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Marko's Personal Ad by PythonPrincess

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Story Notes:
This is also written in rhyming format.
Marko's Personal Ad

I seem kind of reserved, quiet; sort of shy.
(But there's much more to me than what meets the eye!)
I like lots of colors and have lots of flair.
(If you wanna die young, try cutting my hair...Well, you'll die young anyways, but where was I?)
I like carousel rides and games at the arcade
(If you get really lucky, you won't be drained when you get laid!)
Motorcycle rides and beach bonfires are always fun!
(Too bad you'll be in the ashes when the bonfire's done!)
Maybe a group date would put you at ease?
(If the boys kinda like you, I'll go get Chinese!)
I like petite girls, because I'm not very tall.
(I'll drain you real slow so I can savor it all...)
I don't like a chick who's hair is prettier than mine.
(Don't think for one second that we'll pass you the wine!)
I don't care what your sign is, or if your thin or fat,
(really, my tastes run much deeper than that!)
I just wanna have fun with one special chick.
(Until her body looks like a 'Red Asphalt' flick!)
Drop me a line, and I'll get in touch!
(Hopefully, your folks won't miss you too much...)

Signed 'Hell on Wheels'
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