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Dwayne's Personal Ad by PythonPrincess

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Story Notes:
Also in rhyme.
Dwayne's Personal Ad

Is there a girl out there who likes brown, soulful eyes?
(Who sighs real sweet in my ear while she dies?)
We can reach for the stars and race with the moon...
(It ends all too fast when you feel yourself swoon...)
Sometimes my 'little brother' might tag along.
(We'll toast S'mores on your bones and sing a camp song!)
I like to go bare-chested, but I'll bring a shirt, just in case.
(I gotta have something to mop up my face!)
I tuck it in my waistband; you can wear it if you'd like.
(I'll dress up your corpse and parade you around on my bike!)
My kind of girl should know how to have fun.
(But you won't be having much when our date is done...)
I like tight jeans, long hair and high heels!
(When I gnaw up your neck, it's okay if you squeal.)
If I souund like your man, why be alone?
(Really? Not when I could drain you to the bone!)
Take a chance on me if you think I'm the one!
(You'll never live to see another sun!)

Signed, Tall, Dark and Dangerous
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