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The Beginning by Tracy

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Author's Chapter Notes:
To my Sisters of Porn, Carla and Valley.
The sun was almost gone. Only a thin sliver of golden light danced across the ocean. A large heavy set man moved to survey the town looming before him. He drew a deep breath listening to the gulls floating above in the cooling night sky . He leaned back against his shining red sports car and studied the view. Behind him his companion got out of the car and moved to stand at his side. They were silent for a moment each taking in the distant sight of the fairground on the beach.

"This is the place" said the heavy set man. His younger companion glanced at him. "Here?" There was another long pause before the older man nodded. "There are no others here," he said quietly. His words more thoughts spoken out loud then an explanation. He didn't have to explain himself to his fledgling. "This place is mine for the taking."

The younger man was silent. They had been sent to create a safe haven for their kind, it was a test from the elders, but here? This place was full of kids, of endless beach parties and thumping music. His supernatural hearing was filled by it, even from here. "Faceless strangers whom no one will miss" said the older man. He cast a threatening glance over his shoulder, "You question me, David?" David returned the gaze steadily, unintimidated. He had been locked to him too long to fear him. Max's temper was too much like that of an impetuous child. He was sick of it. This was why they had been sent here, this was why they had to leave Seattle. Max had challenged the elders once too often and they had been sent out to make amends by creating a safe haven away from the city.

Max turned and got back in to the car. "Form a pack" he ordered "we have work to do." David glared down the the road long after the car was gone. The hatred inside him was like a knife in his chest. He closed his eyes for a moment wishing he could go back and undo the past. Max had made the mistake of giving him nothing left to loose and the time for payback was coming. He turned for the darkness and went to find his new refuge.
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