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And the Family Grows by Kira

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David walked out of Max's video store laughing at the new sales girl drooling over Dwayne and Paul, who didn't even seem to notice. David absently wondered where that sweet gypsy girl went. Oshia, he thought with a grin. She was the sweetest human he had met in quite a long time.

A sudden rattling in the bushes made David spin preparing to fight, thinking those blasted Surf Nazis were up to something new. He lifted an eyebrow as Oshia rose from them a dark red blush on her cheeks, hair tangled and woven with leaves, her shirt miss buttoned so badly he could see the twin punctures on the top of her breast. She struggled to rebutton her jeans. She caught sight of David darkened and smiled embarrassedly at him bolting into the store.

Curiously he walked over peering in the bushed just as a light brown haired head popped up. David nearly fell on his ass as he popped up right under his nose. He blinked clearing his eyes as he backed up slightly.

The man before him was . . . a puppy was the only way David could describe him. His large eyes blinked rapidly. Almost childlike. Innocent. Save for the small amount of blood on his lips and fangs before he faded to human. David's eyes traveled over the rest of him and smirked slightly. Unable to resist David lifted a hand and pulled a leaf from the younger mans hair. "See you've met Oshia." David said with a lifted eyebrow.

"Was that her name? I walked into the store and the next thing I know she has me in the bushes." He chuckled. "Not that I'm complaining."

David laughed. "I wouldn't think so. David."


"Friend of Max?"

Marco nodded. "I just got into town. Kind of hoping he could find someplace to put me up."

David considered this a moment. "Why don't stay with us?"

Marco studied him a moment and shrugged. "Why not?"

David grinned gesturing for him to follow him into the video store. Marco followed obediently wondering why he was obeying this vampire he had just met. And why it felt like he had been forever.

Inside the store Dwayne turned and smiled at his leader and friend turning away from the videos he was going through to go to him. Smacking Paul so he would follow. He eyed the new vamp curiously. "Hey man, who's he?"

"Dwayne, Paul, this is Marco. Marco these twits are Dwayne and Paul."

Dwayne nodded at Marco. "You why Oshia can barely walk?"

Marco chuckled. "Yeah."

Dwayne grinned and looked at David. "He's going back with us. Going to stay at the cave for a few days."

Dwayne smiled. "Cool."

And so Marco stayed for a few days. Those few days were all it took for him to become part of the link, sliding easily into the Pack, not being able to remember life with out the link. And not wanting to.

And so the pack grew.

The End
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