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David's Personal Ad by PythonPrincess

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Story Notes:
This was a request from the Lost Boys forum from the "No Love for David Lovers" thread...poking fun at the tendency to over romantacize David's character. I'm just having a bit of fun, here. It's written in rhyme, and the original response was a Valentine's verse I wrote that said...
'Roses are Red, I Bit Your Head, Then I Fed, Now You're Dead."
Happy Valentines Day. -L- David.
Perfunctory Disclaimer- I don’t own any of the people or places except the ones I create.

David’s Personal Ad

I don’t go to bars to pick up on chicks.
(I don’t have to resort to those kinds of tricks).
Deep down inside, I’m a sensitive guy.
(Trust me, I can make you believe any old lie).
I like riding my bike and ‘hanging’ with my friends.
(Believe me, with them, the fun never ends!)
I enjoy renting movies from the shop on the pier.
(Even when the owner tosses me out on my rear).
I’d like to take you for a ride to the cliff,
(and hold you all night ‘til your body gets stiff),
or maybe watch a movie and grab a quick bite to eat.
(guess who’s on the menu…ha ha ha…Your Treat!)
I like a girl who’s a bit of a flirt.
(Who doesn’t squirm too much when her blood starts to squirt)!
I hope you’re a night owl, because I sleep all day.
(I’m not picky about blood type, but I dig Type A!)
If this sounds like you, maybe we should meet!
(I will literally sweep you off your feet!)
Leave your number with your response; I’ll give you a call…
(and if your blood tastes nasty, I’ll toss your leftovers to Paul. Really. He takes Sloppy Seconds. He’ll eat anything!
Signed, Rough and Ready
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