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Flesh by Black Raven

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Story Notes:
To be safe, I'm just warning you guys now, this does involve full on necrophilia (as in fully dead corpses). There's also anal, light bloodplay, violence, and other stuff that might be disturbing.

Basically, it's vampires being vampires. But you all have fair warning. Don't think you can handle it, don't read it.
Author's Chapter Notes:
This first chapter is light stuff. The heavy, violent, potentially disturbing stuff happens in chapter 2.
Ada gasped at the feeling of being filled, stretched. It bordered just this side of pain as she leaned heavily into Marko's chest. His dick twitched inside her as Dwayne's pushed into her ass hole. He pushed in firmly but slowly, letting her get use to the sensation of having two cocks in her. Marko hissed and bucked his hips when her wet heat pulled tighter and Dwayne's cock brushed against his, only separated by a thin wall of skin.

She gave a strangled gasp when Marko sat up slightly, impaling her fully on Dwayne's thick member. Both men paused for a few moments to give her time to catch her breath and relax. A moan escaped her as Dwayne snaked a hand around her waist and rubbed lightly at her clit. Marko rocked his hips, keeping an iron grip on her upper thighs as he fucked her slow.

Marko spread his thighs wider apart where they hung over the edge of the bench, making it easier for Dwayne to get comfortable leaning against the edge. Dwayne's eyes rolled back in his head as he began pumping in and out of that blissfully tight heat. Ada moaned helplessly as they sped up, each finding their own rhythm separate from each other. Marko pounded his hips up mercilessly in short, sharp thrusts while Dwayne pumped in and out with long smooth movements.

Ada was helpless, nearly crushed between the two forces. Her insides clenched and she cried out as Marko leaned forward and latched onto one of her nipples. He continued his pounding pace as he sucked and bit at her breasts, uncaring of any pain that mixed with the pleasure. His fingers dug gouges into her upper thighs, drawing whimpers of pleasure from her. Dwayne upped his pace as his finger nails lengthened to claws and he dug them into her hips, not caring of the damage they caused. Ada threw her head back and cried out in ecstasy as Marko found a place deep inside her that made lights dance across her eyes every time he rubbed against it.

Wild animalistic growls were torn from the two boys as Ada's insides clenched uncontrollably around their cocks. Marko groaned and panted as he bit into the junction between neck and shoulder, drawing blood but not puncturing like he so wanted. Her wet, searing hot insides clenched around him as the pain registered in her mind, and the sensation of Dwayne's dick nearly drove him mad with lust. He tightened his grip on her and moaned as he eyed Dwayne over her shoulder.

The dark boy was already shifted, his yellow eyes and ridged forehead contrasting with the gleaming sweat over his tanned skin. Dwayne gave a strangled growl and upped his pace, pounding into the helpless girl. With much effort he reached around her and rubbed viciously at her clit, causing her to writhe and moan against him. Dwayne could feel himself getting closer, the scent of blood was nearly too much as he locked eyes with Marko. The blonde had also shifted, but Ada was too far gone to notice.

She came with a scream, jerking sharply with each thrust, riding the waves of her release. Her walls clenched uncontrollably and heat flooded her insides like liquid fire. The pleasure was nearly enough to make her weep as she could feel every inch of them as they continued pounding into her over sensitive flesh. The prickle of teeth on her neck only enhanced the feeling, and when a second set started nibbling the other side of her throat she moaned and wiggled a bit. Their rigid cocks still slicked roughly in and out of her to the point of pain and as she came down off the high of orgasm she puzzled why they had not cum yet.

Dwayne and Marko locked eyes with each other and bit down at the same time, drawing a scream of horror from Ada as she felt the fangs pierce deeply on either side of her throat. She struggled wildly but they kept their arms around her in an iron grip, trapping her in their embrace. They continued their bruising pace as they fed, basking in the waves of fear and pain and pleasure that came off of her as they fed from and fucked her. The blood was like sweet nectar as it slid down their throats, making them grow even harder as the new blood coursed through them. A light flush appeared across Marko's skin, and Dwayne could feel heat spread through him as he drank deeper, ripping flesh and crunching bone as he tried getting more blood from the cooling body.
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