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Dangers of Arts and Crafts. by Candice1796

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Author's Chapter Notes:
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They Belong to WB, Ect. Ect. Ect.
(I probbly over did the rating on this one, the R is just for several curses.)

I apologise in advance, this is a random bit of sillyness started by some mentions on the Forum and brough to life by my reacent bout of Insomnia via Caffeen. (That I'm finally crashing from, thank god.)
But due to that, It isn't great... But I think it is quite funny. *grin*
...But that could be the lack of sleep...?
Anyway, Here it is. Sorry it's so short, but that's all I've had much interest or ability to write lately. O.o I think I'm going through a odd phase.
"Fuck!" Marko's curse rang in the empty cave as he shook his beloved jacket once more, trying to rid it of it's new sparkleyness.
"Damn it! I'm _Never_ gonna live this down..." He sighs before leaning against the fountain, half heartedly brushing at the glitter coating his jacket, before putting it back on. That's about the time David, Dwayne and Paul walked into the cave.

"Dude, did a glitter truck run you over or something?"
"No, Paul... Some Chick drug me to Arts and Crafts night at the local art shop." Marko snarls at his friend.
David walks over to his chair and sits down looking amused. "Was she worth it?" Paul sounds interested, Dwayne snorts in amusement.
"Yah, but apparently blood makes glitter stick worse than glue. Look at my damn shirt!" He gestures in annoyance at his top and Jacket. Sure enough the blood stains on both have glitter stuck all in them, making them look like dark red sparkley patches of plastic appliqué.
"Is that... Pink Glitter?" Dwayne walks past, tweaking a strand of Marko's hair as he passes, causing a rain of afore mentioned Pink Glitter to rain to the cave floor.
Marko runs his fingers through his hair and stares at his hand in shock.
"God damn it!!!" Paul doubles over laughing at his friend's outraged expression.
"Ok, I _like_ Arts and Crafts, I _like_ glitter, but _Pink_ glitter is just wrong! Who the fuck _does_ that?! And I was _Nice_ to them too, I let them use my sequins and grommets for Scrap booking!" At Marko's outburst, David finally doubles over laughing in his chair, and Paul stagers over to collapse on the edge of the fountain he is laughing so hard, Dwayne is snickering.
"At least it matches the tassels on you're Jacket." Dwayne states.
"NO, It does NOT! It's fuckin' Pink Glitter! Glitter! In Pink! Do you _NOT_ see how wrong this is?!" Marko rants at him. "You know what, Fuck this, I need to go kill something..." Marko storms out of the cave. At this the three remaining boys fall about themselves laughing.
"We should have payed that cute little red head more money... That was the best thing ever!" Paul announces between bouts of laughter.
"I'll throw in an extra $20 next time." David agrees.
"I just hope he doesn't catch her at it... It would ruin our fun." Dwayne look thoughtful as he leans back against the wall.
"Nah, that's just a different kind of fun 's all... 'Sides I think she might just be sneaky enough to get away with it for a while." All Paul can do is grin. "It's just too funny that he has that strong an aversion to pink glitter..."
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