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Evil Has Struck And Your Luck Just Ran Out by sheba11696

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Author's Chapter Notes:
The first thing the three Lost Boys saw when they entered the cave was David lying on the floor....

“HOLY SHIT”, yelled all three of them practically in unison. They rushed over to him and soon realized what had happened. The Werewolf was dead, it’s large head nearly torn from the rest of the body. It made you want to puke just looking at it....if Vampires could puke.

It was terrifying, The huge glazed over eyes seeing nothing as they looked up at the ceiling. The Werewolf’s massive jaws were open partly revealing gleaming brown/white teeth. The once powerful body lye limp on the ground never to move again. Hopefully.

David was no better they soon discovered, three 3 inch deep furrows, raked across his chest and the bite wound on his shoulder were truly terrible, the huge canines had ripped into David’s shoulder slicing easily through muscle and bone. You could profoundly see the bone if you dared look into the wound.

The first thing Dwayne did, since the other were too qweezy, was remove David’s tee shirt. The furrows were worse without the shirt on. The three gashes tore down the center of his chest and curved across the ribs at the end. He put his hands over the wound, which was still bleeding, to staunch the red fluid.

Even though David was un-dead Dwayne could still feel the faint heartbeat and his chest rise and fall with each shaky breath. Vampires had kept most of their human traits making them be seen like normal humans. And Dwayne gradually realized that David was breathing very slowly....

Dwayne swivelled his head toward the other Boys who were watching him.

“Do any of ya have any bandages or a medical kit or somethin’, he said trying to keep is voice calm has he felt David’s heartbeat slow a little bit. Some Vampires said that Vampires kept these traits because it verified when a Vampire truly died. And never came back.

“ Uh, yeah, here”, Paul said as he threw a white box over to Dwayne. He opened it and was relieved to find bandages inside along with other things.

Picking up David’s shirt that he had left on the floor, he carefully began wiping all the blood that was splattered on David’s chest and stomach. There was a lot and soon the black shirt became drenched with blood.

When Dwayne was satisfied that most of the blood was gone he dropped the shirt as he reached inside the medical kit for bandages.
He then remembered something.

Dwayne bit into his wrist and held it above the wound, watching the healing blood dribble down. It wouldn’t heal the wound all the way but at least it would speed up healing. Licking the wound he had inflicted on himself, Dwayne reached again for the white gauze. He got the roll out and took a good amount off.

He then started wrapping it around David’s chest. When Dwayne couldn’t see blood bleeding through anymore he carefully tied the ends of the bandage. David’s shoulder was a far different story.

Dwayne bit his wrist again and it took a fair amount of blood to cover up the white bone that was there. David’s bones would heal on their own. Hopefully. He carefully picked up David’s arm and passed the gauze under. He wrapped the wound and tied it.

He felt David’s heartbeat again and was glad that it had sped up somewhat.

“Do ya think he is going to be alright?” asked Paul.

“ Hopefully, but what I’m really worried about is that a Werewolf bit him”, Dwayne replied.


“ Jesus, haven’t you ever read books, Paul? Don’t you know what happens when a Werewolf bites a person?”

“ Uh, no, wait, wait, yes I think I do. They turn into one, right?”

“ Exactly”.

“But ya don’t think David will turn into one, right? I mean he is a Vampire. Doesn’t that effect the turning at all?

“I don’t know, I’ve never dealt with this kind of shit before”.

“ Maybe he’ll be half Vamp, half Werewolf. Wow, think of how powerful you could be”, Marko joined the conversation.

“ No, If David turned into a Werewolf that would be very bad. Unlike Vampires, Werewolves are actually truly evil. If you haven’t noticed, tonight isn’t the full moon. That means that the person turned into a Werewolf willingly.”

Dwayne exited the little chat and turned his attention back to the young Vampire in front of him. David and him had been best friends when they were turned and they were still friends now. Dwayne couldn’t loose David to evil.

He picked up the injured Vampire. David hardly seemed to weigh anything. Dwayne’s usually solemn face grew worried.

Ignoring the muttering of the others he carried David over to the couch and laid him on it. David started shivering. This was a bizarre occurrence for Vampires since they rarely felt cold.

Dwayne’s face grew more worried. If that was possible. Sighing, Dwayne locked his hands carefully around David’s waist and curled up next to him. David stopped shivering almost entirely. His cold body pressed against Dwayne’s warm one.
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