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Valentina by Shadow382

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Disclaimer:I don't own The Lost Boys.I only own Valentina and a few other characters that will be added.

Normal POV

What am I going to do now?Valentina asks herself.She has no family,no friends,no one.Shes alone in this dark and lonely world.Valentina walks slowly on the boardwalk of Santa Carla.Watching all of the happy children running along the boardwalk.The punks and goths whistle at her as she walks by making her nervous.She wasn't bad looking she was actually pretty.She has the most beautiful green eyes,jet black hair that stops at the middle of her back,shes not that tall only 5'6,she has a long face but it's perfect for her.She walks quickly into a burger joint and sits at a empty booth.I'm so hungry but I don't have any money.I have no luck what so ever.Why did my parents have to die?Why is it that everyone I love disappears?!Its just not fair......but then again nothing is fair in this life.Valentina thinks to herself.Feeling as though someone is watching her she looks up.Where did he come from?!Valentina's mind screams.Infront of her was a man who looked no older than 25.He has bleached blonde hair with spikes,hes wearing all black which makes him look intimidating,but what sent a chill down her spine was his ice blue eyes.

"Hello",greets the man in his deep seductive voice.
"Oh..umm...I..ugh",Valentina stutters.
My God this man is extremely handsome!But hes so pale...maybe he doesn't get enough sun,Valentine thinks to herself.
"My name is David,are you new to Santa Carla,asks David staring into her green eyes.
"I'm Valentina and no I'm not new here,she responds while staring right back at him.
"Funny I've never seen you before.Is this the first time you've been on boardwalk at night",he asks watching her tremble under his gaze amused.
"I...well..y-yes i-it is.I usually c-come h-here i-in the morning,she responds.
Why am I so nervous?!Stay strong Valentina!Stay Strong!For some reason I just want to tell him everything.Maybe he will ask me to come with him.I need a place to stay anyway.
"Well,Valentina you look somewhat lost.Would you like to take a ride with me,David asks.
*Ha!I was right I knew it!Your so smart Valentina.*
"Sure,I'll ride with you David."

David's POV

"Sure,I'll ride with you David,Valentina responds.
"Come then Valentina lets be on our way",I say grabbing her hand and dragging her along.
I don't know why but I'am drawn to this girl.She looks like a runaway or maybe shes just homeless.Doesn't matter shes not going to last much longer.Finally,we reach boardwalk where the boys are.They look up as we approach.
"Hey David whos that",asks Marko.
"Boys this is Valentina shes going to be joining us tonight.Be nice",I say to them seriously.
I jump on my Triumph and gesture for Valentina to climb on.She does so timidly and hangs on in a loose grip.
"Valentina,if you hold on like that your going to fall off,I say to her seriously.
She tightens her grip around waist.Good I don't want her dead before we get to the cave.
"Boys we ride",I shout over the roar of the engine.
Speed of into the night,with the boys right behind me shouting and laughing.In no time we reach our home finally.

Paul's POV
We're finally home but I'm more interested in Valentina.Wonder what she would be like as a vampire.But,David won't allow it not after Star.We all go into the cave and David tells Valentina about its history.I sit at the old fountian thinking to myself.Everyone sits in their usual spots while Marko passes out Chinese.I'm very curious about Valentina.What is a girl like her doing here?Where are her parents?She looks like she'd make a nice vampire.But after Star,David agreed not to add new additions to our coven.Star betrayed us and went off with Michael.She tried to get Laddie but that wasn't going to happen.Dwayne made sure of that.I look around the room and notice that Dwayne is staring at me.He comes and sits next to me.
"What's wrong bro",asks Dwayne.
"I don't know...I'm just curious about Valentina",I admit.
"So you feel it to",he asks.
I look at him curiously."Feel what',I ask suddenly confused.
"The unusal attraction to her.Like shes supossed to be one of us.Like she could be a good vampire.Like you want to protect her for some reason.Do you feel the same way",he asks while looking at Laddie.
I nod in answer,so he understands.I wonder if Marko notices it.I look in his direction and he nods to me.So he notices it I wonder if David only thinks of her as a meal.But I'm sure he can feel it as well.I look up as David speaks.
"So Valentina why don't you tell us about yourself,says David.
Valentina looks up at David while finishing her Chinese.
"Thats along story",she replys.
"Its fine we have all night",says David.
Finally we can learn more about this girl.Why is that we are drawn to her.

Valentina's POV
"Ok your not going to interupt or anything like that are you",I ask them.
"We will ask questions when you are done,David speaks up.
Hmm he must be the leader.Well here goes.
"My name is Valentina Laveda Anderson and I'm 16 years old.Yes I know my name is weird I don't know what my parents were thinking.I was born here in Santa Carla so I'm not new.I've just never been on boardwalk at night.Thats the reason you've never seen me before.I'm not a run away I'm homeless.My parents were killed 2 weeks ago by a group of thugs.My family has always had bad luck for some reason.We always get caught up in something illegal and dangerous.My father was drug addict and he didn't pay off a dept to a gang.So they killed him,my mother,and everyone important to me.I was going to be next but I was luck enough to escape.I have no one I just wonder on the streets looking for food.I know the gang that killed my parents are looking for me.I see them sometimes and I run before they notice me.I can hear them talking about coming after me.I've wished for death these last 2 weeks but I know I don't want to die.I just want things to be normal.But nothing is ever normal in my world.This is probably the only real food I've had in awhile.Eating garbage isn't much fun.I've been stealing clothes and other things so I can stay clean.I hate living this life.You were the only people who has been nice to me.Everyone else would kick me to the curb.I can't go back out there I'll die for sure.Can you help me please?Can I stay here with you I have no one else.Please may I stay here,I ask as I finish my story.
I look around at the group.Paul stares at me sadly as does Dwayne,Marko,and Laddie.David looks as if hes having an inner battle.

Laddie POV
Poor Valentina shes so lonely I hope she can stay.Maybe if I talk to Dwayne he can convince David into letting her stay,I think to myself.

Normal POV
"Valentina will you excuse us for a moment",asks David while giving the order "Come along Boys".
Valentina stares after them as they go deeper into the cave.

David's POV
We finally reach the back of the cave which is where we slumber.
"So boys what do you think?Is she staying or is she leaving",I ask them in a very serious tone of voice.

A.N So what do you think?
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