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After the Screen goes black... by Candice1796

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Author's Chapter Notes:
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Yep, They belong to WB and Ect. Not me.

Also, this Fic includes my OFC, Quinn Ravnos. Just in case I don't establish enough here about here there's info on my website... Also, any un-familiar terms come from White Wolf Games, World Of Darkness Live Action Rolplaying system for Vampire: The Masquerade. (That I also Own none of!)

Also, this story I complete for now.
Quinn had just returned home from a long night downtown and was already safely locked into her basement sanctuary and undressing to ready herself for sleep, as she was about to lay down on the bed she heard her cell phone ring... The cell phone that never rings... that only five people know the number to, one of them being her only Childer and his own. In a flash Quinn is up and answering the phone.

"yes?" Quinn is startled by the fact that the voice on the other end is NOT her Childer, but his second in command, Dwayne, He quickly tells her that they need help, David is too upset to talk on the phone to explain, but some hunters that they have in they're town are back to trying to kill them and that they have already harmed Marko to the point that none of the boys can bring him out of unconsciousness, they had staked him in his sleep. At this information Quinn growls harshly under her breath and curses.

"if they have permanently harmed him there will be more than hell to pay..." she trails off and starts rounding up the necessary supply's for the inevitable trip she is about to go on as Dwayne continues his story of how things got this bad so quickly, about how it had started with Star, David's pet 'half vampire' (her boys nickname for a ghoul they intended to embrace) deciding to stray and look to someone else with her affection and how the boy she had looked to had a brother with connections to the local hunters, and how things went poorly from there... And how much they need her help, both for Marko and to calm David who was demanding that they leave that night as soon as they could bare the dwindling light to seek revenge for Marko and what the hunters had done. Quinn glares at the ceiling

"Dwayne, first off, I know you have the ability to see for sure.. Is my little brother okay? or do I need to tear that seaside town to pieces? ... and second, I'm on my way as soon as I get off this phone! delay David and Paul as long as you can to give me time to get there, Please, love?... If I loose you boys I'll destroy that whole town, burn it and salt that ashes" He agrees that he will try and slow the other two boys as best he can and informs her that Marko is indeed fixable but none of the boys have the power to heal him. Quinn sighs in relief and tells him again that she is on her way and disconnects.

Quinn quickly re-dresses, her leather vest with its ribbons is the first thing on, followed by her torn and tattered green army pants that already have many blood stains on them, she pulls on her boots and quickly grabs the backpack of her knives and tosses her two guns in on the top of the knives as she leaves her basement on her way upstairs, swiping her keys to her tricked out Honda civic from the stand at the top of the stairs she yells for Nathanial to get his ass downstairs, he runs down the stairs two at a time dressed only in a worn pair of jeans, a startled look on his face as he sees her still awake.

"whats up?" he looks around nervously.

"you're still awake, what is wrong?" Quinn flashes a worried but reassuring smile at him and explains quickly as she hands him they keys.

"so, I need to rescue what's mine... again... and you have to drive me, I NEED to be there by nightfall." Nathanial takes the keys and does not even bother with shoes or a shirt as he starts toward the door.

"I'll get the car running and pull up to the front door and pop the trunk... I'll get ya there with time to spare, even." Quinn smiles and thanks him as he closes the door behind him and she drops the backpack and starts arming herself from her backpack of knives and tucks both guns into the back of her pants, four knives two on each wrist in elastic sheaths, two on her belt and her sword that she just finishes strapping to her back as she hears Nathanial honk the car horn, she starts toward the front door, steeling her nerves to face the sunlight for a little, as she opens the door, slams it behind her and sprints the few steps to the safety of the trunk she reflects on how good it is that she has built up more resistance against it than most vampires can dare as she slams the trunk closed over her, securely sealing herself in. Quinn quickly looses the fight to stay awake during the day and falls asleep.

Hours later Quinn awakes with a start as she feels the sun sink below the horizon at the same time she feels the car grind to a halt, knowing both that she is in Santa Carla and praying she makes it on time as she pops the trunk from the inside and hops out, she quickly pulls a lot of cash and several credit cards from her pocket and thrusts them through the window of the car and tells Nathanial to get a room in a nearby hotel to wait for her, he pockets the cash and cards as he steps from the car, she looks at him pointedly.

"... I hate to ask because you don't like doing it... but can I drink from you? I will need a little more strength than I have at the moment to deal with all this... and.."

She is interrupted by Nathanial leaning forward and roughly kissing her before pulling back and tilting his head back and baring his neck to her, she smiles and licks her lips before letting down her fangs and biting him gently, drawing deep from him to strengthen herself, both physically and emotionally, she pulls back after drawing what she needs, licking the bites closed as Nathanial wavers, unsteady on his feet, she kisses him again and whispers endearments as she pushes him toward the hotel lobby before sprinting away down the beach. As Quinn gets out of sight she grits her teeth together, knowing that the only way to get to their secluded lair in time is to do the one thing she does not like that she can do... Fly. Banishing her discomfort in the act she takes to the air, flying to her destination as quickly as she can.

As Quinn gets within sight of the cave she sees the three boys jump on their bikes and zoom off into the night, she curses to herself loudly as she lands in the entryway to the cave, she then runs to the back of the cave were the hidden tunnel is leading to the room they sleep in, mentally bracing herself as she crawls quickly through the small passageway, she lightly jumps down into the room, she stumbles and nearly falls to her knees when she sees Marko.

"oh, god... my poor little brother, they did you good didn't they..." she whispers to the dark as she crawls over to him.

"it's okay, luv, sister's here... and I have what you need..."

She pulls him into her lap and carefully removes the stake, she pets his hair and then brings her wrist to her lips and bites down roughly and tears at her wrist, growling in pain as she lowers her wrist to his mouth, she tilts her head back and closes her eyes to concentrate as she thrusts her power into him as well, he awakes slowly, instinctively grabbing onto her arm and drinking deeply from her to heal, she purrs and wraps her other arm around him in a tight embrace, holding him for several moments until she starts to feel the weakening effects of him drinking, then she whispers soothingly to him and pulls her wrist away and healing herself, at the loss of her healing blood he shakes himself and looks up a her, shocked with the realization of who saved him. Quinn pats his arm soothingly and whispers.

"It will be okay little brother, but for now I have to go chase down the others and rescue them as well, stay here and heal... I've got to go finish off those fucking hunters... and have... words... with Max..." she sighs.

"I should have never left you boys in his care..." she then kisses him lightly and helps him to stand before disappearing quickly back down the tunnel, using a little of her blood to speed her movements as she races against an invisible clock she can practically feel ticking as she takes to flight again, looking for the house Dwayne described to her and searching for the feel of her Childer.

Quinn does not falter as she lands running and races across the grass of the front yard to slam into the front door and causing it to burst inward, she knows this is the right house, she can feel her Childer in it and smell faintly blood and... garlic? on the air... She steps through the air in time to see some kid shoot Dwayne from the air with a bow and arrow, Quinn sees the arrow take him through the heart and drop him, the boy looks unsure that it worked, so out of amusement and anger she gathers her powers and spins an illusion of him standing back up, completely unharmed and growling out the words "You missed, sucker" before starting toward the kid, she snarls under her breath as the kid grabs another arrow and fires again, she uses that to her advantage and 'kills' the illusion, the arrow slamming into its chest and sending it to also hit the radio, she grits her teeth and looks away before adding the finishing touch, unable to watch her illusion finish out.

She walks from the room, somehow unnoticed by the young boy, hearing louder noise from upstairs she races to find the stairs and rushes up them toward the sounds of yelling, she turns a corner a the top of the stairs and sees the two hunters she recognizes chase Star and a small boy out of a room, Quinn quites her steps and dodges into a side room to circle around behind them, as she is about to step into a bathroom the connects this room with the next, sensing movement she ducks into the shadows, pulling illusions around herself to hide before she notices it is Paul she had felt, she follows him closely, as he walks into the next room and ducks behind a door to await the hunters as the sound of their footsteps approach, Quinn ducks her self into the opposite corner as she looks about the medium sized bathroom, freezing when she notices the bathtub full of garlic bulbs and cloves, she curiously brushes a hand over the water while maintaining her illusion of not being there only to hiss under her breath as the very steam from the water itches against her hand /'blessed with true faith!'/ her mind shrieks at her as she looks up to see Paul slam the door in front of the hunter boys trapping them in the room, causing them to back up with a scream and draw stakes and water guns.

Her quiet growl in unheard by either now arguing party as she steps forward to try and push Paul out of the way, but as she moves forward so does Paul, shoving the hunters back with one hand, Quinn misses which one shoots the water gun but one of them does, spraying Paul in the face and causing him to scream in pain and move his hands up to protect his face, with a growl he drops his hands to his sides, his face blistered from the holy water in the water guns, he growls and steps forward to finish the hunters. Quinn hears dog claws on hardwood and curses as a large malamute husky steps into view growling at the vampires in the room, she looks right at it, trying to use her powers to calm it but her attempt backfires and it starts barking and snarling.

Quinn looks back at Paul in time to see him step forward one more time to stand between the bathtub and the barking dog, Quinn steps forward quickly as she sees the dogs hind quarters tense to jump and they both run right into Paul, but as Quinn had planned, she ends up being the one to land in the bathtub, Paul just falls to his knees with no were else to go and the dog panics at the close proximity to a vampire and runs off whining, Quinn grits her teeth as she gets partially dunked into the water, the pain causes her to thrust out her arms and legs, catching herself before much more than her back hits the water, she quickly propels herself away from the tub with a angry pain filled scream, Cursing in several languages she advances on the momentarily stunned hunters.

They look up at her fearfully as she steps up to them, just as she is about to reach down and grab the nearest one they scramble back and she only catches cloth that is ripped when he jerks out of reach, she jerks her hand back to grab a knife from her wrist sheathes but as she is distracted for a second they stagger to their feet and run, She growls at their retreating backs as she lets them flee for the moment, she curses at them again before turning back to check on Paul, she kneels down before him and softly lifts his chin to look at him.

"how are you honey? that was a stupid move stepping so close to the tub like that, whats up?" she smiles at his sad expression, reading it for what it is.

"Marko isn't really dead after all... I TOLD you boys that sometimes it takes someone older and more powerful to bring them to again, but he's fine and probably nervously awaiting our return" she reassures him as he looks at her with complete shock.

"...I forgot... we all did we were so mixed up..." she pats his arm softly and smiles as she stands back up, a pained expression crossing her face briefly as her back shifts with her movement, but she ignores the pain and helps him to his feet.

"also, we'll have you patched up again soon honey. Lets go find my David and finish off these hunters, alright?" He nods at this and once again regains his normal expression of amusement, she laughs and pats him on the back before stalking from the room.

Quinn checked all the upper rooms and only found Star holding the small boy from earlier close, she waves to her and gives her a disapproving look before starting down the stairs, Paul following her. As they reach the bottom of the stairs the hear fighting from the living room as they start toward the noise Quinn tenses and quickly warns Paul of her illusion around Dwayne and reassures him that Dwayne is not dead just staked for the moment as they step into the main room, they both look up to the fight occurring between David and some other boy whom Paul identify s as "Michael" with a small growl, as Quinn stomps fully into the room as she does she sees the hunters walk in from the other side and quickly aim crossbows at the fight in the air, completely missing Quinn standing on the floor, Unknown to Quinn, Paul hears a noise behind them and sneaks from the room, But at this brush off from the hunters, Quinn briefly ignores her Childer and stomps toward the Hunters.

"hey, yes, you boys! you damn well look at ME because I'm going to fucking kill you for how you hurt Marko!" she gains their attention with that and one of them fires his crossbow at her, she just sidesteps and takes the bolt in the shoulder, once more shoving the pain aside, growling as she pulls the illusions from Dwayne and throwing them around the hunters, binding them with vines so they cannot move as she turns back around to watch the fight taking place in the air, keeping watch she sneaks over to were Paul had been standing before, brief confusion crossing her face before she gives both boys in the air the sudden illusion that they can't fly, causing them both to fall to the ground, she stomps over to David first and grabs his chin and turns him from glaring at Michael to look at her, he freezes for a moment in brief recognition before trying to step around her to get at Michael, Quinn curses loudly and thrusts her power into him, trying to calm him, as she does she hears Michael growl and stand, shaking off the disorientation of falling, she quickly grabs a hold of David as she uses her power to grab his beast and shove it back down, calming his rage and driving back his frenzy, digging her claws into his back and pulling him close she whispers to him.

"Did you not LISTEN to everything I told you?!? Marko is FINE I healed him before I came over here to save you, child of mine..." she is about to say more but she is slammed into from behind, claws digging into her back, piercing deep into the already burned flesh there, she screams and lets David go as she staggers forward from the impact and trying to escape the claws, she falls to her knees growling, as she falls the claws are removed from her back as she hears Michael start back toward David, she hears Paul reenter the room and start forward toward Michael and David but she bites out his name through clenched teeth and he runs over to her instead.

"help me up" she gasps.

"and... don't get involved... I don't want any of this on your hands if the prince decides to look into this later... Go back to the cave, and take Dwayne with you" he looks hesitant at her.

"...are you sure..?" She glares at him and growls, noting in passing the smears of blood on his face and clothes that were not there earlier.

"yes, leave" He helps her to her feet then walks over to get Dwayne as she turns back to David and Michael, the blood loss of the night is starting to get to her and she staggers as she walks over to them, not wanting to loose herself in frenzy or to her beast yet, she tries to walk slowly, she looks over to be sure Paul is leaving with Dwayne and sees him leave, carrying his friend, just as she is looking back to Michael and David she sees Michael grab a stake from were one of the hunters had dropped it and slam it into Davids chest, seeing her Childer pinned to the floor helplessly like that is the last straw and she drops her careful control and lets her darker side take over for a bit, running across the room, to Michael he is suddenly airborne as she grabs him and flings him away from David, she glares at the two frightened hunters, checking to be sure they are still stuck, they are, she then stomps over to were Michael is collapsed in the corner, trying to shake off the dizziness, she leans down and roughly grabs him by the shirt and pulls him to his feet, before he can react she pins his arms to him and bites viciously into his neck, jerking her head slightly from side to side, tearing as she drinks his blood, noting in passing that he shared her Childer's blood recently.

She growls and bites harder gulping down his blood, nearly draining him completely she drops him and sighs before turning to the hunters, healing as she stomps over to were they are pinned with illusory vines and rips the crossbows from them before dispelling the illusion around one of them and grabbing him roughly by the hair.

"I TOLD you boys not to fuck with what is mine. I have god damned well warned you ONCE and I told you I would kill you if you even thought about it again, and what the fuck do you do?!? you must have a goddamn death wish I didn't see earlier" she growls at them before pinning them each with a pointed glare.

"which one of you did it... which one of you was the one to stake Marko?!?" the one still pinned by her illusions glares right back at her.

"I did, and somehow you are going to be next" at that she snorts and looks skeptically at him.

"you lack an army big enough, boy" she then dismisses him and ignore his shouts and curses to focus on the one she has in her hands, he looks terrified, She smiles and lightly caresses the side of his face, her smile is dark as she whispers to him.

"thank your brother for confessing, this means that for you anyway, death will be quick..." and she quickly brings her hands up and caresses his neck softly before snapping it and dropping his body to the floor, she looks darkly up at the other one.

"and it is down to you, and it is down to me" she smiles in genuine amusement at her inside joke as she quickly grabs him and takes the stake from his belt and slamming him against the nearest wall with a dark smirk silent as she drives the stake through his chest, pinning him to the wall, and she intentionally misses his heart and nicks his lungs, making sure he is securely pinned she moves over to check on David, a sad expression on her face as she leans down, mentally fighting the urge to steal his life, her beast pants and urges her to do it, but she merely sighs as she reins her beast back and pulls her Childer up off the floor and drags him into her lap to hold, whispering endearments to him as she waits, intentionally teasing her beast even though she knows it is unwise, her ears perk as she hears a car pull up in the driveway and two people come in the house, gasping and calling for Michael and someone named Sam, Quinn starts forward hearing a strange womans voice, and quickly steps into the hallway leading to the doorway and illusionary binds them both and blinds the woman so she cannot see anything and as an afterthought adds that she can only hear elevator music, she screams in fear at being unable to see or move suddenly, or maybe at the Muzak. Quinn snorts and turns to the man, feeling the power radiate from him, a smirk crosses her face.

"...And you must be Max, we must talk you and I, about what is acceptable and not, and manipulating MY Childer and his children into things like this is bad... it makes me cranky, especially when I left you with you're frantic pleas and promises ringing in my ears..." she then calmly draws her guns and smirks darkly as she tightens the illusions around Max so he cannot move and shoots him.

She fires 5 incendiary rounds into him before stopping to check, he looks unconscious but just to be sure she fires another round into him to be sure before dropping the illusions, as he just falls to the floor she holsters her guns and steps forward and crouches over him, pulling him to her she bares his neck and bites down sharply, the powerful essence of his vampire blood filling her mouth, she purrs as she drains him of all he has, her beast purring through her body as she takes the last sip and pulls his power into her, she chuckles, a stupid grin on her face as she staggers to her feet, now fully healed even from the holy water damage.

She then sighs and turns to the lady, she scoops her up in her arms, carrying her as if she were a child and carries her down the driveway were she leans forward and takes a small sip of her blood, only enough so she can implant suggestions and she tells her that 'Max dropped her off at home and left, and she does not know why her house is on fire' before knocking her out and leaving her there.

Quinn the walks back into the house and up to the room were she had last seen Star and the little boy, they are still there but now Star is crying, Quinn shuffles her feet, making Star look up at her, frightened. "Star... you have a few options to you.. you can leave and Never bother my boys again... You can come back to them and I can show you how to be a vampire, you don't HAVE to be like them" Quinn smiles softly "they are unique, ...or... I could kill you... the choice is yours, but either way, leave here, this house is not safe... come by the cave tomorrow evening if you want either of the last two choices, otherwise just leave..."

At this Star looks at Quinn sadly and gathers the small boy into her arms and leaves the house, Quinn follows her as far as the main room were David is lieing, Quinn carefully picks him up and as she is walking by a room of the house she smells flammable chemicals, she draws her gun with her off hand and fires several times into that room, her incendiary rounds causing flame spurts that eventually catch the accelerent and ignite, starting the house on fire, she quickly re holsters her gun and adjusts how she is holding David as she leaves, carrying him from the burning house and then flying them both back to the cave.
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