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Author's Chapter Notes:
I do not own the characters or general movie plotline. Anything you recognize belongs to their respective owners. Tempest is mine as is the most of the plotline that you don't recognize from the movie.

*Ok, I was watching The Lost Boys tonight and I got inspired. This is an AU, meaning I have added another character but also that I will be manipulating the story line to fit my own needs. Some of the lines are used from the movie, you will know them. I own nothing but Tempest, the rest belong to WB and Joel Schumacher. Please read and review. This is rather long so I hope you enjoy this. Please let me know how you like it. Happy reading!

Chapter One

Pain and darkness was no stranger to Tempest Logan; in fact they were her constant companions. The only bit of happiness she had was with her new adopted family, the Emersons. The adoption had just been finalized but now it was overshadowed with the quiet divorce of her adopted mother and her now ex-husband.

It had started out a year ago when her then best friend Michael had found out about her home life: the beatings, the mental and sexual abuse. When he had found the bruises, which she had kept hidden by her clothing and careful makeup applications, he had gone berserk, taking her to his home and calling the police. His mother, Lucy, insisted on Tempest staying with them and, after her father was thrown in prison, had filed for adoption of the 15 year old girl. After many hearings it had been finalized, 3 months after Tempest’s 16th birthday.

Time passed and things seemed like they were going good for a while. Tempest felt like she had family and love, she felt safe and happy for the first time in her life. Then it happened, Harry, her adopted father, had been found having an affair with a younger woman and Lucy promptly filed for divorce. It was a relatively quiet affair as Lucy only wanted her children and their possessions. This is why they now found themselves driving down the California highway, heading towards the town of Santa Carla to live with Lucy’s dad.

The drive up passed in a blur of asphalt and traffic, nothing exciting enough to really stick in her mind. Tempest contented herself with talking with her new family, teasing her new brothers and chatting with Lucy about her new grandfather. During the last leg of the trip was when the chatting turned into a playful argument over the radio which lasted until they got to the city limits of their destination.

Lucy pulled in at the boardwalk which was teeming with people. The screams of excitement filled her ears; the smells of various foods assaulted her nose and the bright California sun warmed her skin. She smiled slightly, this was definitely different from Phoenix.

“Mom, Tempest and I are going to go look around, see if I can find me a job.”

“Ok, honey, meet me back here in a half an hour, we need to get to your grandpa’s and get settled in.”

With a quick nod the two teenagers took off down the boardwalk, Michael stopping and talking to people about finding a job. At every place he stopped, though, he got the same answer: nothing legal. After nearly a half hour of failures the two trailed back to the car and Tempest got in. They didn’t have to wait long before Lucy and Sammy joined them and they took off towards grandpa’s house, Michael following behind on his motorcycle.

They spent the rest of the afternoon settling in, unloading their stuff and trying to create some semblance of order. The three teenagers contented themselves with teasing each other while unpacking and listening to grandpa’s ‘rules’. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, they were done.

The family devoured a quick meal before Lucy suggested that the family, minus grandpa, go to the boardwalk. The kids could have some fun while she looked for a job. The idea was quickly accepted and, after they all cleaned up, they would go.

Tempest rushed through a quick shower and went to her closet to find some clothes. After a few minutes of deliberation she finally settled on an outfit of tight fitting blue jeans, black t-shirt under a blue jean vest and black boots. After a small touch of makeup and pulling her hair back in a ponytail she left her room, content with how she looked.

Michael and Lucy were waiting but Sam wasn’t down yet. A few seconds later footsteps were heard coming down the stairs. Quick goodbyes were said to grandpa and they all headed out the door to the car.

They arrived at the boardwalk, which was lit up and filled with more people than it had been earlier that day. The sounds of a concert was heard and, after talking with Lucy, Sam and Michael headed towards it. Lucy and Tempest walked a little ways together before splitting up, Lucy to look for a job and Tempest to get a feel for the place.

It wasn’t long before the loud sounds of motorcycles filled the air. Tempest looked up and watched a group of guys who looked around her age dismount. A girl, who had been sitting behind the spiky blonde haired boy, grabbed the hand of a young boy who had gotten off the back of a dark haired young man’s bike and they took off.

Tempest watched them for a few minutes, all of them were good looking and they just had an aura about them that made you just have to look. Before long the blonde in the trench coat looked up, meeting her eyes and arching an eyebrow. The other boys, noticing their friend’s preoccupation, looked towards her too and small smirks played upon their lips. It was only a moment before they started walking towards her, stopping a foot in front of her.

“You’re new around here, aren’t you?”

“You could tell, huh? I just moved here today with my family from Phoenix. My name’s Tempest Logan Emerson.”

“Well, let us be the first to welcome you to Santa Carla. I’m David, this is Dwayne, Paul and Marko.”

Tempest shook their offered hands quickly before offering a “Pleased to meet you.”

“Since you’re new around here, would you like to hang with us? We’ll give you the tour, show you around Santa Carla.”

“I’d love to. My brothers abandoned me so it would be nice to have the company.”

The boys surrounded Tempest, two on each side and led her down the sidewalk. Passing various stores and vendors she looked around curiously. It was quiet in the little group for a while, the sounds of the carnival goers filling the silence of the night.

“So, Tempest, what made your family move out here?” David asked.

“Well, a couple months after the adoption went through mother found her now ex husband cheating on her. She filed for divorce, got custody of us and moved us here to live with her father.”


“Yeah, I’m adopted. Michael was my best friend growing up, and after my father was thrown in prison Lucy had me live with them and adopted me. It took me a while to get better but I finally did and well now we’re here.”

David gave her a curios look out of the corner of his eye, noting her wording and filing it away to ask about later. There was something about the girl that attracted him. It wasn’t beauty, though she was that; wine red hair that reached down to her waist, sparkling green eyes that spoke of dark secrets and pain and sorrow deep within, a trim figure and a pixie-ish face. He knew the boys felt it too, could tell from the looks they were shooting at her, the sense of confusion within their blood link. David had a feeling that this one would bring a change within their little group, a good one he thinks, but he knows that this girl is destined to be pack.

The girl was a paradox; she seemed friendly and was even teasing the boys, but yet she also seemed a bit distant. There was deep hurt in her eyes, an age old wisdom buried underneath it all and a wariness that was deep rooted.

The gang and their new, and as yet unknowing, recruit walked around the boardwalk, just enjoying each other’s company. Good natured ribbing abounded throughout, Paul and Marko chattering up a storm to keep Tempest entertained and to learn more of her. Dwayne and David added to the commentary once in a while but mostly stayed silent, amused smirks gracing their faces at the antics of their two friends. It was clear that the two youngest of the group liked the girl and in fact were of like mind as their two older friends about what was to happen with Tempest.

After a while of spending company together Tempest saw a girl walking toward them, dressed in gypsy garb and holding the hand of a young boy. When the boys saw her their attitudes changed, becoming a little cooler and withdrawn.

“Star, take Laddie out to the bikes. We’ll meet you there in a bit.”

With a curt nod the newly named Star walked off with the boy, who looked back at Tempest and then over at the boys.

David walked up to Tempest, raising her hand to his lips and giving her fingers an elegant, gentle kiss. Dwayne followed suit, Paul kissed her forehead and Marko gave her an enthusiastic hug.

“We’ve gotta go, Tempest. Will you be here tomorrow night?” David asked.

“I will be, I’ll be following Michael and Sammy. I’ll probably end up walking since Michael only has the bike so I’ll be a bit later, though.”

“If you can wait we’ll come and get ya. If you’ll just tell us where to find ya we’ll be there after sunset.”

Tempest told them how to get to her new house and, after quick goodbyes were said, the boys walked off towards their bikes. Tempest waited until they were out of sight, and then quickly walked off to look for Michael and Sam.

After five minutes of walking around she finally found them, Michael looking harried and anxious and Sammy looking highly amused.

“Tempest, I saw you with those guys. What do you think you were doing?”

“I was making some friends, Michael, what’s it to you? They’re really nice and kept me company when you and Sam ran off and left me. I like them.”

Michael glowered at her, his eyes dark with a hint of anger but he didn’t say anything more. Instead the three siblings walked off to find their mother. They found her outside of a shop called Max’s Video Store. Lucy said a quick goodbye to a pleasant looking older man and they left.

After the family got home Tempest took off to her room, closing the door and changing quickly before climbing into her bed, thinking of the boys she had met that night. She was impressed and was definitely attracted to them. David, the spiky blonde headed, trench coat wearing boy was quiet and cocky. His attitude screamed ‘don’t fuck with me’, but at the same time it called her to him. Dwayne, dark of hair and skin, was the silent one. When he did talk, though, his voice oozed sensuality. Paul, the tall blonde haired one, called her to him with his happy-go-lucky personality and his sense of humor. Marko, the youngest looking of the group, seemed sweet and funny. He and Paul were alike in ways and made her laugh. It was odd, these feelings of attraction she had to all of the boys and it made her feel exhilarated and uneasy. She didn’t want to come off as a whore, which she definitely wasn’t.

The thoughts whirled around her head, taunting her until she fell asleep. Her preoccupation kept her from knowing of the four sets of eyes watching her in the distance.

The objects of her thoughts stood in the shadows a ways away, watching their newest fascination. They watched as the girl unknowingly undressed, and with their advanced eyesight, they saw the scars scattered on her back. The boys growled at the sight, knowing something bad had happened and they planned on asking her soon.

The boys talked quietly amongst themselves. They had dropped Star and Laddie off at the cave and came to check on the girl they had met the night. They felt a pull to her and wanted to keep watch over her.

“Do you think we can convince her to join us, David?”

“I think so, Marko. She seems the type that would enjoy being what we are, being ours. From what I could read of her, I think she’d make a great vampire and an even better companion for us. Much better than Star would, I don’t think she’d reject our Gift like Star, but rather embrace it, and us.”

With that said the others breathed out an unneeded sigh of relief, knowing their leader was the best at reading people. If he said Tempest would become theirs then she would be.

The four boys stood their, watching over their new charge until a half an hour before sunrise. Feeling the pull of the coming dawn on their minds and the slow dragging in their blood for sleep they arose, flying towards their home. They made it in time, just as the sun started to crest over the horizon, painting the sky in hues of orange, pink and red.

With whoops and hollers the boys went to their room to rest, looking forward to the coming evening and their meeting with the girl that was occupying their thoughts. With that in mind, they quickly went to sleep and knew nothing more until that sunset when they awoke.

Tempest woke up late, the clock read 12:00 pm when she opened her eyes to the early afternoon sunlight that spilled into her room. Her dreams had been too sweet to want to wake up, but hearing the noise coming from downstairs she knew she had better. With a quick stretch and yawn she got up, changing into some comfortable clothes and laying out an outfit for that evening.

When she walked downstairs she saw Lucy was gone and Grandpa was outside. Sam and Michael were in the living room, talking quietly. A sigh escaped her lips when she heard her name and the words boys, gang and trouble. She loved her adoptive brothers, she really did, but God they could be annoying at times. She was suddenly glad she hadn’t told them her plans for the boys to pick her up tonight.

The day passed quickly, she spent it unpacking the rest of her stuff and setting up her room. After putting the rest of her clothes away, setting up her radio and piling her tapes beside it, she started taking up her posters; Misfits, Ramones and Sex Pistols posters went up on the wall. Afterwards she started placing her wolf knick knacks along the room, her wolf blanket on her bed, and her wolf photos on the shelves. After everything was put away and the room was to her liking she noticed that it was almost 8 o’clock.

Tempest grabbed her clothes for that evening and scrambled into the bathroom to take a shower. She rushed through her shower, washing her hair thoroughly and quickly shaved her legs and underarms. She got out, towel drying her hair before pulling it back into a ponytail. She got dressed, pulling on her leather pants and black corset-like shirt, tying the red laces tightly and pulling on her black leather boots. After spritzing on some light body spray she was ready.

“Tempest we’re leaving. Will you be alright?”

“I’ll be fine, Michael. Just go, don’t worry ‘bout me.”

Michael and Sam yelled out their goodbyes and slammed out the front door. A minute later Tempest heard Mike’s bike start up and spin out of the driveway, the purring sound of the motor quickly disappearing as they rode off.

Tempest swiped on a bit of lip gloss, some eye shadow and mascara and then skipped down the stairs, grinning happily. Just as she reached the doors she heard the sound of four motorcycles coming up the drive. She grabbed her keys and dashed out the door, happy to be seeing the boys who had consumed her thoughts and dreams for the last 24 hours.

The young men stood waiting for her in the driveway beside their bikes, smiles on their lips that brightened when they saw her. Wolf whistles rent the air, Paul and Marko expressing their admiration for the figure she cut in her clothes. David’s smirk widened, a hint of lust showing in the ice blue eyes. Dwayne eyed her up and down, eyes dark and a smile showing white teeth.

“Good evening, boys. I see you had no trouble finding me.”

“No trouble at all. You look great, Tempest. You ready to have some fun?” David asked.

Tempest nodded and the boys grinned. David grabbed her hand, pulling her to him and, after he mounted his bike, gesturing her to get on behind him. Tempest clamored up behind him, placing her arms around his waist. The boys started their bikes and gunned them down the driveway. The ride was a blur, passing so quickly that Tempest was surprised when they arrived at the boardwalk soon after.

David dismounted, taking her hand and assisting her off but retaining possession of her hand afterwards. The other boys surrounded them, Dwayne standing on her other side and grabbing that hand in his. Paul stood beside David and Marko beside Dwayne, holding Laddie’s hand. David nodded and they started off, walking down the boardwalk as if they owned it. The crowds parted for them, the men staring lustfully after Tempest and the women glaring at her, envious of her position.

They walked her around like the night before, talking to her and telling her about themselves. And like the night before, the tranquility was disturbed by the gypsy girl wanna be, Star. This time, though, Michael was with her. David and the boys walked to their bikes, Tempest sitting behind Paul. The boy, Laddie was behind Dwayne. They roared over to where Mike was with the girl, David intimidating Star into getting behind him and challenging Michael to a race.

With loud shouts echoing behind them the boys started off, down the stars and over a stretch of beach, Michael following close behind. Tempest, clutching at Paul’s waist, laughed and tossed her head back, enjoying the fast ride.

They rode over the beach, through trees and fog, and many twists and turns later, a lighthouse could be seen. The boys screeched to a halt but Michael almost went over, falling onto his side and skidding along with his bike. With a shout he got up and attacked David, shouting “Just you! Just you.”

David smirked, a dark light in his eyes as he asked Michael how far he was willing to go. With no answer forthcoming, he led the way down the path towards a cave. Paul took her hand, leading her carefully down the Cliffside. When they walked inside the cave Paul wrapped his arm around her waist. After barrels were lit and they came to a steep step Paul jumped down, grabbing her around her waist and lifting her down, into his arms. A wicked grin lit his face and he leaned down, pecking her on the lips before pulling back and leading her further into the room.

David, having finished his commentary to Michael, looked at them, eyebrow raised. Following his gaze Michael noticed Tempest, Paul’s arm around her.

“Tempest, what the hell are you doing here?”

“What’s it look like, Michael?”

“I told you to stay away from them!”

“You’re not my father, Mike. Last I checked he was in prison, which means you have no say over who I hang around with.”

With that shot, Paul led Tempest towards David, who pulled her by the hand to sit on the arm of his chair, his arm wrapped around her waist holding her close. Michael glared at them but it was interrupted when Marko yelled out, “Feeding time! Come ‘n’ get it, Boys!”

David smiled, grabbed a couple of boxes of Chinese and talked Michael into taking some rice. David fed Tempest some noodles before taking a bite himself. Looking over at Michael a wicked smile crossed his face, eyes lighting up with dark humor.

“How’re those maggots, Michael?”


“Those maggots, how do they taste?”

Michael looked down into the container and, seeing a mass of squirming maggots, threw the carton down and spit out his mouthful. As soon as they touched the ground they turned back into rice. The boys laughed, finding this extremely funny.

David extended his box offering Michael some noodles.

“They’re worms.”

“What do you mean they’re worms?” David took a bite of noodles making Michael flinch. The boys laughed again at him. David offered Tempest another bite and said, “No hard feelings, eh, Michael?”

David wrapped his arm back around Tempest pulling her against his side while Michael stared at them both. David gestured at Marko, whispering so low in his ear that Tempest couldn’t hear. Walking over to a cabinet, Marko brought out an ornate gold wine bottle and handed it to David, who took a drink. Star hovered in the background as David held it in front of Tempest.

“Be one of us, Tempest.”

David smiled as Tempest took the proffered bottle, taking a big drink of the ruby red liquid it contained. David leaned into her neck, whispering into her ear as the boys cheered, “Pass it to Michael, babe.”

Tempest held it out to Michael who took it, and at David’s urging, took a huge swallow. Tempest watched through blurry eyes as Michael ate up the cheers, smirking. Chuckling David pulled Tempest onto his lap, watching his pack with amused eyes as they danced around, whooping and cheering.

Nuzzling into his newest childe’s neck David paid no attention as Star glared at him. He knew Star was angry about the new girl, jealous she was getting her attention. David knew of Star’s attraction to Michael and was hoping that, if the two would finish turning, the two would get together. That would be one less responsibility for David to take care of and he and his boys could have Tempest.

After the celebration had settled down a bit David stood up, cradling the slightly tipsy Tempest in his arms. As he did so the boys calmed down, quieting instantly knowing their leader was going to speak.

“Boys, let’s go for a ride. Star, stay here with Laddie. We’ll be back soon.”

That said David strode towards the cave opening, his burden gently cradled in his arms. The boys, plus Michael, climbed up to where they left their bikes, David placing Tempest on it, climbing on behind her. Her head settled back on his shoulder, his arms around her body as he started the bike and took off.

The boys drove for a while, finally stopping when they came to a train bridge. The boys dismounted, David pulling Tempest with him, arm around her waist. Michael followed along behind while the other boys horsed around.

“What’s going on?”

“Marko, Michael wants to know what’s going on.”

“I don’t know. Do you, Paul?”

“Wait a minute. Who wants to know?”

“Michael wants to know!” Dwayne added.

Tempest was laughing, David smirking and Michael had a sour expression on his face.

“Marko I think we should let Michael know what’s going on.”

Marko smirked, waved his fingers and said, “Goodnight, Michael,” and jumped off the bridge.

Paul moved over, “Bottoms up, Man,” snapped his fingers and jumped off.

Dwayne silently jumped off and David moved over, still holding Tempest.

“Come with us, Michael.”

David whispered, “Hold onto me,” and jumped, Tempest’s arms wrapped around his neck.

Michael leaned down, looking between the slats and saw the gang hanging from the bars.

“Michael Emerson, come on down!”

Michael climbed down, swinging from the bars. A few seconds later a train was heard, coming quickly towards the bridge. Michael started cussing and holding on tightly while the boys were head banging and laughing. One by one the boys let go, falling through the thick mist.

“You’re one of us, Michael! Let go!”

David told Tempest to hold on tightly and let go, wrapping his arms around her. Tempest blacked out on the way down, and while the boys taunted Michael David held onto her, hovering in the air.

Michael let go, his new powers slowing down his flight and near the end he also passed out. David called Dwayne over to him, telling him to take Michael home and for Paul to take his bike back. The two flew off to do that as Marko and David flew back up, getting onto their bikes, David cradling Tempest still, and rode back to the cave.

David carried Tempest back into the bowels of the cave to his room, laying her upon his bed. He stripped her of her boots, pants and shirt, leaving her in a skimpy pair of panties. For a minute he stood back and admired her. He came back to his senses and undressed down to his jeans, sliding into the bed and pulling his redheaded childe to him.

He lay there, listening to the sound of her heartbeat and breathing. He heard his pack brothers come back and head farther back into the cave. Burying his head in the wine red hair he felt the pull of the coming dawn. With a slow sigh he surrendered and let sleep claim him.

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