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Full Moon Over Brooklyn by bat

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“Paul! Sit DOWN!” David bellowed from the back seat. Reluctantly, the lanky figure that was Paul dropped down from the sunroof of the Trans Am and back into the front passenger seat. He was pouting.

“But I like the wind in my hair!”

Marko smirked from the driver’s seat. “Considering we’re stuck in traffic, and there’s no wind...”

“Shut up Marko.”

“How did I ever let you guys talk me into coming with you!” Bat bemoaned from the backseat, squished in between David and Dwayne. Face in her hands, she shook her head in dismay.

“Because you’re the one who told us about the joke. That’s why.” David growled, not really upset, but more... frustrated. He searched his pockets for a pack of cigarettes.

“Finally!” Dwayne spoke for the first time in four hours, which caused everyones’ head to swivel in his direction. Dwayne made a motion to the cars stopped around the Trans Am, which were now moving.

“Good, we can get this going!” Paul cried, cranking up the volume on the radio. Cheesy hair-band metal songs filled the small compartment of the Trans Am.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” Bat screamed, fingers plugged into her ears. David squeezed past her and leaned into the front seat, twisting the radio off and ripping the knob off.

“Hey!” Paul cried. David tossed the knob out the window.

“I hate Night Ranger.”

“But I like them!”

“Shut up Paul.”


The car lapsed into silence. The Boys and Bat were finally nearing Brooklyn. Each was tired, frustrated and feeling murderous. Except Paul, who was humming out Night Ranger songs and keeping the beat by drumming on his knees.

“Bat, can I see the address again?” Marko sighed, taking the bar napkin Bat passed up to him. “Oh hey! We’re real close now!”

“Really??” Paul cried.

“Finally.” David muttered. Dwayne said nothing. Bat looked at Dwayne; hey, was that a personal tape player in his hand, and headphones in his ear...?

“Just around that corner now, and we’re there!” Marko cried, excited. This was going to be the greatest practical joke they ever played on someone!

“Bat, make the call.” David directed. Bat punched a button on her cell.

“Hello, is Raeann there? Yeah I’ll hold.”


Raeann stood in the open doorway, the flood of light from inside the house casting her in shadow. What the hell was Bat doing in New York, let along calling on a cell phone? And why had Bat told her to go and stand in her front entryway, and watch the street? This was seriously puzzling.

Suddenly a ’78 Trans Am came screaming up the block, tires squealing and undoubtedly leaving rubber tracks. Raeann blinked. What was that in the front window...?

“HEY RAEANN!!” a voice screamed from inside, apparently attached to the top half of the bare butt wiggling and hanging out the front passenger window. The Trans Am sped past her, the mooning commenced.

Raeann stood speechless on her front step. Paul had mooned her. The Trans Am squealed and pulled around the corner, disappearing down the block.


“Paul, pull your jeans up.” David growled. “We’ve seen enough of your butt.”

Dwayne, Paul, and Marko snickered and laughed, clearly amused and enjoying themselves. David shook his head, sharing a smirk. Bat just buried her face in her hands.

“Man, Raeann is gonna kill me...”

“Nah.” David laughed. “But she’ll have to tell her co-workers that there was a full moon over Brooklyn last night.”
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