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All Hail Presidente Paul by bat

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Author's Chapter Notes:
This was written for Sarah's challenge of 'Paul in Charge'.

David shook his head. He couldn’t believe this.

“It’s right here. In black and white.” Dwayne pointed down at the pair of dice on the cave floor, sitting in the crudely drawn circle in the dirt. Paul was jumping around like an idiot and Marko was cheering him on.

David squinted, leaning over the dice. Paul was swinging from the broken chandelier. “Oh my god. Why did I ever agree to this?!”

Dwayne smirked. “Because your ego is huge and you insist you’ll never lose.”

“Shut. Up.”

Paul cleared his throat loudly. “My first act as Presidente...”

“Oh hell no!” David waved his arms, trying to shut Paul up. “I demand a do-over!”

“He won fair and square!” Marko protested.

“Shut up Marko!”

“Marko’s right. 'Who ever rolled the highest number wins'. Paul rolled twelve. Two sixes. He gets to be leader for the night.”

David crossed his arms over his chest in a sulk. “Not tonight. He can have tomorrow.”

“That’s just prolonging your agony.” Dwayne grinned.

“No. Not tonight. I’m still leader, god damn it.” David was in full pout mode. Dwayne rolled his eyes. Paul stopped swinging long enough to pay attention. “Tomorrow night, sun down. Paul can take... charge then. Ground rules must be laid down least he order something absolutely dumb and gets us killed.”

“Party pooper.” Paul muttered. David shot him a glare. Paul hopped down from the chandelier and stuck out a hand. “Shake on it.”

David looked at Paul, then Paul’s hand. “What?”

“Shake on it! Recognize that I won, fair and square!” David glared harder, looking wildly at Marko and Dwayne. Dwayne shrugged.

“Oh hell.” David snarled, shaking Paul’s hand and nearly wrenching his arm out of its socket. With that, David stormed off to his room. “I’ll write up the rules.”

When he was gone, Dwayne high-fived Paul. “I told you, he’d never ever guess the dice were loaded!”
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