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Meetings by Black Raven

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Story Notes:
This is a crossover with the tv show Supernatural. It is PWP with some warnings for minor kinks. It is Paul/Dean.
"Dude, get off me, no way am I letting you top."

"Well no way am I letting you top. I don't know you, why should I let you fuck me?"

"Because I'm the one who propositioned you, not the other way around."

"That is total bullshit."

Dean glared ferociously at the blonde vampire. They had met earlier that evening in a bar in a little piss ant town called Santa Carla, California. Sam had ditched him earlier to check out the local library while Dean went out and actually worked for their money. Money that Sam seemed to think grew on trees if his Double Espresso Cafe' Mocha thing-a-ma-jig earlier was anything to go by.

He had been hustling some bikers at pool when the hottest creature walked through the door. Long blonde hair, big blue eyes, legs that went for miles, and lithe muscles outlined perfectly by a see-through fishnet shirt. The blonde beauty had sauntered in like he owned the place, cocky smirk in place. Dean knew right then that he had to have him. It have been a while since he had fucked a guy, but it was rather like riding a bicycle.

He had kept an eye on the blonde as he finished up his pool game and collected his money. He had gone up to the bar and ordered another beer, gazing at the blonde next to him out of the corner of his eye. The wild looking man had eyed his ass appreciatively as Dean leaned against the bar, facing away from him as he sipped from the long neck bottle.

Dean was immensely pleased when he felt a light tap on his shoulder. He turned to face the long haired man head on. They had talked for about a half hour before the blonde, Paul, had brought up the topic of going to a hotel. Dean had pretended to think about it before nodding and downing the rest of his beer.

Such is how they found themselves half naked and painfully aroused as they fought over who would mount who. They glared at each other, neither budging an inch in their contest of wills. With an irritate noise, Dean snaked a hand out and grabbed a hold of the blonde's dick, giving it a warning squeeze. Paul groaned in surprise and bucked up into the hunter's hand.

"If you want me to do anything with this, then you had better let me top."

He gave a sharp tug and let go, Paul growled in frustration and shook his hair out of his face. The hunter eyed him expectantly and crawled to the end of the bed and got to his feet. Paul was about to protest when he saw Dean reach for the waistband of his boxers. He watched in anticipation as the other man slowly drew the offending article of clothing down his legs, exposing his almost painful hard-on to the cool air of the room.

Dean eyed Paul with dark sultry eyes and licked his lips enticingly. The vampire had all he could do not to shift into his feeding face right then. The short haired man looked too good not to eat. The man knelt down at the end of the bed and and crawled his way back up to Paul, as if he were a lion stalking its prey. The irony was not lost on Paul as he smirked at Dean through half lidded eyes.

The man looked like a porn star, kneeling on the bed between Paul's legs, biting and sucking his way up his thighs. A hiss escaped Paul's lips and he went boneless as the other man bit down hard on the junction between thigh and balls. He arched up into Dean's hand as the hunter stoked calloused fingers down his straining cock. The Winchester smirked up at Paul and rubbed his cheek against the inside of one creamy thigh, then delicately licked the very tip of the blonde's cock.

"Fuuuck! Do that again!"

Dean gave a wolfish grin and shook his head. He moved his attention from his cock back to his thighs, licking and biting to the point where he broke the surface a couple times. All the blonde could do was lay back and moan helplessly. He was so turned on right then that it was not even funny. He had to fight not to growl in pleasure as he felt warm wetness on one thigh where the human had bit through the skin.

Dean very nearly purred as he lapped up some of the blood. He felt a stab of pleasure at the thought that he had marked this beauty in some way. He licked his way back up one thigh and without warning swallowed Paul's entire cock to the base. The blonde jerked and bucked his hips wildly in surprise, a pleasured shout spilling from his lips.

Paul tried to stop moving as he felt Dean choke slightly. He clenched his teeth and strained to hold himself still as Dean slowly worked his tongue along the underside of his cock. The blonde groaned and sucked in a quick breath as the other man started bobbing his head slowly, the hot, wet heat and scraping tongue and teeth up and down his length nearly driving him crazy. He gave a breathy moan as Dean snaked a hand up and started tugging lightly on his balls, rolling them in time with his mouth. Paul panted and bucked his hips as that delicious tongue ran over his slit.

He smirked despite his pleasure as he felt Dean's other hand creeping up his thigh slowly towards his ass. He was a sneaky bastard. Paul sat up abruptly, almost letting out a sob at the loss of that blissful heat. But there was an even sweeter heat waiting for him. He did not want to cum before he was nestled snugly in between the human's ass cheeks.

He pulled Dean up and crashed their lips together in a savage kiss, tongues battling for dominance, neither willing to give in. Neither minded the tang of blood as they nipped and bit at each others lips and chin. Paul bit down on Dean's neck and was rewarded with a sharp nip to the ear. They both moaned when Dean ground his hips down and reminded both of them of his until then neglected erection.

Paul smirked and flipped them over so he was on top. Dean scowled at him but soon forgot about his previous protests as Paul ground their pelvises together. He moaned and bit into the blonde's shoulder, a jolt of pleasure ran through him at the taste of blood and he lapped it up eagerly with grunts and groans as he rubbed himself against Paul. He made an irritated sound at the back of his throat when he felt the probing finger at his entrance, but he did not protest when it rubbed at him and eased in up to the first knuckle.

The finger was unlubricated, but neither of them cared as it Paul moved it in and out a few times, both savoring the sensation. He removed it briefly despite Dean's quite vocal protests and spat in his hand, spreading the saliva over his fingers. He then continued his ministrations. He may have liked it rough, but he did not want to hurt his partner in such a way. He added a second finger and bit down hard on Dean's collar bone as he crooked his fingers and rubbed against the short haired man's prostate.

Dean pushed himself back on Paul's fingers roughly and released a pleasured grunt as the fingers scraped against the nub inside of him again. He moaned when Paul added a third finger, pumping smoothly in and out, scissoring them slightly to stretch his hole. Dean leaned up and bit Paul with a pleased moan as the blonde started rubbing his prostate with every stroke. As pleasurable as this was, he wanted to cum. Paul seemed to get the message as he pulled his fingers out and roughly flipped dean over on his stomach.

Shivering in anticipation as he got to his knees, Dean sent a searing gaze over his shoulder and arched his back in silent invitation. The vampire groaned appreciatively at the sight of the normally prideful human on his knees, ass in the air waiting for him. He spat in his hand and rubbed it over the head of his dick. It was not very good preparation, but neither of them cared. They both liked pain.

He rubbed the head of his cock up and down Dean's crease before letting it come to rest over his puckered entrance. He pushed forward slowly, letting Dean get use to him before pushing all the way in. Dean gasped as he felt himself stretch to accommodate Paul's thick cock. It had been a while since he had last taken it up the ass and saliva did not make for good lube. However he felt no pain despite the moderate discomfort. He moaned when Paul reached around and fisted his weeping dick to distract him as he slid in up to the hilt. They both paused, Paul to gain back some control, and Dean to get use to the sensation of being filled.

Paul pulled out slightly and eased back in, grunting with the strain of holding himself back. Sweat beaded down his thighs and between his shoulder blades as he pumped his hips shallowly as a means of easing the other man back into the experience of being fucked. Dean moaned prettily and thrust himself back onto Paul's cock, not content with the slow pace the other man had set. Paul complied with Dean's demands happily, pulling almost all the way out and slamming back in with a force that would have made Dean fall forward onto his face if it weren't for Paul's arm around his waist keeping his hips at the right angle.

Dean let out a ragged moan of pleasure as Paul slammed into his tight entrance, feeling every inch of his rigid cock as it slid roughly inside him. He growled and moaned as the blonde shifted position and stroked deeper, rubbing roughly against his prostate with every thrust. White hot bursts of pleasure raced up his spine as he got closer to the edge.

Paul felt Dean's tight heat clenching all around him, felt the wet, clenching tunnel and heard the moans and grunts and the slap of flesh on flesh. He tightened his grip around Dean's waist and renewed his thrusts, a string of filthy nonsense words spilling from his mouth as he fought to keep himself from losing complete control. He could feel himself getting closer to his release. He snaked his hand down Dean's toned abdomen and roughly fisted his cock. He stroked it in time with his thrusts, moaning wildly as he felt the hunter start to clench down on him. He tightened his fist and jerked him hard several times.

The sound Dean made would forever be denied by him as originating from his vocal chords. He arched his back and gave a sobbing moan, jerking his hips back savagely he clenched his teeth as he came hard, spurting his cum on the sheets and Paul's hand. Paul growled as he pounded into the tightly clenching tunnel, grunting animalistically as he bit into the flesh in between Dean's shoulder blades. He let out a snarl as he orgasmed, spilling his warm cum inside his partner.

He slid his softening dick out and rolled off of Dean. The hunter silently blamed his sudden exhaustion on the fact that he snuggled up to the blonde like a girl. Paul almost purred as he held the dozing human to his chest. That was the best fuck he had had in a long time. Which was saying something considering all the women and men he had gone through in the past year or so. He nibbled contently on the junction between neck and shoulder, causing Dean to moan and shift against him slightly. He laughed when the hunter tiredly muttered something along the lines of "Go fuck yourself".

He gave one last nibble before laying back on the pillow and sighing. He could feel the weight of the sun as it crept slowly over the horizon. Soon he would fall into the dead sleep of the vampires. He knew when he woke up that night that Dean would be gone, as always. The other man may be a hunter, but Paul could honestly say he would miss the cocky little human when he left again for the hunt. As Dean fell back into his doze, his last thoughts were that he was going to miss the cocky headstrong vampire when he left with Sam again.
Chapter End Notes:
This might-MIGHT-spawn a backstory. If I can make some headway on Dead Ends and a couple other stories.
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