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Behold, My Beloved by synn

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Author's Chapter Notes:
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

This story needed to come out. The boys would not leave well enough alone. I portray the boys to the best of my ability but I put forth my own views on how vampires act, socialize and portray sense of family and love and conflicts of social structure. This story will start out not so graphic but will be leading up to it. If that offends please be warned. If it does not offend, sit back with a cup of coffee or blood ( beverage your choice ) and enjoy the ride.
Hunger. Hunger and thirst. Constant companions. One was wrapped and tied to the other. Pain and numbness also seemed to go hand in hand. Though how kallee was able to feel both sensations in her ravaged and abused body was nothing short of a miracle.

Kallee couldn't exactly remember a time when she was not hungry or in pain. If she concentrated hard enough, Kallee some times caught glimpses of herself. A Kallee that laughed openly and ate three squares a day and never as so much skinned a knee.

To Kallee, those memories seemed distant. Blurred to the point of almost as if they were scenes of a movie. Real, but yet not real.

A sudden gust of wind swept over kallee, shivering, Kallee slowly sat up to her knees and tried to see where she had collapsed after exhaustion had finally shut her body down so completely she couldn't remember how she had managed to drag herself under the peer as much as she did to hide herself from prying eyes.

Kallee squinted her eyes to see if she could make out any distinguishing land marks. It was completely dark, the sun having set atleast 5 hours. Kallee was not surprised that she slept the remainder of the night before and all through the day.

Kallee had dragged herself under a rotting peer toward the back where sand dunes had become soft hills that reached almost to the top of the bottom of the peer. This is where Kallee had dug out a shallow hole to squeeze herself into.

Kallee rose from her knees, groaning. Fuck, fenlin did a number on her. Fenlin seemed to have decided that raping kallee and making her his blood slave was not satisfying enough. So last night, Fenlin upped his degradation of Kallee to punching bag.

"shit, the bastard" Kallee mumbled, holding her left side. It felt like her ribs were bruised; the least. Busted at the worst

Walking out from underneath the rotting peer, Kallee came out into the open of what was a long. sandy beach. Looking up at the night sky, Kallee could see the multiple stars that scattered like small diamonds on black velvet. Inhaling as deeply as she could without aggravating her ribs, Kallee smelled the sharp tang of the ocean. Underlined with the smell of rotting fish.

The grainy sand beneath her bare feet was still warm. Hanging on to the last of the warmth from a day of pure blue sky and unfettered sunshine.

Kallee walked a couple of yards toward a large sand dune. Slowly climbing to the top, Kallee looked completely around. From the back, she saw nothing but more sand and dunes. In front and slightly right, Kallee could make out the glow of lights. Hundreds of lights. It lit up to almost a dawn.

Kallee tilted her a head a little and held her breath. Yes, there, music. Screaming. Bells, and whistles. The Boardwalk. Nothing else could produce those sounds. The sounds of people eating junk food and wasting money on stupid games that were rigged and giving themselves cheap thrills on rides that technically should be closed down for safety reasons. The boardwalk. That is where she will go to. Get lost in the crowds. Lose herself as one of many. There, maybe; just maybe; Kallee could hide from fenlin and his pack. Maybe.

Kallee looked straight ahead and saw in the distant a couple of small lights scattered. Bonfires. No. Those would not provide the cover that she sought. To open, yet so isolated. No, the boardwalk was for now, Kallees only chance.

Sighing, Kallee holding her side as best she could, skittered down the dune and proceeded to walk toward the light of the boardwalk. Hopefully there, Kallee will finally be able to get lost and for once be safe. Here's to wishful thinking Kallee thought as she slowly made her way.
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