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Falling in Love Since He Bit Me... by Tranquility Moonbeam

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Marko was walking through the snow thinking about Santa Carla and how much he missed the boardwalk. He hadn't found anything that was like the boardwalk in Columbus. It was a nice Saturday night and Marko kept walking down the street and then stumbled upon a sign. The sign read 'Short North' in gold letters; Marko looked down the street and noticed a building called Haiku. There was a crowd outside the building so he decided to join them and see what was going on. The crowd was talking about someone named Julia who was playing inside tonight. Marko walked up to the guy who said it.

"Who's Julia and what does she play?" Marko asked.

"Dude where the hell do you live, under a rock? Julia Heartilly is Columbus' piano playing prodigy." The guy boasted. Marko raised his eyebrow at the guy.

"I'm sorry I just moved here from Santa Carla, California. Would you direct me to any points of interest?" Marko asked.

"Well the Short North has a lot of people and clubs as well as the gallery hop. Then there's malls and crap all over the place." The guy said and walked away. Marko walked inside Haiku and saw the piano all set up. He decided to stay and watch the show. The time was now seven thirty and a lot of people were piling in to see Julia. He just so happened to find a front row seat to the piano show. Then he realized he was starving but not for food, for blood. He knew he could keep his hunger from getting to him for a couple hours so he just stayed seated at his table. The place was crowded with all kinds of people to come and watch Julia.

All of a sudden a skinny, hippy-looking girl who was about 5'5'' came out and the crowd went crazy. He figured that this was Julia. She sat down on the piano bench and welcomed the crowd and started playing a song that sounded familar. The girl began to sing softly the words he had heard before coming from his parent's old stereo as a kid.

'Instant Karma's gonna get you,
Gonna knock right on the head,
You better get yourself together,
Or pretty soon you're gonna be dead..."
-Instant Karma! by John Lennon

He looked at the girl in astonishment. He heard that she was good, but to pull off Instant Karma! by John Lennon; he was wowed. She told the crowd to join in with the chorus and the crowd got excited and did what they were told. By the end of the song Marko was even on his feet. The girl moved from her piano to a guy who had an acoustic guitar.

"This next song is dedicated to my mom. She always sang this song with me in the car. I miss her a lot." Julia said and started singing Me and Bobby McGee by Janis Joplin. Marko could hear the pain in her voice. By the time the bridge came along she got up and went to the piano and played the piano solo with the most enthusiasm he'd ever seen. As she finished he gave her a standing ovation. She thanked the crowd and performed two more songs. Both were songs to match her set. The last two songs were Piece of My Heart by Janis Joplin and Time of the Season by The Zombies. She thanked the crowd and got off the stage. A swarm of people rushed to her and were asking her for pictures and autographs.

The guy who was playing the guitar during Julia's set, walked up to Julia. The guy hugged her and gave her a kiss. The guy grabbed Julia's hand and pulled her away. Marko listened in on the conversation. The guy told Julia that she wasn't allowed to talk to any guys unless they wanted an autograph or he would hurt her. Julia argued back and yelled at him telling him that it wasn't fair to her fans that she couldn't be fair to both the guys and the girls. The guy slapped Julia across the face and stormed out of the building.

"SQUIER! SQUIER! YOU'LL REGET DOING THAT ONE DAY WHEN I LEAVE YOUR SORRY ASS!" Julia yelled after him. Squier gave Julia the finger and stormed off. Julia was upset and Marko didn't like the fact that she was upset. Marko walked over to Julia and started talking to her.

"Hey are you alright? I saw what happened and I hope I can talk to you. My name is Marko by the way. Marko Blackman." Marko said to Julia.

"Yeah I'll be fine thanks for your concern," Julia shook Marko's hand. "Name's Julia Heartilly. The angry guy you just saw leave is my fiance Squier Gibson. Yeah he's an asshole sometimes." Julia smiled at Marko. The crowd had started shuffling out and Marko's hunger for blood was worsening. He figured that Julia wouldn't be missed so he intended on drinking her dry.

"Would you like to go for a walk with me? I promise I won't bite, unless you want me to." Marko smiled at Julia.

"Sure whynot, my fiance is probably venting on his damn videogames anyway." Julia said. Marko and Julia walked up and down High Street and Marko drew Julia into a deserted alleyway. Marko pushed Julia against a brick building and started kissing her. Julia kissed back even though she was suprised. Marko kissed down her neck and then he bit her and she started to scream. Julia's blood was so sweet to Marko and he wanted more but then suddenly he stopped and let her go. Julia looked at Marko in complete shock and fear.

"Julia, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to do that. Are you okay?" Marko went to hug her and she backed away. She was speechless. Julia shoved Marko away and ran for her life. Marko could feel a headache and knew David was calling him so he went to find the group. He realized that Julia wasn't coming back, so he just left.

Marko goes to meet the group and notices that Dwayne isn't there. Paul is sitting on the couch listening to 'White Wedding' by Billy Idol. Marko crashes down on the couch next to him and makes the record player skip with the force of his butt hitting the couch.

"Dude you look like you just got dumped by some chick who didn't put out, what's wrong?" Paul says to the smallest vampire. Marko sighs and looks for David. David is nowhere to be found so he turns to Paul.

"That's sort of a way to put it man. I went to a restaurant and watched this beautiful girl sing and play the piano. I talked to her after her set; saw her fiance hit her and then storm off. I asked her if she was okay and I wanted to go for a walk so that way I could feed off of her. So we went for a walk then I took her into a deserted alleyway and I started to kiss her and then I started to kiss down her neck. Then I bit her and started drinking her blood. Her blood was so sweet and then I had the urge to stop drinking her blood. She pushed me away and ran off. I didn't even get to explain myself. I just said 'I didn't mean to do that.' and she didn't even say goodbye. I'm just nervous that she's going to go to the police and they come looking for me. Paul I feel so dumb." Marko explained to Paul and Paul started laughing. "What's so funny man?" Marko asked Paul. Paul continued to laugh and Marko didn't take to kindly to the laughter.

"Wow dude, you blew it big time. You better hope David doesn't find out or else he might kill you." Paul said after he stopped laughing. David walked into the house. He didn't look happy.

"Where in the hell is Dwayne? He's a half hour late to meet up for the feed." David noticed that Marko was sitting next to Paul with a grim look on his face instead the happy grin he always carried. "Marko how did your venture out in the snow go? Anything interesting happen?" Marko smiled and started to laugh.

"Well the snow is weird and I had a rather nice night. I went to a part of town called 'The Short North' and went to a place called Haiku. There was a girl who played piano and sang named Julia and she did a nice set and then I hung out with her for a little bit after the set. She was really nice; then she went home to her fiance and I came back here." Marko said to David and David raised an eyebrow.

"Are you sure that's all that happened Marko? I heard there was a local piano player that got attacked and had two bite marks on her neck." David asked Marko making sure that he emphazized the her in the sentence.

"Would I be in trouble if I did it?" Marko asked David. David crossed his arms and looked at Marko sternly.

"God Dammit Marko! Why can't you go out and kill someone without letting them go?! This is the second time this has happened! Can't you eat or are you turning anorexic?!" David yelled at Marko and Marko cowered in his seat next to Paul. Paul didn't move a muscle or say a word because he knew that if he did he would get it for just sitting there even though he had done nothing wrong.

"I don't know why it happened David. I just couldn't drink her dry because I knew I was hurting her. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I'm sorry David." Marko said and David sighed and rolled his eyes. At that time Dwayne walked in and David turned to yell at him.

David yelled at Dwayne and the boys got up and went to feed.
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