head as he walked out. He would do what his master told him to but he would do it when and how he chose. This had not been the kind of distraction he was looking for but when did fate care what he wanted. He sped back to the cave, pushing his bike to feel some sort of freedom again, some modicum of control. In reality he seemed to have very little of either.

Dwayne looked up from his checkers game when David returned. He'd spent over eighty years with the blond and could tell by the set of his shoulders and the tension around his eyes that he was pissed. Apparently he'd gotten news from Max that he didn't like or want. He gestured for Paul to take his place in the game with Laddie, going over to his Sire. He offered a cigarette from his jacket pocket that was accepted.

“What's the word?”

“That guy from last night, the one we saw following Star. We're to turn him.”

That quickly David's mood was passed on to the brunette. He could picture who he meant perfectly in his mind, the curly hair and the brown crappy jacket. It meant he'd stood out in a crowd of people on the Boardwalk, during summer, on a concert night. That one's middle name spelled trouble to Dwayne and he didn't need a birth certificate to prove it. The fact that he'd come on the heels of Star only reinforced the feeling.

“David, that guy, he's bad news.”

“You feel it?” His nod didn't surprise the blond. “So do I. Unfortunately it's something that must be done.”

David tilted his head to show a brief glimpse of his neck under the jacket collar. It was light enough inside and long enough that Dwayne could see the livid purple bruises surrounding the rapidly healing puncture wounds. He winced in sympathy, knowing he had to be suffering a pretty hefty amount of blood loss. Max never used his fangs lightly, he made damn sure they felt their weakness compared to him every time. David was often the last of them to take nourishment of either blood or even human food, the loss had to be hitting him hard. He stepped closer head to the side, offering his blood to replenish his Sire's. He'd fed well and recently, he could afford the loss and not have it slow him too much. David waved him away, shaking his head.

“So why is this kid so important?”

“He's not. His mother is the important one. He has a bad case of the fever for this one and he wants her to join us. He thinks if he takes her sons she'll come easy, like a protective mother he said. You've seen her, too.”

“The one with the short hair? Damn it, this feels wrong. Very fucking wrong, David.”

“I have to, he used his power to order it. His mistake was telling me I could do it how I wanted to and I will. I'll take care of this don't worry about it. Maybe we'll have some fun with it.”

His doubt came through perfectly in the sarcasm. “You're Sire, you know best.”

“Dwayne, I will.”

“If it's in your power to do so. The way this feels I think it might be beyond even you. Protecting mother? He said that? That sounds too close to Guardian Mother for my comfort, David. What if he's looking to replace Poe? What if he tries to make this one our new Matri? You know there can be only one.”

Paul who was ease dropping snorted with sudden laughter. “There can be only one! I'm Conner MacLeod of the clan MacLeod!”

Laddie laughed with him. “Hey, I watched that movie! Can I have a sword like that? I want to cut off heads!”

“Why cut them off when you can just rip them apart with your teeth?”

“Paul! Knock it off, he'll have nightmares!”

He glared at Star who was coming out of the bathing cavern. “Chill out, we all know you are the one who gets the nightmares around here.” His tone went falsetto. “David, please, I don't wanna stay here alone. David, help I need blood. David, David, David! Grow up and take a fucking life already, cause I'm sick of your shit!”

She threw the empty shampoo bottle in her hand at his head but missed. “Fuck you, Paul!”


She flipped him off one last time before flouncing behind the curtains to Poe's bed. David shook his head with a grunt of frustration. This cave was getting too small for the two of them and their resentments. He turned back to Dwayne, speaking quietly.

“Laddie looks better, did the marrow work this time?”

“As good as it can. The blood Poe left us in the mix seems to strengthen it's effects. There's not much left now, though. If this thing works with the guy and his mom what will she think?”

“She left of her own free will and her say in what we do went with her.”

“I want to call her back. I'd wait for her to come on her own but Laddie needs her and - ”

“It's been eight months, Dwayne, she's not coming back. If she wanted to be here, she'd be here. We should all forget about her.”

Betrayal flickered across Dwayne's face and then anger. “You may have sired so many that you can just forget one of your blood but I can't. She was my first Childe, David, and all I can do is remember.”

David watched his first fly from the cave, feeling his rage brush over him, leaving regret. Tonight was not his night. He went over to his chair, slumping in it and dragging his hand over the back of his neck. The still tender wounds make him wince and then he winced some more when he looked over at Paul's pissed off expression. Laddie was just staring down at the bright red of his plastic checkers and he knew the boy had heard what he said as well. The familial guilt was complete except for one blond who was absent.

“Where the hell is Marko?”

The blond in question was standing in a room across town, the room Poe had broken into eight months prior. He also knew how to work the microfilm reader and was going on a hunch, clutching a picture in his fingers as he looked. It was of two brunette teens sitting on the hood of a familiar black desoto, Poe's shy eyes focused away from the camera and on the young man she was curled up behind. If he hadn't known better he would have thought it was some old boyfriend of hers, if not for the smiles on similar shaped lips that is. So there he was looking for some clue as to who this guy was by the name scrawled on the photos back and the year. He was three hours into his search before he hit on anything at all. The fact that it was a death certificate make his stomach turn and so did the cause.

“Holy shit.”
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