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David's Nightmare Date by PythonPrincess

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Story Notes:
Another rhyming piece, just for fun.
(Disturbing thoughts of David after a failed dinner date)

David, fuming to himself..

'Went out one night with a preacher's daughter...
She hosed me down with Holy Water!
The bitch just would not relent,
She said, "You'll be saved if you just Repent.."

'Well, she's the one that had better pray,
I'll get my revenge in a bloody spray.
She wants to save me, this I know,
So I'll ask her "How far are you willing to go?"

'I'll take her to the sunken hotel,
and give her a real glimpse of hell.
I'll feast on her blood by candlelight,
and wish her softly..."Nighty Night"...

'All the fishes she can save,
When I toss her down to her watery grave.
And I'll not feel any despair,
But will Daddy hear her dying prayer?'
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