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Kitty Cat by Candice1796

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Author's Chapter Notes:
(*Copy/Paste's Standard disclamer*) "Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended."

See? Not mine, If they were my life would be alot more interesting and I wouldn't feel the need to write stories like this. *laugh*

There will probbly be a bit of character death when I pick the story back up... But I have not gotten to that part yet.
Also, this Fic includes my OFC, Cat. Just in case I don't establish enough here about here there's info on my website... But I think it's okay... Now I'm gonna go and let you read and stop babbling...
I sigh tiredly as I flip through the aged pages of yet another 'Book of Shadows', this one written by a particularly nasty satanist who had a thing for vampires, dark magic and sacrificing virgins. I snort at the pages before slamming the book closed and cursing at the ceiling of the cave.

My name is Candice, You wouldn't guess by looking at me, but I am very different than most people, To start with I am a were-lynx with latent telepathic ability's, and if that wasn't enough I seem to attract the stranger things of the world, like my current companions and quest, but I'll get to them later. I have in the past been a high school dropout, a teacher of... more eccentric knowledge, the leader of a local human 'Vampire' group (you see the quotes? they are due to the fact that these humans are NOT vampires but something similar, they retain humanity but feed on energy of people and things around them... the good ones cause no noticeable effect in the people around them... the new ones... need training quickly to get better and as a telepath it has been interesting being with them), I have searched out all knowledge I can find on anything and everything Vampiric and Were oriented, most notably cures fore licanthropy and ways to make vampires immune to some weaknesses they have as well as bring them back from 'Final death'. I have worked damn hard for all this knowledge and now... Now it seems I need to put it to the test...

You see, my current companions are... I apologize, this is difficult for me, they are dear to me... but my companions are... and were vampires... One I rescued from certain death by sunlight, the ones that had wounded him so had dumped him... and what was left of two of his companions... in a field just outside the Santa Carla city limits.

It was due to my luck and timing that I found him... them... when I did. I was driving up the coastal highway and needed to make a stop over in Santa Carla to see some old friends and as I was driving past, I caught the sent of pain, anguish, sorrow, and even death on the wind. So, being me I pulled over, the gravel on the shoulder of the road crunching under the tires of my Dodge Dakota sport and hopped out, pretending to the passers by that I was just checking on my motorcycle in the back, and after getting to the hidden side of the truck, away from the highway, I hit the door lock and dashed off into the tall grass, tapping into more of my lynx ability's and following the sent swiftly to it's source. Now as I got closer I began to smell the heavy metallic sent of blood as well, and naturally this perked up my inner cat, ya know? So I press forward, running all out when I stumbled across them... And, well, I'll just say that the sight made ME reel back with a startled cry, and I'M a damn Were-Lynx that spent several years in the company of a coven of Devil worshipers (satanists are much tamer, I might get into specifics later), So needless to say, I have seen a lot, but this floored me, the one that caught my attention was a young male he seemed more-or-less fine, till I got a closer look at him, he'd been stabbed clean through his chest, my inner lynx whispered 'Antelope...' to me before growling and slinking back in my mind.

I was floored, I mean, the appearance of him and what was left of the other two, combined with the lingering sent around them screamed 'vampire'! to my senses, and as I leaned closer, brushing my fingertips through his pale blond hair, I was hit with the biggest shock, He was still alive! Quickly fading, but alive. This shocked the hell out of me and I stumbled back and landed hard on my ass in the dirt, Sending out my telepathic ability, reaching, searching... for any sign that the other two might be savable. Now, you may be thinking 'What the hell are you thinking?! you already know what they are! they are killers! they might kill you, aren't you the slightest bit concerned that IF you could save them that they might try to kill you? or worse?' Now my answer to that is...

I am a fucking were-lynx! I have NOTHING to loose, my damn family disowned me when they found out and short of other weres or vampires my list of 'friend' material let alone anything -else- is pretty damn slim! I nearly killed my last boyfriend and now he is forever chasing me and 'my kind' trying to kill us, I have NOTHING left but my quest, my mission for more knowledge, and either 1: I will learn more and fail to save them and continue on, 2: I will learn more and save them and in doing so provide more of 'our kind' in the world, and possibly find my own end... or maybe... maybe 3... I save them and maybe, just maybe, find some new friends, or possibly something else from the experience... Also, You don't even KNOW me yet to know if I am any different, So Fuck Off!

And THAT is my opinion on the matter, my life has been fucked seven ways to Sunday, and between the levels of hell I have found myself dragged through, both literally and metaphorically, there lies the other reason I helped them that day... I had been there myself... too many times to count in my mere 23 years... So that is why I did it, glaring up at the slowly lightening sky as I felt the essence of the other two through my telepathic link, closing my eyes I 'looked' toward them, and I let myself see them, I caught the fleeting image of two young men of the same age as the blond on the ground in front of me, one with long messy blond hair white pants a black fishnet top with a tux jacket over it looking very pissed off and slightly embarrassed. The other one is dark, possibly of native American decent, long black hair wearing dark pants and a leather jacket with no shirt under it his expression is indifferent until he looks over at either blond companion, then his expression becomes soft and worried.

At this I sighed and shook myself as I opened my eyes, blinking in the soft pre-dawn light before standing and gathering the one with pale blond hair into my arms and carrying him swiftly to my truck. Now normally I am paranoid about getting blood on my clothes, but oddly my mind was elsewhere and I failed to notice his blood staining my white tank top, just as I failed to notice the dirt and blood on my jeans.

After softly setting him in the cab of my truck and lightly draping a blanket over his exposed skin to shield it from the dim pre-dawn light I grabbed two tarps from the back of the truck and rushed back to the remains of the other two. Now, some part of me WAS wondering if there actually was any chance at all of bringing them back, but I had to try... My book learning said it was possible, but I had never actually done all that would be involved, I had seen it done -once-, however... I sighed and grit my teeth as I lay down the tarps beside them, this was going to be unpleasant and I knew it, the lynx was cringing at the idea of touching the near skeletal remains of the other blond boy, I had to take several deep breaths to calm myself and as I did I started gathering the remains of the dark boy, trying not to think as I did about just how he wound up mostly dismembered, trying not to think of them as the boys I had seen through my powers, not yet, I couldn't...

So, making an effort to not think to hard about what I was doing I gathered the tarp about the dark ones remains and folded the tarp over them, then I turned to the other one, lightly tugging the tarp as close to his remains as I could before starting the slow agonizing process of transferring him over as well, and -really- trying not to think too deeply on why his nearly skeletal remains stuck together so well and fighting to not wounder if he could still fell at all and praying he could not, every time one of those thoughts surfaced I would have to stagger a few feet off to breathe and fight not to get sick.

Needless to say, it took me a little while longer than I had preferred, and after quickly nesting the two boys remains safely wrapped in the blue tarps beside my motorcycle I jumped into the cab and gave a quick check of the blond, tugging the blanket over him when I was sure he would last until I got to a hotel. With a brief second to collect my thoughts and then I was off, speeding down the highway in search of a hotel. I would feed him my blood, Were-anything blood is stronger than human after all, ya know?

...A lot stronger, found that out the hard way once...

Now it didn't take me long to find a cheap but comfortable hotel near the boardwalk in Santa Carla, now I had an amusing conversation with the manager in regards to myself and my companion, explaining that I didn't want to be disturbed for ANYTHING and that my companion was unwell. Oddly the manager left it at that and gave me my room keys, a suite on the end, ground floor, I parked the truck In the space just in front of the door and ran to unlock and open the hotel door, I ran back to the truck and lightly lifted my companion and carried him into the hotel, being sure the blanket was keeping him covered before depositing him on the bed and turning to retrieve my other things and the remains of the other two, my trips more casual. The last things I unloaded were my two boxes of books, all older tomes, the first box was mostly books on weres and the second was all my vampire lore and history books, more than half of them written in blood... They are my life, really...

Thinking back, it is no surprise the hotel manager gave little fuss to my requests, I looked like hell, pale and slightly shaky not to mention the state my clothes were in...
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