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Between the Shadows by Sun

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Author's Chapter Notes:
This takes place the summer before the movie.
The boardwalk in Santa Carla was a unique place. Teeming with human life, it made good hunting ground for the other kind of life that existed in the small mid-California town. Vampires.

To the unaware, Santa Carla seemed like the perfect seaside town. But Lily was far from unaware. A dark haired beauty, her hazel eyes scanned the people lazily as she walked down the smooth well-worn wood, delicate sandals on her feet almost hidden under the light summer skirt. She wore a dark halter-top tied behind her neck and her hair loose in the summer breeze. As she wandered slowly, people seemed to move out of her way of their own accord, creating a path through the crowds.

Though she looked it, Lily was not aimless in her wandering. She had a destination, a purpose: the garishly lit store with the sign that read Max's Video. Stepping out of the way to let a group of rowdy teenagers exit the store, she entered.

A large white dog behind the counter barked fiercely at her before she glared at it. "Shut up, Thorn." It whined and lay down behind the counter.

The older man behind the counter was handsome with dark curly hair and glasses. "What are you doing here?" Max's face was blank, neutral, neither pleased nor upset to see her.

"Mom's dead. Something killed her." She stared at him, waiting to see what he would do.

He took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes, a habit of annoyance. "I'm sorry." He sounded anything but. "There's no one else?"

She shook her head. "I've looked. She died almost six months ago. I've been trying to track down some of her family but there's no one. And whoever it was is coming after me."

Max sighed. "Let me get you a key." He headed into a back office, Thorn following after giving her a cursory sniff. He quickly returned and handed her a key. "Where are your things?"

"My car. You gonna tell me how to get there?" She raised an eyebrow, an expression that reminded him of her mother.

"We close in an hour. Come back then and you can follow me home, Lilith."

Lily rolled her eyes and sighed. He was predictable unconcerned for her safety. "Fine. Then I'll see you later father." She called as she left the store.
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