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Broken Home by wickedpurrz

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Story Notes:
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.
Summary: This is the second part in the Home series. It takes place during Poe's absence from the boys' lives after she found out one of them was responsible for her brother's death.
Pairing: No set pairings as usual though this fic may have male/male sex scenes, I'm not sure yet 100%
Feedback: love the feedback, it keeps me writing! Constructive criticism is appreciated. =]
Author's Notes: This story sadly follows events that take place in the film, told from the vampire POV. We're in for a some angsty times ya'll but again I promise all will be smoothed out and made better!! I'm sorry. I been feeling the guilt about this section since day one believe me but my muse is pretty damn adamant about it all happening. She always was a sadistic biatch.
Author's Chapter Notes:
Sorry this one is a little short. The next should be up soon. =]
Paul was the first one out of the sleeping chamber, leaving his spot of rest a little before the sun set completely. He wanted to find out where Poe had spent her night, why she'd come in smelling of tears and why she hadn't kissed any of them good night. If she was mad at him or the others then he wanted to know why. He didn't like getting the stink eye and not knowing what he did to deserve it. It brought back too many childhood memories.

The sight of the empty bed brought him up short. Not once since she'd started sleeping in her bed had she not been in it when they woke up. She usually waited for the first of them to come in for morning nookie or at least a make out session. Something was not right with this picture. He went down the tunnel to the bathing cavern, thinking maybe she wanted a bath or was hiding again. He was met with darkness and no sign of her.

“Ok, what the hell?”

He came back out, rechecking Laddie's bed and even looking in with Star. Both were lacking the person he sought. He ignored the rising desire to freak out, his eyes falling on two bottles of crimson fluid sitting on the cracked coffee table with a note leaning on them. He snatched it up seeing the words To My Family written on the front. He unfolded the paper, reading the note with ever widening eyes. Now it was time to freak out.

“DAVID!” He shouted, stomping to the cavern entrance, not caring that he woke the others. “David, wake the fuck up and get out here!”

His Sire emerged amidst the loud cursing of his brothers. “What the fuck? Why are you yelling?”

“Poe's gone.”

That caught Dwayne's yawning attention as well as Laddie and Star's. “What do you mean she's gone? Gone where?”

David wasn't one to take another's word for anything. He strode over to Poe's bed himself, running his hands through the blankets and over the mattress. He frowned at the lack of heat in them. He went back to the others who grouped at the fountain with a shake of his head, stepping around the two halfs as they joined them.

“Her bed's ice cold, she hasn't been in it for at least a half hour. Where could she go? The sun's still out.”

“Barely. Any of us could go out there now if we had on enough clothes and be fine.”

“I always wondered if the sun actually burned her but guys listen. She left this note. To My Pack, I'm sorry you had to wake up without me here today but I had to go. I need to get some things settled in my mind and I don't think I can do that here with all of you. Every one of you is such a lovely distraction that it makes me forget that sometimes a person just needs to think and be silent for a while. I love you all very much but I guess I'm Wendy after all. Yours Forever, Poe.” Paul frowned at the other five, confusion written plainly across his face.

“What the hell does that even mean, she's Wendy?” Exclaimed Marko.

Dwayne shook his head. “No idea.”

David knew though, he knew exactly what it meant. Poe had left them, left him and hadn't even had the guts to tell him to his face. He grabbed the nearest movable object which happened to be a candle laden wine bottle and threw it hard against the opposite wall. His roar of rage was loud enough to almost drown out the sounds of shattering glass. The sight of the normally calm blond so upset sent Laddie into Star's arms, the fringe on her shawl blending with his hair. Dwayne stepped over to him, touching his shoulder lightly. He blinked at David who'd gone into fang with his anger.

“David, what does that mean? She's Wendy, what does that mean to you?”

He took a calming breath. “The first night I took out Poe, he called her our Wendy and she didn't like it. She said Wendy left her Lost Boys and was forgotten. Her saying she's Wendy now means she's left us and expects us to forget her like Peter did his Wendy.”

Laddie shoved away from Star, running between David and Dwayne. “How could she think that? She's Poe! She's my . . .she's our . . .”

Dwayne picked him up when his voice cracked. “I know, little man. We all know.”

“Should we go after her? She can't be far from here.”

David's head moved in the negative as he lifted his hands to examine the gouges he'd dug in his palms. “She wanted to leave us of her own free will. I won't make her come back if she doesn't want to be here anymore.”

A moment later the rest of his pack watched him disappear out of the cave's entrance. Marko followed saying nothing besides a murmur about feeding they hardly heard. Dwayne moved to the couch with Laddie, cradling him as he cried his own face impassive, eyes hollow. Paul stared in shock, crumpling the paper in his fist before launching himself at Star with an angry snarl.

“You did this!” He didn't lay a finger on her but his body shook with the desire to. “You talked to her this morning, I saw you go over to her. What did you say? What did you say to make her leave?”

She gaped at him. “I-I didn't say anything. I asked her about -”

“I don't believe you! You've wanted her gone since you saw we loved her and not you, that David loved her. The reason you drank his blood wasn't because you wanted to be one of us, it was because you wanted ties to him! Ties Poe didn't have all to herself, wasn't it? You tried your damnedest to drive a wedge between them and now she's gone! Funny Laddie was fine until you showed up, we were all fine. This is all your fault! You are a fucking curse we need to get rid of! We should cut your ass and let the sharks eat you!”

She choked a little on her tears. “I didn't meant to, I didn't mean to! But I found him first, I love him . . .”

“You think he'll love you now?” Paul grabbed her, tugging her head back with a malicious laugh. “How fucking stupid are you, Star? You think he'll love you when you cost him Poe? He might have eventually in one way or another but he won't now.”

“I'll go. I'll - ”

“You think he'll just let you go? He'll keep you now just so you know he hates you. That every time he looks at you you'll know he sees her and every time he fuck you - ”


He tugged her closer, nails stabbing her arms, voice growling over her ear before he shoved her away so hard she fell. “You'll let him, you know. You'll take what punishment he gives not because you love him but because you loved her too and now she's gone.”

He stepped over her sobbing form, needing to get away from her or hurt her like his inner vampire was screaming at him to do. Her fault, her fault, it said but he knew that maybe it wasn't and killing her would solve nothing. Who said he had no control? He paused at the cave's entrance, turning to hold out a hand to Laddie and Dwayne. Laddie ran to him and Paul grabbed him up, hugging his son tight, fighting off the prickles of tears at the scent of Poe's shampoo in his brown hair.

“She'll come back, Laddie. She loves us, love you very much, so she'll be back.”

Paul's eyes met Dwayne's, a small part of him looking for the same reassurances he spoke to Laddie. The brunette's face held no such assurances for his grown pack brother because once, long ago Dwayne had promised to never lie to him. They left Star a sobbing mess on the floor and started a habit that all of them except Laddie and occasionally David would pick up. They ignored her unless forced to do otherwise.

It was hard for each of them to remember who they were before Poe. A single month had made so many changes to their pack and not just the two half vampires with them now. By the time summer came around the six of them had developed ways of coping. The one theme being that none of them talked about it, ever and if you did you got ignored.

Laddie clung to the only female in their group, sometimes closing his eyes while they cuddled, pretending with all his might. Star and David spent their nights on the Boardwalk but rarely together. He sought out victims to play mind games with that often resulted in vengeful feeds every other night, even when he didn't need them. Star let the noise of the crowds, the simple excitements of adults and kids temper the aching loneliness inside her. Marko hid behind his smiles more then ever, not showing the slightest hints of any upset which would spark Paul's anger on certain narcotics or send him into fits of laughter on others.

The reckless blond spent the majority of his waking hours, what few there were in summer, in a chemical induced haze and the others let him, not knowing how to fight their own problems and someone else's, too. Dwayne however drew the line when he found him shooting up one night, shouting that pot and pills were one thing but he wasn't going to let his brother slide back into the junkie hole he'd tried to so hard to yank him out of. It was one of the last times the brunette spoke so loudly. He was always one of few words and Poe's absence made it worse still. He stopped inviting conversation with anyone except Laddie who soaked up up the attention he missed from Paul.

David, even with his games, saw all of this and finally decided his boys needed to remember how to be vampires and not act like emotional teen aged wrecks who got dumped by their girlfriends. They needed to be reminded that vampires weren't designed to sit around moping, they were supposed to live in the better moments and kill the rest. They needed a distraction.
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